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  1. Yeah, that's one of the reasons why it got mixed results. Other manufacturers have similar options ranging from $30 till $50, while this one is clocking in $90. I think that Apple's monitor stand is Valve's steam deck dock - just here to look pretty and make money.


    10 minutes ago, Kane99 said:

    So the dock is essentially what Nintendo has with the switch correct? 

    It sounds like there are alternatives on the market, maybe other ones are better suited for now. I don't own a steam deck so can't really comment on the dock, but I'm curious if there are cheaper alternatives that do just as good. 


  2. So, I'm going through the various publishers and I'm seeing a trend of extremely mixed results for the official Steam Deck docking station. Some outlets praise it for its design and integration, others blame the price and (lack of) features or power.

    Dexterto wrote:

    "We’re not upset with our purchase of the Steam Deck Dock. It’s a clean-cut and totally viable USB-C dock. However, there’s just this lingering feeling that it doesn’t bring enough to the table that any other dock available on Amazon could do. Other than the need to keep things aesthetically pleasing, that is." And they gave it a 6/10, you can read the review here.

    Phoronix wrote:

    "If you can afford it, great, otherwise there are plenty of other Linux compatible USB-C hubs/docks/adapters on the market depending upon your needs." No score was given, but they have some nice photos and an overall positive score. You can read more in their review.

    Esportsheadlines.com wrote:

    "If you can afford it, the official Steam Deck Dock is certainly a good investment. It's not only well integrated in to the SteamOS itself, but also features all the ports one would need for a pleasant couch gaming session." From what I can tell it's quite a high number, 9 out of 10. Here's their review.

    TheVerge wrote:

    Ah, well.. I don't know what they wrote tbh. They did an extremely poor review focusing on what the dock can't do, instead on what it can, so I have no clue if it's a good source or not. This is your standard Verge I guess, like Unboxing Therapy. They always want to have their nose in everything, even if they aren't capable of reviewing it.  It's here.


    From what I can tell by default is that Apple's monitor stand is Valve's docking station. It's an overpriced piece of tech that fits the device well and does the job, but its role is to bring in more money, and there are several cheaper alternatives out there.

    Luckily Valve doesn't bother too much with competition and they actually welcome it, so that's good. We would just need a docking station that can be integrated with Linux as well as the steam deck dock can.

  3. Hmm, it's actually interesting for me to learn about this game, as I never heard of it. 😁

    just read stuff on wikipedia and some other sites. this was from 1992? boy that was older than me by slightly I think. 🤣


    also the original is on steam too.
    but I think I'll go wait to see if this remake will actually be very good.



    it's actually interesting to see that the trilogy of alone in the dark is actually available on GOG for just about $1.49 🤔


  4. 44 minutes ago, Akun said:

    It looks cool, but to be honest, I'm just kinda too lazy to have fun managing resources. Even in Jurassic World: Evolution 2, which I just bought, I just turn off all resource management options in sandbox mode because I'd much rather get to the fun stuff - building dinosaurs and observing them. Eco looks like you'll have to build an entire community from the ground up, and don't get me wrong, I did enjoy that kind of game for quite a long time over several years in the past. But I guess I've kinda outgrown those games and I've moved on to more straightforward sandbox games where I can do whatever I want. Resource management tends to feel like a chore, like work, and working is the last thing I want to be reminded of while playing a game.


    Minecraft doesn't really have the top-tier graphics JWE2 has, unfortunately. lol Part of the reason why I caved in buying JWE2 is because of how great the dinosaurs look as opposed to, say, Parkasaurus (which has far superior gameplay, but the dinos look like cartoons for toddlers).

    I see, you're on to a new phase then... true, managing games are built to... well... manage stuff, and that can feel like work, or even is a chore depending on the perspective. 
    Playing stuff in pure sandbox mode? That feels like getting some relaxed creative juices flowing, or oddly like Lego. 😁 just having fun doing stuff.

    For me, Lego was a large part of my childhood, so even now, Minecraft has that forever appeal of "virtual Lego" for me. 😀

    So I don't care about that aspect of Hi-res graphics of Minecraft. Though, shader packs and animated textures are more fun to play with if the PC can handle it. 😁
    also reminds me of a friend who once commented that Minecraft has no appeal to him at all because of the simple graphics.

    Although I do appreciate great HD graphics on other games too, like all the stuff that's coming out as Unreal Engine 5 demos are very cool. 😎

  5. 33 minutes ago, StaceyPowers said:

    Same here. I have a permanent blue filter on my laptop for my migraines. But they usually back off at night when I game. If they don't, I just play something that doesn't involve being outdoors in-game in daylight.

    Weird, this oddly reminds me of tinnitus, the way you describe it. 😅

    also, does that mean you play as an in game vampire? 😁 Just kidding.

  6. On 9/1/2022 at 3:52 AM, StaceyPowers said:

    If you game at night, do you use blue light filters? I don't. It doesn't seem to keep me awake, and I prefer true colors for gaming.  

    This is exactly my same reasoning lol. 🤣

    though I use the orange night filter settings when browsing walls of text on the internet at night,
    but if I'm gaming? well... I'd rather not. but if I had to, I'd rather buy those yellow Esport glasses. 😎

  7. 8 minutes ago, Kane99 said:

    Rick and Morty is huge. They already have some mobile games, and the creator of the series has two game out already. So it's not far from reality. Some of the characters have appeared in Fortnite and other games too.

    I can see them having board games and other types of games out there. There are also card games for Rick and Morty that are kinda popular. Like the Total Rickall card game, where it's kinda like a deduction game, similar to Among Us where you have to find who are the parasites and who are real. I've been meaning to pick it up one of these days, but been putting it off. 

    But yeah, there's so much they can do with the Rick and Morty series. 

    lol, virtually "endless" potential if you ask me. 🤣
    after all, we're dealing with the endless ,multiverse here. 😁 seeing that it's rick and morty.

    also since adventure time has had a few good games too, rick and morty has the potential too.

  8. On 9/6/2022 at 8:06 AM, Akun said:

    Nah, I think I have enough survival games for a lifetime. lol I get why the challenge of these games is appealing, but I prefer my games to be more relaxing, not stress me out.

    Hmmmm, reminds me of this survival sort of game, that was built as an educational game to be sold initially to schools, have you heard of "ECO"? It might be the sort of game that you might like, since it's technically sort of peaceful, and can play with multiplayer on public or private servers.

    It's a sort of like Minecraft, but with economy features, and a meteor will destroy the world if the players don't stop it.

    to get the gist of it, just search for a youtuber that has a fast recap video about their world from start to endgame. There are plenty. 😀


    On 9/8/2022 at 9:26 AM, Akun said:

    After much hesitation, I bought Jurassic World: Evolution 2 - Premium Edition, and I've played it with the downloaded save game file where everything is unlocked for the sandbox without going through the tedious Chaos Theory mode. So much more fun that way, and a far more pleasant and relaxing experience, just like how a sandbox should be.

    I love dinosaurs, and just being able to exhibit them and observe them without worrying about profit or pleasing guests (too often) is just such a nice way to spend your evening, maybe with a cup of joe on the side as you watch that T-Rex tear that goat to shreds. I am kinda annoyed though that a lot of the buildings and creatures are locked behind certain requirements you need to meet even in sandbox mode, so I couldn't immediately just create a T-Rex and have fun and have to jump through all the hoops. The mods didn't really change that even though I'm pretty sure I've followed the instructions correctly. Ah well.

    Hmmm, do you play Minecraft? I remember seeing a modpack about dinosaurs a while back, that could be literally sandboxed mode too. 😁

  9. I'd have to say PC as well... though my opinion on phone gaming is sort of neutral... there are gems to play here and there, but you'd be better off finding a reputable mobile game reviewer on YouTube, than trying out games the algo throws at you when you browse game stores... (although I do that and don't actually take my advice lol. 😅)

    it also depends on the genre (the persona in question) would want to play.

    For me, I actually keep hunting for decent text based games on the Google Play Store, and I've found a few that are decent, on the level of an interactive MUD. something that plays like a free Ebook or the likes. I'm weird like that. 😁

    Actually, @Shagger went and ripped into the topic with all his fury, lol. nuff said vibes. 🤣

  10. 1 hour ago, Shagger said:

    Just got told about this from my better half. Honestly, I won't shed a tear. I have little love for the royals, frankly the most significant thing Queen Elisabeth II did for Scotland happened about half an hour ago. Not that I'm happy or anything, any death is tragic and my respect and condolences, but I find it difficult to feel sorry for a woman who lived a life of obscene opulence and luxury up to age the age of 96. The only tragic thing about this is that this idiot is now king.



    Huh, well, I guess I don't have much of a strong opinion on the monarchs of the U.K., may she rest in peace though.

    I'd say I'm neutral at best. 😁 but.... this is a funny picture though. 🤡🤣

  11. 11 hours ago, Crazycrab said:



    You are aware you can embed more than one YouTube URL on a single post right?  Or you would rather just rank up the points for multiple posts?

    well, it's just 2 after all... maybe...
    both songs could've been open in 2 tabs, but oh well.

  12. 5 hours ago, Akun said:

    Not sure how many folks here understand Mandarin, but I've always enjoyed listening to this emotional song about regret without getting tired of it:


    Very nice song, I think I actually heard this before... Imma add this to my playlists. 😋
    long ago I tried to learn mandarin... then gave up... I only got so far as the numbers 1-10. 🤣
    and stuff like, pu-yao (don't?), and he-sui(drink?).

  13. On 8/30/2022 at 10:02 AM, Empire Of Sight said:

    Haha I'll get on with the topic but the way this is starting is similar the storyline for my game xDD except its a girl who wakes up in a dungeon not knowing where she is or who she is surrounded by purple eyed creatures xDD


    "The adventurer approaches the dragon, questioning if its safe , as he reaches the dragon he notices a small wound under its right ear, the fear leaves him and feels sorrow for the beautiful but damaged creature. He searches around for something to patch the dragons wound , the dragon notices the adventurer searching the dimly lit clearing and breaths a small breath of fire to ignite a small pile of dry brittle kindling"

    what game? A tabletop game? 👀 sounds cool lol.

    "The adventurer picks up the sock with the name on it and brings it to the dragon to patch it's wound. He notices that the dragon has lit a fire with its breath, so he sort of understands and adds twigs to the fire, it surges up brighter, lighting up the surroundings"

    "The adventurer now takes a closer look at the dragon's wound, still feeling unsure of himself, but deciding that this tending takes priority, he decides that the sock is not enough for it, so he rips off his longshirt's sleeve to make a bandage for the wound."

    "the dragon stays still enough for him to do so, and when he finishes he says..."


    What does he say, and what does he do next... (comment the next scene)

  14. I've never really tried gaming subscriptions out, but I've tried season passes on some games. 😀

    Anyway, why do you subscribe to such services? I know there are plenty of benefits or reasons to do so, I'm just curious about your personal opinions.
    Who knows, one day I might hop on board too somehow 😋


    Also, Do you think the subscription you have is worth its price point? You can mention why too.

    this topic is related to this other topic on here: 


    Also, here are 2 article lists showing most game subscription services including the lesser known ones, asides from the popular ones like Xbox game pass and PS Plus.




  15. 22 minutes ago, Akun said:

    Play some Raft for 103 minutes. Got bored. Refunded it on Steam.

    It's a cool concept, being able to build your home on a raft with lots of customization and island exploration. But man, it reminds me why I dislike survival games. The difficulty curve at the beginning was very steep, especially if you're new to both the game and the genre. It's hard to keep calm and figure out what to do next when the hunger and thirst meters keep you on your toes. Definitely not recommended if you suffer from anxiety issues and panic attacks.

    awww, that's a bummer, raft is good, but I mainly watch content creators getting creative on YouTube.

    Maybe you should try the forest, it has a good story, or maybe rust, since it's a survival multiplayer. 😁

  16. 2 hours ago, runswithspatulas said:

    as a general rule i try to avoid buying games until i get a good look at the gameplay. every time i make an impulsive buy i end up hating the games. if i've been looking at enough gameplay and have decided i'm fairly interested in the game i will buy it as soon as it hits the eshop.

    That's actually a good rule of thumb actually, with no shortage of people streaming games and making content for twitch/YouTube?
    It's better for the consumers and lessens the impulse buyers (though they still exist) 🤣


    also, I like some of these YouTubers going:

    I bought it and played it, so you don't have to (if it's bad) 😉

  17. On 8/31/2022 at 3:01 AM, killamch89 said:

    I think I also remember No time to explain - wasn't it the platformer game with the gun that could vaporize most things amd you could also use it to reach higher platforms?

    Yeah, it was exactly that. Though I still remember playing the flash version years ago. RIP flash, you helped give birth to many creative works. 😁


    On 8/31/2022 at 6:26 PM, Empire said:

    I remember when they released No time to explain in 2011 and during that time they had Publisher problems with Buka who witheld funds they needed and bailed on them.

    Now they are big enough to acquire other games, good for them.

    Yeah, it's great to see how far they've come from that, also with them as a publisher helping many smaller devs like they once were helps foster more creativity and talent in the industry. 😁

    lol, I went looking for where the original flash version could be played, and I found it. quite a bit of nostalgia for my flash games playing days. 😋
    here's the remastered version BTW: https://store.steampowered.com/app/368730/No_Time_To_Explain_Remastered/

    here's the flash game, it runs on a flash emulator now. good 15 minutes of playing and I found the easter egg again, which to be honest, isn't hidden much. 😝  

    also looking back, they never changed their logo/mascot, as being honest to their origins.



    About tinyBuild

    We're an indie game development and publishing company. No Time To Explain is our first game. It came out of a successful Kickstarter and Greenlight adventure. Since No Time To Explain, we started helping other developers with their games. After getting enough muscle behind our internal studio, we came back to No Time To Explain, and completely remade the game in a proper engine. No Time To Explain Remastered is free for everyone who owns the original!



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