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  1. I would classify myself as a Mobile Gamer, without a doubt. Some of the games I used to play on my iPhone are Smash Hit, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Temple Run 1 & 2, Angry Birds, Words with Friends, Mutant Roadkill, and last but not least let's not forget an all-time classic. Candy Crush!
  2. Johnny Depp, known as Captain Jack Sparrow is my favourite character in the series. Countless hours during my childhood were spent watching this title, and I always felt "inside the series". I love their storylines too. This is how I learned about the Pirates.
  3. Any sport can be done without one although, I fear society will look down on us. Sports that could still be socially acceptable without a crowd include but are not limited to the following: Fishing, Football, and Tennis. For example, someone could still participate in a Tennis Tournament without an audience watching.
  4. I have only seen glimpses of Frozen Two on YouTube. As much as I'm a Disney Lover, I can't seem to bring myself to watch any of the Frozen movies after reading some of the negative reviews. I will never forget the annoying, catchy Let It Go Track from the first film.
  5. I got the same results. A screenshot of them is attached below. Either, the system is unreliable or we both share the same interests. Nonetheless, the questions were interesting and the quiz was fun to take.
  6. We call this activity Football, over here, in England. I remember playing Footy, during my PE Lessons, however, my teacher tended to warm towards the more skilled students. I was never really that great anyway - nonetheless, it was something which was fun to partake in. Occasionally, I'll have a kick around with some mates but nothing more.
  7. I'm christian. I have believed in christianity since I was born and this has never changed. Usually, I attend church on a Sunday but due to the recent pandemic, places of worship have been instructed to close to prevent transmission.
  8. I have seen a lot of conspiracy theories linked to the pandemic, COVID-19 recently. Any information, which has not been backed up by science or reliable evidence I'm not going to believe. People are entitled to their views but I won't be tricked easily.
  9. I can relate to this meme. Lockdown has taught us a valuable lesson in life which is, we don't appreciate the things taken for granted. It has made me realise how privileged I am, compared to others and to be thankful for what we already have.
  10. Sorry to hear that your employment was impacted as a result of COVID-19. I hope everything works out and you manage to keep your job. Fortunately, my career hasn't been affected as I'm classified as a key worker, working in a Petrol Station. I'm just so grateful I still have a job during these uncertain times.
  11. Thank you for sharing. This is something which I'm not only excited for but looks fascinating too. Seems like a great game!
  12. I was wondering whether anybody had interesting memories as to why they quit a game. Perhaps they were funny or stupid reasons? Please share the name of the title too and are you anticipating on playing, ever again?
  13. Please share which browser games you have lost the most time playing. Probably Slither.io and Agar.io for me, I still play them to this very day. The strategy element of growing bigger than other players is what makes these titles enjoyable too.
  14. Remember the last time you ended up getting a difficult moral choice from a game? What were you playing? Explain what choices there were, and what your decision was, please.
  15. Many years ago I started by playing Minecraft. A year later this initiated a new hobby/interest for me. Gaming. I remember playing this sandbox game over, and over again until I reached my late teenage years.
  16. Any specific reason as to why these aren't your type of games? What don't you like about them? I somewhat agree with you as the developers of these games target their audience towards children rather than adults.
  17. I haven't played the Call of Duty series for a long time now. The last time was on a console, on my Xbox 360. I find a controller is easier to operate than computer keys and the ability to play split screen with friends is a massive plus for me.
  18. Skyrim would be my favourite. The games seems to be highly shaped by medieval aged weapons and places. Without a doubt, there is certainly a Viking atmosphere for the whole game. Playing The Elder Scrolls definitely reminds me of these times.
  19. Walking away from electronic video games for a moment. Many individuals enjoy winning through checkmate, others enjoy victory by wearing down the enemy gradually in the endgame. Our personality is reflected in playing and this is why Chess is my most enjoyed Puzzle Game!
  20. Gamers who do like achievements in-game, want to show off and express how well skilled they are. I don't like when others boast about how good they are, gaming is not primarily a competition. We're meant to have fun and enjoy the hobby as well.
  21. GTA V changed my perception of other titles. Grand Theft Auto Five has taught me two valuable life lessons, being prepared and facing up to consequences for your actions. I now, love playing Action-packed adventure games as a result.
  22. What are some of your favourite tabletop games and who taught you them? My favourite would be Chess. Not only do I love the strategy behind the game concept, playing chess provides me with a enhanced brain performance, a sharper memory and an improved thinking ability.
  23. How did you learn, only by practising or by watching others too? What makes you good at playing Fallout 3? Are there any skills that you are learning, to become an even better player than you already are?
  24. There's three options that you can choose to end the game in GTA V, which did you choose? Skyrim was a pretty good ending. Skyrim's High King lies defeated by Ulfric Stormcloak. The suspense and cliffhanger building up to these events was superb.
  25. We all dream but some of us can recall what occurred during a night's rest and others can't. Have you ever dreamt about a video game? If so, what's the name of the title? Perhaps it was a nightmare? Explain what happened and whether you experienced any emotional moments please.
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