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  1. My step mother had one laying around not used and she allowed me to take it. It's quite fun and enjoying it.
  2. Altair

    Elden Ring

    You can't pause the game. That is utterly ridiculous. What if you need to go to do something are you not suppose to do it? That is bullshit. I agree on playing games to enjoy them not an assignment. Sad really Elden Ring looked great. I'm not paying of for a game where I can't pause.
  3. I agree. I am not a huge legend of zelda fan but this is my second favorite song from a video game. My first would be have to be the Galaga opening theme
  4. Agreed. I'm not sure if anyone is okay with it. Sadly that is the reality of online gaming. They have subscriptions because they can. This is downright ridiculous, greedy, and just an all around scumbag practice in my opinion.
  5. I agree about what their intentions are. I always turn my Oculus quest after each session. I'm not a fan of facebook and don't like having to make a facebook account to be able to play it. Its the best VR on the market in my opinion so I went with it and got it.
  6. I think it was the gameboy color and pretty sure it was. My grandma got my three cousins and me a gameboy color. It got lost over the years and so I took over my sisters. 🤣 That got me into gaming and I loved playing it. The amount of hours I played super Mario brothers.
  7. I found out my uncle has one when I visited his out for the first time this summer. My dad has one in his decked out garage. He was going to sell it though and not sure if he did. I have always wanted one. Unfortunately I don't have the money or the space to do that right now.
  8. There are so many great games for Nintendo switch that I want one. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a game I would solely get a switch for. The last Nintendo console I bought is a Wii.
  9. I agree. There are some really nice custom designs out there but I could not do my own either. While I am decent at drawing I am not skilled enough to do a design on a console. I would just ruin it. I have put stickers on consoles though.
  10. There is charm in the simplicity of Atari games. I love playing the atari 2600. My second favorite console behind C64. Right now however I have been playing atari flashback.
  11. I keep my boxes because I'm a little bit of a hoarder. I had all my boxes for years. I got tired of keeping them though eventually and just threw them out. I am terrible at keeping my manuals though.
  12. The only good dummies book that was actually useful and good was drawing for dummies. Any other book that I have tried in the dummies series was bad and had terrible explanations.
  13. I can't stand country music. I tolerated country music until I start spending more time with my dads side of the family and all they play is country music. Then it got super-tiresome. So I went form tolerating the genre to no longer being able to stand it. The sounds never seem to change. I find it boring, uninteresting repetitive and dry.
  14. I want to try more games out and not stick to ones I already like to play.
  15. That is a great analogy. It takes time and dedicate to become an e-sports player. Its is not enough to simply play the game you need to study all of the nuances of the game. --- I don't have the dedication or drive to become an e-sports player. enough to
  16. Why is this in the E-Sports section? -- I love retro gaming. I prefer old game consoles like Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64. There is simplicity to them. Oregon trail on C64, Donkey kong and Super Mario world on super Nintendo - Just to name a few.
  17. Have you ever done sudoku? -- I like to unwind by listening to classical music or reading.
  18. Altair

    I'm Julia

    I guess I will finally introduce myself. I'm Julia. I'm a geek who enjoys gaming, sci-fi, fantasy and reading. I like outdoor adventures and enjoy hiking and kayaking.
  19. Wow! That defeats the whole purpose of playing the game in the first place.
  20. They do have a massive user base. You have to have a facebook accoun tto play the oculus quest. You have to sign into your facebook on the app to be able to get on the occulus quest. If millions of people buy their Oculus quest2 VR then there is no doubt that people buy a console from then if it a good one.
  21. I do the same thing. I love the head start I get and feel more prepared when I play the game when it comes out. I can't believe cheating is a thing at all with gaming. Why play the game if you are just going to cheat. It makes no sense.
  22. I played basketball for years as a kid but never was able to twirl the basketball on my finger either. Their theme song is super catchy. -- I had seen them a few times as a kid. I love the way they play and they are so fun to watch.
  23. That is true. Everyone has something that freaks them out.
  24. Altair


    You could sign up for swimming classes. It's a great skill to have. I have done that with lakes before paddle-boarding. I have gotten back eventually. -- I had always dreamed of surfing. However I am deathly afraid of waves. I did muster up the courage and tried it a couple of years ago for an hour. I did make it all the way standing back to shore. After that I was happy I did it and have not been interested in trying again.
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