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  1. Thank you for explaining your answer. Have you got a specific character to mind? One from a video game that you've played in the past? If so, what's their name and fighting abilities?
  2. Good evening gamers of VGR. How is everyone doing? After 8 hours, my shift at my workplace has finally come to an end and I'm now able to enjoy some of this gorgeous weather. It's 22 degrees, sunny and no wind.
  3. Hi there Dan. Would you be able to let me know your thoughts on a suggestion I made, last week? Adding PayPal Cash auctions will be a fantastic addition to the VGR Community 🙂
  4. Truly, I am astonished you've never played Fortnite before. Since the video game is free to download from the epic games store, would you consider trying the video game to see if you like it? It's basically your average multiplayer battle royale game. Honestly, I can't express how many hours of enjoyment I have gotten out of Fortnite so consequently I would recommend this to any video game interested in the Battle Royale Niche/Genre.
  5. No worries. What is your upload schedule and do you upload any other video games, besides from Resident Evil? Would you consider live streaming? Either way, I can't wait to see you and your channel thrive and grow over time, I for one will be apart of the successful adventure all the way.
  6. How do you handle certain situations? For example, if your in the middle of a video game and you die as a result of a bug/glitch on a multiplayer server? Do you express any emotions or rage to yourself?
  7. After watching your introduction video, I have decided to subscribe and turn notifications so I don't miss any new content. Your video thumbnails on each and everyone of your uploads are really eye-catching and funny to viewers, I love them personally. Shortly, I will watch some of your Resident Evil Playthroughs and I'll let you know what I think. Keep up the good work and good luck with your channel.
  8. I appreciate your generous offer. Any chance there is to earn more forum currently, is something I'll take advantage of. I hope my most recent post in the Esports and Competitive Gaming section adds value to the discussion board.
  9. I'm going to nominate @TheBlackangel. @TheBlackangel, has not only been adding value to exisiting topics, his posts are of high quality and he's an extremely active member of VGR Forums. Keep up the good work - and good luck win the May Nominations!
  10. Today, I have fulfilled your offer by the following the steps above. Please find attached a screenshot attached to this post that contains proof of completion. Thank you again, for the free daily points and I look forward to the total amount being credited shortly.
  11. Surprisingly, I have never heard of Greed Fall. Would you mind outlining to me the concept and a basic description of the video game? Have you enjoyed playing it thus far? How much does it cost to buy for the Xbox One? In conclusion, do you think you could recommend Greed Fall for me to play? I look forward to hearing from you.
  12. What do you think about the Fortnite Theories that are talked about in the video? Which of them do you believe will be "debunked" and are there any that you could imagine in future chapters and seasons of Fortnite? Out of the ten mentioned, which would you pick as your favourite?
  13. This is by far, a difficult question to answer. I would choose Lydia from Skyrim. She's an excellent follower/protector to have in any fight. Lydia is a strong fighter with limit of level to 50, maximising out on armor which is heavy, one handed weaponry and the ability to block.
  14. Beginning to play, Grand Theft Auto Five on my Laptop. Epic Games previously confirmed a deal where the firm will be offering free of charge, available to download from their store, GTA V. Even though I originally purchased the version on my Xbox 360, there's absolutely no damage to see how well the PC corresponds to the console model. It takes some time, however, to get on with teaching myself the controls through my keyboard, after playing for a second time today. GTA V download was 89.05GB overall, although, this took hours to download through my internet connection. Grand Theft Auto Five was the last video game I played, today (22/05/2020).
  15. I started playing the original story first, then I moved onto Rio and the Space version. Angry Birds has a simple concept that you should only attack using a slingshot and send birds to attack the pigs. As you progress, the levels become more difficult, and I'm fairly confident everyone would love the puzzle aspect of the video game. I would recommend this to anyone, it's free, what have you got to lose?
  16. 1) Taco Bell 2) KFC 3) Subway Since being on lockdown for months now, here in England, it's made me appreciate for what I take for granted. Enjoying a takeaway or dining in is a massive privilege and I can't wait until they re-open the eat-inside option. My favourite fast food establishment has to be Taco Bell - I love their cheesy chips.
  17. What's your favourite semi automatic gun and why? Call of Duty developers have made their graphics as realistic as possible and aimed their target audience at young adults. COD developers have replicated various situations and potential scenarios as best they can to reproduce planet earth's weaponry and former World Wars.
  18. Hi GeepyX Many thanks for your message. If you already have tried resetting your password with your email and this issue repeats itself, it might be a device issue. You may want to check Microsoft support and FAQ (frequently asked question page). On the otherhand, it's a good idea to check whether your console is still under retailer or manufacturer guarantee, in which case, you might be able to get a replacement or your product repaired for you at no cost. I might be able to help diagnose the issue, if you can screenshot or take a picture of the error that your facing. The error might include an code which if this the case, it's going to make a lot easier to solve. Kind regards Alex
  19. I love watching TheAmazingTop10 on YouTube, their videos are so engaging. My favourite theory is number three. Disappearing teddy bears are often used in Horror Movies aswell as Video games. I would struggle to see how they could implement this while keeping their PEGI Rating and their target audience the same. Perhaps, Epic Games would use less realistic graphics? Time will tell - let's see if this theory is debunked or is actually true in future seasons and chapters in Fornite.
  20. What streaming platform do you use to live stream playing Esports and other competitive video games? Some of the most popular ones are Facebook, Twitch.TV, and YouTube. If you have to choose, which service would you choose to be your number 1 favourite and why? Do you share your content live through multiple platforms at one time? If so, how can you monitor both chats and communicate with your viewers?
  21. I've replied to your OP Post. Please see my reply above and let me know if there is anything else you would like to ask or clarify. I'm always here to help any fellow gamer enjoy their gaming experience and time at VGR Forums.
  22. Let me breakdown the questions that you have asked. This is a very detailed post so please let me know if I have missed anything, thank you. A) Would you like me to make a suggestion for a video game in this niche? Most video games allow you to choose what car you'd like to have the driving simulation experience in. A wheel spin occurs when the rotation of wheels without any steady grip. B) Yes, you are correct. You will have to subscribe to play if your friend is using Xbox Live. You will have to purchase the Gold Membership which costs £40.00 for a years membership. Please find attached a picture which compares the "features" of your benefits between consoles. C) Yes, your internet connecting is more than enough for the type of gaming which you have stated.
  23. Thank you for the continuing this noble offer. Moments ago, I have completed all of the steps again, at 17:40 on 22/05/2020. Please find attached a screenshot which confirms this information.
  24. Really? I really enjoyed playing this when I was younger. What don't you like about Skylanders: Imaginators? Are there any aspects of the game you would change if you WERE lead developer? If so, why?
  25. Yes you are right, some owners have installed a plugin known as NoCheatPlus which prevents users from hacking, cheating or exploiting their server. Hacked clients don't work on some multiplayer servers though, but may work on others. It's also important to note that there is no anti-cheat system in place for Single Player Mode.
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