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  1. OK, an ad might show some guy stuck at an airport happily playing his Game Boy. OK, is that you? Where is your favorite spots? Have you played these mini-console games in some sort of, otherwise, tough waiting situation?
  2. OK, I mean for the past and present. Also which ones would you probably like in the future? Well, myself, I have played so little of consoles like Game Boy that I cannot really say. I mean, I've probably only played those things one or two times!
  3. This thread seems cliche, but a good one. OK, what old games would you like to try the most? What new games would you like to try the most? Note, I mean for both PC and console. Well, myself, I want to try all the Mario and Donkey Kong games for Wii U and also the Switch.
  4. Never have tried a monitor (for a console) and I also hardly ever play PC games - even more so than console ones. Anyway, I see no problem with a TV - except they are a bit more bulky. But then again, the newer TVs are thinner and if the TV is big - well, I guess the exercise is good!
  5. Bad care of games and/or consoles often leads to situations where the game stops. I mean, you know situations where your game CD is scratched or your cartridge (for those older consoles) is having problems - so you have to blow on the game. Who has experienced this?
  6. I haven't played it but it's certainly a top game I want to try. Anyway, I haven't gotten around to getting the Wii U so that's been a problem - but the system is way cheaper now. OK, I'm into making make-believe worlds - since I was a kid, so this game really appeals to me!
  7. I can't really say, but when I was a kid my brother kidded me for playing this sucky Batman game. But, anyway, I was hurt by his comment because I wanted to like the game - but like Butthead on Beevis and Butthead - he has to say something mean! 🤣 "Uhh, uh,, it sucks!" 😃
  8. Yeah, it has a lot of things tough to beat. Nonetheless, I can at least understand it enough to really enjoy it. Now, on the ones I speak of, I found at least Paper Mario to be boring!
  9. I like the wheel for arcade games. In that case, I cannot understand why I didn't like it for the Wii. OK, who has tried it on those huge arcade things?
  10. Yeah, the UK is certainly a place I want to see. So far, I've only seen Asia - but that's way more than most people.
  11. I haven't really gotten much into them. I mean, are they as good as the real thing? Anyway, I always did enjoy playing real-life Life!, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit. OK, also I enjoy the real-life TV shows Jeopardy! and sometimes Wheel of Fortune - though the answers are often stupid, not even phrases any more!
  12. Well, I know the drumming one is no joke! Even myself, who can play decent, it was a struggle keeping up with AC/DC! Anyway, who is good at these games? Do you just play the game or actually play an instrument?
  13. Comically, my 8-year-old nephew does this on Call of Duty - so it seems like he's a lot better than he is. Anyway, I'm guessing he cannot handle hard levels cause he's not coordinated even enough for the first level of Mario - and I mean one of the more basic ones! Anyone with similar stories?
  14. I haven't played much, but of what I like, I'd say Donkey Kong. OK, don't laugh - but it has some really cool graphics and sounds. In fact, it might be better than Mario in that regard. OK, 2nd best of what I like would be Mario Kart I think.
  15. It was probably some Call of Duty game. Note, my 8-year-old nephew is into them - so that's often what I get. Anyway, though, I haven't really gotten into that genre myself, but I did enjoy bombing games when I was younger.
  16. I've only used the PC, well at least in the past 20 years, for poker machine and chess games. Anyway, I used to love PC games - as before the internet (when I was in elementary, middle, high school) that's all PCs were good for, lol. OK, my favorite old PC game was this one by Apple. It was a World War II bombing one (Pacific Theater).
  17. I haven't tried any cause I'm still waiting to get a Wii U. Well, actually, that won't help with new games - so the ultimate goal might be a Switch. OK, for Switch, I want to try the newer Mario and Donkey Kong games cause I always like them.
  18. I'd have to say that of what I've tried, the Wii is the best because it's more modern. However, though, if I had tried Wii U, there's a good chance I would like it the same or better. OK, I might even like the Switch even more than those, but maybe not. I mean, the Switch games might be too weird!
  19. Jayson


    I don't really get what you mean by streaming. I mean, I know what online gaming is. What is the difference? Anyway, I could never stream probably or do online gaming because I have a satellite connection.
  20. OK, when I was a kid I made up a world with imaginary nations, people (different nationalities were different animals usually), even a Cold War going on, ha ha. OK, a SIMS game incorporating that stuff would be mind blowing I think! Also, I don't think it would be difficult to create or market.
  21. Rayman wasn't too hot, in fact, down right boring! Also, Sonic has awesome graphics and playing ability, but it's fast pace just isn't as fun as the slower ones of Mario and Donkey Kong. Anyway, some of this could be subjective.
  22. Hmm. never heard of free games. I mean, I know there is free forum software etc., but free games? That's a new one. OK, clue me in on the best ones!
  23. I'm wondering if pirating and used games are taking a toll on profits. In that case, makers, as you say, are trying to make up the loss. Who agrees? Do they have a right to?
  24. Beating levels I had been trying like crazy to beat - on Mario or Donkey Kong is always highly emotional! Anyway, I can also say that Mario Kart is often emotional, it being so fast paced and a racing game. OK, anyone with similar feelings?
  25. I wasn't too impressed with Rayman and also Paper Mario either. However, with Paper Mario a cheat guide getting me past the first level might have lead to something more interesting. Anyway, while I don't find newer Sonic games boring - they're still nothing compared to Mario or Donkey Kong.
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