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  1. Considering I am typically never done customizing my character, sometimes if the game allows it I will continue to just keep customizing my character through the game. I'm not joking when I say I have literally spent a collective amount of 5-6 hours in a single playthrough on customization alone. Particularly in games like Fallout 4 where there's a shitload of mods that add even more options to the game.
  2. I'm mostly a PC gamer but when I'm on the go I prefer my PS Vita or Nintendo Switch.
  3. Yeah it's mind boggling. I guess it's so they can have a retail presence without having to print any actual discs. lol
  4. I think Activision had their prime time in the 80's when they released some really good titles for the Atari 2600 among other things. After that they became purely a publisher with no in-house development so staying loyal to Activision makes little sense to me given they no longer actually do any development. In fact they may always have been a publisher, it's just that in the 80's, giving credit to developers was actually very uncommon. That's what made EA special in the 80's. They actually were the first publisher that straight up put the developers in the spotlight, releasing games in record style LP sleeves with artwork that highlighted the talented people behind the games. Which is a far cry from how they became in the late 90's and onwards with more and more focus on their branding, and up until now where their branding is all over the place and they've consumed developers and ruined franchises left and right. So as for EA and Activision, both of them were at their best in the 80's and even early 90's. EA in particular released a lot of great titles for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis with their signature "yellow button" cartridges. Bethesda's prime time probably came around the 2000's when they released Elder Scrolls 3 Morrowind. Up until that point they had been kinda obscure. I at least had never heard of them until Morrowind released. They had a fairly good track record up until Fallout 76 all things considered. Fallout 4 got its fair share of criticism sure, but Fallout 76 is what I consider a big turning point for the company.
  5. Yeah I don't have enough points to even touch that.
  6. I never played them growing up simply because neither my family or friends owned either games. I knew about the games existing but never ended up getting them. I have played them later though when I got Lion King and Aladdin for my Mega Drive and played the SNES games on emulator.
  7. Dunno what it is with you and having to bring up SJW stuff every time someone mentions something bad a gaming company does. It's not even related to loot boxes. Does it just bother you that much that big publishers cater to a vocal group of people?
  8. Nintendo has always charged more money than necessary for their games.
  9. Oh you will know about it, trust me
  10. I mostly buy second hand Switch games nowadays since they can be up to 50% cheaper than the new ones.
  11. Yeah for a new Switch that isn't bad but getting a second hand one could be even cheaper.
  12. Just keep looking for a good deal. Around here you can get a second hand one pretty fairly priced.
  13. A nightmare Before Christmas is good but those Tim Burton Alice movies are not my cup of tea...
  14. I'll say this, they nailed the combat and gameplay. One of the most fun albeit short experiences I had this year.
  15. I thought Fallout 4 was great. But how they've handled Fallout 76 makes me worried about their future.
  16. Yeah I guess I just have so many favourites I forgot about it. I agree it's one of their best.
  17. Deus Ex Doom Borderlands 2 Duke Nukem Fallout 3 Mass Effect Star Fox Tomb Raider 2 Duke Nukem 3D Super Mario World
  18. Fair enough. I just played it and was like "this is... kinda losing me quickly" so I guess it wasn't made for me.
  19. I cry easily so it would probably make me cry too. I've never played it on account of never having a PS4 console though.
  20. That's just kind of modern gaming in a nutshell though...
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