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  1. Altair

    The Paralympics?

    Thanks for the information. Super interesting. -- I don't watch the Paralympic but don't watch the regular Olympics either. -- Not everything is as honest as you. You reminded me of this story. At the 2000 Paralympics, the Spanish basketball team won gold. Only two team members had a disability.
  2. Then chess boxing. An innovative sport that combines two traditional disciplines: chess and boxing. Boxing requires a lot of physical activity. -- Canoe polo should be added to the olympics. It's so fun to watch. I want to play it unfortunately it' such an expensive sport to get into.
  3. Altair

    Rock climbing

    I want to try and complete a rock climbing wall but have never had any interest in doing rock climbing outdoors. However, I have Sesamoiditis which is foot pain at the base of the big toe, in the ball of the foot.This does not allow me to try climbing. It would hurt my toes too much.
  4. I don't know much about arm wrestling so I don't think I can really comment on this. However, it does not seem like a fair fight from what I'm seeing without knowing really anything about the sport. Thanks for the information. Very informative.
  5. I am so sorry about your dad passing away. -- I have met tons of actors but never met a professional athlete. I hope to someday. I would like to meet anyone from the Warriors.
  6. I watch the FIFA world cup and it's electrifying to watch. I love when a goal is scored in European countries and they yell gooooolllll. 🙂 I actively watch NBA basketball. I always watch the warriors games. Hornets and Bulls if I can but they are never available to watch.
  7. Games are a form of escapism for me too. It's a great way to relax and escape into a whole new world. You could to be whatever the character is.
  8. Agree. I don't want to go from the realities of covid today in the world and going to playing a game with a pandemic. I will pass.
  9. Altair


    Nothing wrong with that. Reading is not for everyone. I had been a reader for years as a kid through my teenage years. Then my interest died out. I forced myself to read a year ago and now enjoy reading again. I have thought about writing a book. I started one years ago and want to continue it. However I can't think of anything to write.
  10. I can't sleep with the lights on at all. I make sure everything is dark as much as possible. Even one light will make me have trouble falling asleep.
  11. I have dabbed in programming over the years. I am currently taking a course to become a front end developer. I definitely agree with this. Also they tend to expect the person to already know something without explaining it.
  12. Civilization on DOSbox.
  13. Social media is a very toxic place. I try to ignore it and not take it to heart. Seriously why is this even a discussion among gamers. It's ridiculous. Unfortunately I don't think racism will end in my lifetime. It's too in·grained in society that will be hard to eradicate. It's sad to see.
  14. Sweet car. I drive a Honda Pilot 2007. I got it used for a great price. I don't regret my purchase at all. It's an amazing car. I have plenty of space in the back. I made a bed out of two wood pieces and a storage container for camping. Its a four wheel drive so I am perfectly fine driving on dirt roads and snow. Would not trade the car for anything.
  15. Altair


    I'm 29 and will be 30 later this year. I definitely feel that. It seems like years fly by now.
  16. Altair


    I am female. Great to see the amount of females on this board. 🙂
  17. There are lots of anime conventions in California and throughout the United States. They are quite fun to go to. I have never been to a gaming convention though. They seem like a lot of fun.
  18. I have not super fond of playing with headsets when gaming. I prefer to play it without a headset. I have had a couple of gaming headsets. One that broke and that accidentally got lost when moving. Not sure If I will ever get another one.
  19. I have been recommended Final Fantasy series so many times from my friend yet have to play that game. It does like a very fun game though. 😃 So yes I plan to play in eventually.
  20. No I have not. I have had sleepiness nights from horror movies and that is why I don't watch them. So this is why I don't play horror games because I would have sleepiness nights from them.
  21. Altair


    Being the frontiers on space seems like a great concept for a game. What a neat and unique concept. I definitely would like to try the game out in the future.
  22. I'm so sorry you suffer from depression. I agree on your views on this. Depression does not leave it is just on pause. You immerse yourself in a game or something you enjoy. You trick your brain that everything is alright. Then you are faced back with reality and your depression. I have suffered myself from depression for years. Almost committed suicide a few times. However, through will power and determination I have overcome a lot of my depression and not as depressed as I use to be.
  23. Definitely agree on this. He should get a channel. I wish the best of luck to him. -- I have never tried making a mobile game before. Even If I had the programming skills to make one I would not even know what game to design and program. I have no interest in trying to do one in the future either.
  24. I have only owned one gaming t-shirt before and that was an atari 2600 t shirt I got a while back. I was grabbing something at Walmart and found the t-shirt randomly. I liked it so I bought it.
  25. I had no idea gambling on E-Sports was a thing. Gambling is an odd concept to me. You gamble away your money for a chance at winning something. I personally don't gamble. My grandma took me to the casino when I turned twenty-one and tried gambling. After two days in I said to myself I would never gamble again and I never have.
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