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  1. First person shooters and RPG's.
  2. Oldschool 3D platformers like Banjo Kazooie and Super Mario 64. And horror games.
  3. Depends on the game. For CoD and shooters it's often Front Line Assembly and other industrial music. For racing games I tend to prefer techno or trance.
  4. I've been a pretty good gamer all my life.
  5. Depends on the game. If it's multiplayer like CoD I tend to play my own music, but if it's a single player game or story driven I use the in-game music. This also counts if the in-game music is freaking awesome.
  6. Switch: Saints Row The Third Coffee Crisis Megaman Legacy Collection Megaman Legacy Collection 2 Megaman X Legacy Collection Megaman X Legacy Collection 2 Velocity 2X Caveman Ninja Downwell Grim Fandango Doom Doom II Doom 3 Contra Collection Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch Edition Biolab Wars Asphalt 9 PC: Doom Eternal Blade Runner XIII (GOG)
  7. Uhm yeah. The Mako is OKAY for just exploring but yeah don't use the jump jets. And if possible try to fight outside it cause it's really not that useful for combat.
  8. Switch: Grim Fandango Saints Row The Third - The Full Package Contra Anthology Collection Downwell Velocity 2X
  9. Alyxx

    Ask Alyxx

    I once met a stranger in a Call of Duty game who actually spent most of the match chatting with me in text chat. Never met him again after that match but it was nice to spend a CoD match not chatting with angry teenagers who spam a bunch of nonsense.
  10. Alyxx

    Ask Alyxx

    Like people use autotune way too much.
  11. To be honest, I'm not sure I can recall a worse situation...
  12. Fallout 3, New Vegas and 4 Saints Row 2 (preferably as a HD remaster) and Saints Row IV Ion Fury (it's been confirmed but I still want it) Borderlands 3 Half-Life 2 + Episodes Overload Forsaken Remastered 3D Realms Classics Duke Nukem 3D Blood: Fresh Supply Max Payne 1-3 Quake 1-4 Mass Effect Trilogy
  13. Cyberpunk 2077 is the main one I wanna get.
  14. Monster Hunter World is a lot of fun.
  15. Usually it doesn't bother me, since I know I'm playing a game and games will always feel like games. Although it can be funny to point out.
  16. Alyxx

    Last Game Played

    Saints Row The Third on Nintendo Switch
  17. For me it's a mix. I do most of my gaming on PC but I also play a fair amount of stuff on handheld consoles like my PS Vita and Nintendo Switch.
  18. Alyxx

    Last Game Played

    Monster Hunter World
  19. I don't have an XBox 1 or interest in zombie shooters.
  20. Pretty much agree with everything you said though I feel characters should not only be well developed and such but also ACT realistically. In a lot of games (Human Revolution for instance), a lot of characters ONLY talk about ONE issue or like in Half-Life, EVERYONE knows who the protagonist is. This just feels unrealistic and not like how real people act so it can feel extremely unrealistic.
  21. idTech engines are generally extremely forward thinking and run with very few issues on Windows 10. I can run pretty much every id Software game from Quake 1 and onwards in Windows 10 without issues. So I think it'll most likely work to be honest. DOSBox is for DOS games. DOS games aren't designed to run in a Windows environment and due to modern PC's generally not having DOS compatbility, DOSBox is the only way to play DOS games on most modern PC's and have proper hardware support. Quake 3 is a Windows game. So in this case it wouldn't be a solution.
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