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  1. Don't have an XB1 and I already have it on PC. Cool tho.
  2. I replay my favourite games pretty much when I need to. It's often between newer games or working on stuff, when I just need to be in my comfort zone.
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    Probably a degree in physics.
  4. Yeah when the Atari VCS launched, PC's were business machines. It wasn't until the early 80's we started seeing affordable home computers like the VIC-20 and the C64. And even those were fairly expensive. But yeah, PC master race forever.
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    A sky with the colour of a TV tuned to a dead channel
  6. Yes. You should check out my review: https://alyxxgameroom.blogspot.com/2019/08/game-ion-fury-released-08152019.html
  7. It is too much when you start sacrificing sleep, proper meals and exercise yeah
  8. Fix the grinding, add more content, maybe add some stuff to the story
  9. I really hope they can successfully relaunch Anthem
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    I can't remember honestly.
  11. It looks fun but yeah, this really isn't my field...
  12. I'd love a Switch review code.
  13. Depends on the game. For CoD I tend to favour machine pistols and anything I can run around with akimbo. For slower paced single player games I tend to favour snipers.
  14. One thing I enjoyed in Deus Ex is that sure, you're a nano-augmented superhuman but... unlike Human Revolution people aren't constantly babbling about it. People refer to you as "officer", or "human" all the time and unless they work at UNATCO or know you, won't talk to you like you're some kind of special entity. The random stranger on the street just talks to you like you're just another guy.
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    Not really considering the personality of the dog in very few cases is even related to the breed and depends more on how they're treated by their owner.
  16. Someone who isn't afraid of being himself
  17. Good point. Gonna have to write something soon. OT: Banned for having the coolest avatar
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