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  1. Good Day, I never thought that many of the street fighter 2 stages were based on real locations, after discovering this I made a list of the locations that served as inspiration. If you know any other scenarios of another game in the street fighter series post in the topic. Ken and Zangief's stage are inspired by the movie Hard Times (1975) staring Charles Bronson (includes the fights that happened in these scenes). Ryu - Matsue Castle , Shimane, Japan, Guile - F-16 Fighting Falcons, Nellis Air Force Base, USA Ken - Hard Time Movie Balrog - Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas, USA , Golden Nugget Sagat - Reclining Buddha, Angthong, Thailand M. Bison - Ayutthaya Historical Park, Thailand Blanka - Amazon Houseboats Chun li - Shopping District, taiping road M. bison - Temple Ramayana Dhalsim - Jaipur, Rajastán, India
  2. Good day, I finished Super Mario 64 after decades and it's awesome to see how smooth the gameplay is, the level design holds attention, the songs stick to the head and even with old graphics the game doesn't look bad. This is one of those classics games that leaving the graphics aside is really good game even in today standards, awesome game.
  3. Guys, I finished doing the second and final part with all the Nintendo 64 trailers. There's a lot here that are from the vhs explaining the mechanics and gameplay of some games like Banjo Kazooie, Mario 64, Diddy Kong Racing, Donkey Kong 64 and others.
  4. I wanted to remember the songs and the beautiful sprites that this game had at the time of release. The game is still fun, has infinite continues for those who do not want to start the game from scratch when dying. I didn't play the Gameboy Advanced version to know the differences and know which version is better. Just know that I prefer this game to the second The Mysterious Circus that despite allowing 2 simultaneous players, for me does not have the same level design fun and the songs are also not so remarkable.
  5. I just played donkey kong country from the Super Nintendo. Very good game, with stunning graphics for the season and with a very good soundtrack. I loved the levels you could use rambi (Rhino) and jumping and sticking everyone. But I remember being the weakest Donkey Kong in the SuperNes trilogy, especially when compared to Donkey kong country 2, that was the pinnacle.
  6. The game is fun but it is repetitive. i never got to finish it.
  7. i'm currently only with xbox one fat, playstation 3 and psvita.
  8. I just played donkey kong country from the Super Nintendo.
  9. Good morning to all, I was seeing some advertisements of the current games on Youtube and hit me a longing for those old commercials that passed very rarely on open PC. I made a list of several from the time of the Nintendo 64, but I already have others almost ready from the time of the Master System and the Super Nintendo. To be clear I will not talk about all the commercials only some that I found interesting and even dull (so they drew attention both for the good and for the bad). The video already begins with that humor well 90's in the commercial Mario Kart 64, with a boy giving indiretinhas to another girl at the end of the commercial. Even has a very interesting commercial only made in Australia for Mario Kart 64. mario kart 64 00:00 To be clear I took commercials from several countries since in Brazil did not spend so much on TV in relation to the advertising of games. Continuing, then there's a Super Smash Bros classic with Mario kicking Yoshi and kicking one of the most famous series of all time, now because Mario kicked Yoshi nobody knows for sure, kkkk. But the commercial is legal and out of the ordinary. super smash bros 6:10 Going through other commercials we fall into a very strange in which I even have difficulties to explain what is happening, I'm sure it would never be approved these days. creepy american commercial 9:57 We even have commercial of the horrible SuperMan 64, kkkk. I don't know how they had the guts to spend money doing a commercial for this game. superman 64 10:57 Super Mario 64 has a lot of good stuff, including him coming off the tv and going to have milk. super mario 64 12:32 The Legend of zelda has a number of Japanese commercials showing the reaction of several players and in the end has a commercial of a Brazilian vhs tape well made up. The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 17:11 The majoras mask I think is kind of dull. The Legend of Zelda Majoras Mask 28:55 The yoshi story is pretty notionless. Yoshi's Story 42:49 This boys are looking through a hole in the bathroom, kkkk, as if they were seeing slightly different things on the other side, kkkk. Star Fox 45:29 And at 46:05 another commercial that was made for Australia and again I found it well done. And this is classic too two agents (one from Sega and another from Sony) begin to kidnap several employees of Nintendo, kkkk. Star Fox 46:34 Second round of Super Mario commercials 64 Super Mario 64 56:05 There's an interesting commercial for the Chinese Nintendo 64 (Ique). Ique 58:25 There are some very different ones from Paper Mario. Paper Mario 1:01:00 We have the amazing Nintendo Squad 64, kkkk, followed by two seniors arguing about video games. 01:02:43 Nintendo Squad 64 Those of Mario Tennis I liked quite a lot, different from the game that I'm not much of a fan. Mario Tennis 1:03:46 Then we have a sequel with several commercials of Mario Party 1, 2 and 3. All are good, but there is one that puts security at the door because the whole neighborhood wanted to play Mario Party 2, this is the best in my opinion, there is another like children sleeping during the day for making owl at mario party and so on. Mario Party 1, 2 and 3 01:06:53 This one about Kirby is very bizarre. Kirby 64 1:12:31 F-Zero X has several guys dressed as the characters in the game. F-zero X 1:16:01 Then we pass Jet Force Gemini. Some donkey kong 64 commercials in which the monkeys seem to be pretty violent and troublemakers. Donkey Kong 64 1:19:37 Automobili Lamborghini (game that at the time I found very difficult) also has its commercial along with an ugly doll of the Emblem of Titus. Automobili Lamborghini 01:20:00 Then a string of commercials for the Banjo Kazzoie and Banjo Tooie series, with bears flying, jumping out of airplanes and stuff like that. Banjo Kazooie/Tooie 1:21:57 And more for the final 1080 Snowboarding, Diddy kong racing,Turok, Resident Evil 2, Goldeney 007, Turok 2, Hey you Pikachu (In that the dog ta talking and I liked it, 1:27:00). Pokemon Stadium with them dropping pokemons in a stadium. Pokemon stadium 1:28:13 Then there's Star wars Rogue Squadron, Mortal Kombat 4, Pokemon Snap, NFL Blitz, 007 The World is Not Enough. The commercial of the Color War is too good, super recommended, this gave work to do. Nintendo 64 Color War 1:33:30 Lastly Perfect Dark with an actress I was curious to know who it was. Perfect Dark 1:34:29 I know you're missing battle tanx and a few more. I'm doing part 2 and then I'm going to run to make some specifics for other consoles. It's hard to do, but it's so much nostalgia together that it's worth it.
  10. I really do not know how to explain to you, since other games of the style like jetmotor or even riptide are quite different (focus more on speed and I think this two are more arkade). I think the best way to know is to really play.
  11. I prefer video games, but there are days that we are so tired that movies are a good one, you sit enjoyed the movie and have a more relaxing experience (depending on the movie).
  12. Are a way to destress and live different experiences from our routine. We do in GTA what we would never do in real life.
  13. Wave Race 64 and Mario Kart 64. Good and short games. Im in a retro vibe.
  14. Riptide is a good game, but i still prefer Wave Race 64, because of the water physics and relaxing soundtrack. But as we are orphans of the wave race and jetmotor series, its a good game.
  15. The Super Mario Series, from the Super Mario World-style platform games to the Mario Karts, doubt that the series will cease to exist. ****I put two video links from youtube and the preview was immense. I'm trying to decrease but I'm not finding anything to reduce the size. if anyone can explain to me how to decrease the size of this I thank you from the heart. I'm sorry It got giant like that. ****
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