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  1. If it's a game I am intending to play for the story then I avoid spoilers for it.
  2. The joycon drifting issue has been extremely overblown. A very small number of people actually experience them afaik.
  3. They do but only for Amiibos I think.
  4. Alyxx

    Last Game Played

    Borderlands 3 on PC and before that Doom 3 on Switch
  5. Nope. Other than occasionally playing some Samus Returns.
  6. Yeah of all the things to add to a handheld console you'd think Bluetooth audio would be one of them...
  7. That's like expecting the new PS Vita model to have exclusives.
  8. Paid $52.19 for it on www.greenmangaming.com
  9. Except Andromeda wasn't the third release. It was the 4th. XD
  10. Owning a Sega Mega Drive. I dreamed of it all the time as a kid since we only had a SNES. Objectively we obviously had the superior console but I still find the Mega Drive and its different sound, graphics and game library quite alluring since it's something I never experienced growing up.
  11. I still have a fair chunk of games I haven't completed on it like the MGS HD collection.
  12. I would assume it's more for collectors who want a physical copy on the shelf.
  13. And that's perfectly understandable. It is honestly and objectively the worst game in the franchise and not really worth playing unless you're into the stuff I mentioned.
  14. I'm a long time fan as well. Got into the series with the second game, Melee. After that I was hooked.
  15. "Overall… yeah while I may subjectively enjoy Andromeda because of my own tastes, it is hard to call this a good game. And it makes me sad because this could’ve been a lot better than it ended up being. What we’re left with is a rushed product that ultimately doesn’t really add much to the franchise and feels really clunky and unpolished, which is a real shame. That being said, the positives are there. The game’s strong combat, gorgeous environments, witty character dialogue that genuinely brought a smile to my face and weak but enjoyably cheesy story makes this a game you might want to consider at a bargain price." Read the rest of my review of Mass Effect Andromeda in the link 🙂 https://www.vgr.com/mass-effect-andromeda-review/
  16. Yeah nothing tops "surprise mechanics" imo
  17. Yeah it was literally just a design choice to make EA games stand out on the console.
  18. Considering I am typically never done customizing my character, sometimes if the game allows it I will continue to just keep customizing my character through the game. I'm not joking when I say I have literally spent a collective amount of 5-6 hours in a single playthrough on customization alone. Particularly in games like Fallout 4 where there's a shitload of mods that add even more options to the game.
  19. I'm mostly a PC gamer but when I'm on the go I prefer my PS Vita or Nintendo Switch.
  20. Yeah it's mind boggling. I guess it's so they can have a retail presence without having to print any actual discs. lol
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