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  1. What was the name of the last video game you completed? How many days, weeks or even months did it take you to finish? Were there enough obstacles and challenges or would you say the title was too easy to complete?
  2. If you were PEGI, please explain how you would age rate a title. What would you look for in an game? There are five age ratings which consist of 3 ,7, 12, 16 and 18. Feel free to give examples of existing games.
  3. I nominate @skyfirethis month. @SkyFire has been posting some really interesting content in the Gaming News section recently. His posts are of high quality and are interesting to read too. Keep up the good work. I'm always engaged when reading your forum contributions.
  4. Why do you think they're terrible? Have you transformed into a werewolf on Skyrim formally? What don't you like about this feature in the game? Werewolfs are very OP and I like them. The increased speed and immunity to diseases is a massive plus.
  5. Play the game first before you watch the movie. Please find the trailer for both of the Angry Birds films that have been released below. It's a quite a funny comedy to watch. The title is available to view on Netflix and Amazon Prime.
  6. Fallout 3 is an excellent title to play. Why do you feel Fallout 3 has an "epic ending"? What do you most like about the closing scenes of the video game? How long did the story take you to complete from start to finish?
  7. @DC - Would you be able to take a look into this for me?
  8. Forza would be a good game to start. This version is one of the best racing games on the market so therefore I would highly recommend it to any gamer. I've posted the official game trailer below. Hope this helps!
  9. Of course it counts. What specific thoughts go through your mind? Do you think about which titles you're going to play later on?
  10. Alexander.


    Which colour would you go for and what are your reasons for choosing a LED? Tell us the brand name for the keyboard that you've been using. If you're a Laptop gamer, the keys are built into the machine, would it be a good idea to invest in a secondary keyboard, wireless or wired?
  11. I've never played Rocket League before although without a doubt, this video game is certainly something which I'd love to try soon. Unfortunately, I'm busy working through a backlog of titles but nonetheless, I won't forget playing this game. Some streamers and content creators upload Rocket League and I regularly watch them play. I love the concept of the game and I can't wait to try it for myself.
  12. I would like to add something, in addition to my last post in this topic. Users can gain points for searching through Bing which can be redeemed for Xbox Live Vouchers and Gift Cards. A huge corporation who gives back to the gaming community, is lovely to see.
  13. That's a vague response. When would you say lighting becomes a "true issue"? Are there any previous scenarios when screen brightness became a real problem while gaming? What percentage do you leave it on? Go to Start menu - Settings - System - Display to find out.
  14. Tell us what video games you enjoy watching. What are some of your favourite content creators and which platforms do you use? Twitch.TV, YouTube or both? Are there any other gaming activities that you do when you're not gaming?
  15. Why do you think that? GTA IV was published in the beginning of 2008 and GTA V was released in 2013, that's a four year difference there. It being 2020, it has now nearly been 7 whole years since we last saw a new version.
  16. Are you still sat down in front of your monitor when this happens? How long would you usually say your break intervals are? Is there a routine or not? Resting or sleeping, in-front of a monitor isn't advisable and it would be much better if you took yourself away from the screen to take a break.
  17. Thank you for sharing your first gaming memory. What video games did you play and how old were you at the time? Tell us some of your favourite titles too. If presented with the opportunity, would you game on the Atari today and would you classify yourself as a retro gamer?
  18. Although, there are speculations and rumours about the release of GTA Six. I would be very disappointed if this was the last version of Grand Theft Auto. It's such a good game to play and IV will slowly die over time if Rockstar don't do something about it.
  19. Hello there, All completed auctions that have been completed, still remain in the Bid for Rewards Section. I can see that there is an Archive sub-section and I'm concerned why this happens to be emtpy. Please can you take a look into this for me. Find the attached images below too. Kind regards
  20. GTA 4, which is also known as GTA IV has to be my favourite. This title brings back so many good memories of my childhood. It's a shame that Microsoft stopped releasing video games for the Xbox 360 which forced me and other gamers to, upgrade their platform. Do any gamers here think that this console version will be worth money in a few decades to come?
  21. 75,000 miles is considered an average. Nothing on this planet will last forever and will need to be replaced as the years move on. Do you have any pictures of the vehicle? I'll try and advise you moving forward.
  22. I completely agree. You could probably get more money from selling your old gaming equipment on eBay or Gumtree however if you choose CeX, your paying for the convenience and a guaranteed trade. It's a shame they closed during the Lockdown.
  23. Achievements mean nothing to me, personally. Let's say I was a game developer, I can see why an Achievement or Medal system is crucial. There are some gamers that will showcase off their medals to fellow players, which is why this could potentially increase your game's publicity and could ultimately lead to an increase in profits.
  24. Before using Google Chrome, my last program that I used was Microsoft Teams. I took part in my Maths Class over the Internet, in which I'm studying for Level 2 Functional Skills. I'm still waiting to see when I can take my exam due to COVID-19. Yes, Microsoft Edge is a type of internet browser. It's a program that come pre-installed on any Windows device.
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