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  1. This is just a question about spelling. The majority of answers will just be due to where we're from, as a lot of countries will keep/forego is. Here' in the states, we tend to forego the U. Like in words such as color, whereas in the UK they spell it colour. Myself I tend to forego it except with the word behaviour. I'm not sure why, but I unconsciously add a U in there every time. I'm kinda wanting to know everyone's opinion on this, as well as why they do/don't use the letter U.
  2. I give up. There's nothing to hope for. I'm in Missouri, which borders Kansas. We share KC for fuck's sake. The right wing just gets more and more corrupt by the second. They are already a fascist Nazi regime. Now they're banning everyone and everything. Even from their own ranks. Can it even get any more pathetic? Unfortunately, they will find another way to fuck even themselves over. The rest of us who actually care, are becoming extinct, The former USA is completely dead, and now a third world country. Our government is no better than ISIS or the Taliban.
  3. I've never played any of these games, but I know a lot of you have, so I thought this video would spark some lively conversation.
  4. Don't forget these: Greed Over Progress Gang Of Perverts Guns Over People
  5. Despite the brief mention of RDR2, (which in and of itself wasn't an entry) I either haven't played any of these games at all, or haven't played them enough to have encountered these side quests. It was interesting nonetheless.
  6. I've been gaming since the days of the Atari 2600. In those 40+ years, I've got more than 2000 games in my library, not counting DDL's. The systems I play the most are NES, SNES, N64, Game Boy, Sega Genesis, and Atari. I also have every PlayStation with the exception of the PS Vita. We have every Xbox, but don't play them near as much as we do our other systems. There's a few systems I don't really play anymore. Wii, Game Cube, and PS2 being the top 3. I hated the Game Cube, and the Wii was just uncomfortable as hell and a pain in the ass to try to play. The only game I found that was worth having the system was Mario Kart. The reason I'm not on the PS2 so much, is because I missed the entire era, for a few reasons. Am I a collector? Maybe, once in a while, if I find something I think is neat or just want for whatever reason. But as for my games, I don't buy them to be pretty. I buy them to play. There is one game I can think of that I would buy as a collectable instead of to play. That's Little Samson. I would buy a repro if I wanted to play the game, but the authentic one would never even be opened for obvious reasons.
  7. I sing to my macaw a lot. She absolutely loves it.
  8. The katana episode was the pilot. The scimitar was in a few episodes but they were different kinds of scimitars. IT WILL KEEEEAL!
  9. I know what it sounds like, but it's not a porn site. It's a comedy site with tons of interactive stuff that are absolutely hilarious. You should definitely check out the Jeb games. There's Bird Calling, Bats and Balls, Alcohol & Ammo, and Book of Spells. There's others that are favorites of mins such as Knotty Kitty, and Crash Test Dumbass Overkill. CTDO is my absolute favorite game on the whole site. There's also the court of Judge Hellfire that is funny as hell to watch. Boneland
  10. How many of these do you all agree with?
  11. This is unreal. Crazy, terrorist bullshit is going full force against us all. And they try to say they're "saving" the country. DeStupid is trying to ban diversity and inclusivity in Florida. These may not be terrorist attacks like we saw on January 6th, but make no mistake, they're terrorist attacks just the same.
  12. The last game I played (not counting phone games) was RDR2. I had burned out on it for a while, but I'm getting back into it. Yes you can burn out on your favorite games.
  13. There have been franchises that I hated seeing end. Castlevania is one, but from what I read in the Gaming news forum, Castlevania may be making a comeback. I've been playing it since the first one on NES. I still play it up through the PS3 entries.
  14. They should be busted hard. If you're playing a single player version of a game, then I have no problem with people using cheats. It doesn't usually help your experience as it's often taking away from the game in most cases. But if you're a tournament player, or in some online group, then cheaters deserve being banned. I only play one player games, because as everyone already knows, I hate online gaming. It's just not enjoyable for me, and I've given it numerous challenges on numerous games and numerous platforms. I also often use a Game Genie on some games to make them harder due to me being too good at them. So maybe my opinion doesn't count or matter here.
  15. @Rain Dew and I were out running errands when we saw a huge commotion. We stopped to see what was going on, and there was someone hanging off the ledge of the top of a parking garage. I watched him let go and hit the ground. The sound of the impact was nothing I would have expected. It sounded like someone slamming a car door extremely hard. Luckily, @Rain Dew didn’t see the actual event as I made her stay in the car. She’s kinda freaking out right now. I gave her some anxiety meds, so hopefully that will help her. It’s not something I ever expected to see. It will affect @Rain Dew pretty hard, but it’s not really something that phases me.
  16. Is anyone else watching this? I absolutely love it. I've been saving up for a while to get my forge up and running, and then I come across a show that is all about bladesmithing. I love the feel of sweat running like crazy all over me and watching the hot steel start taking shape as I work on it. So do we have any other smiths or just fans of the show?
  17. Kinda makes you want to cry, doesn't it?
  18. I didn’t say they deserve any form of sympathy. I say round them up and pitch them overboard in the middle of the Pacific, and listen to them scream. They have very little left to destroy to reach their ultimate goal. Those of us in the LGBTQ+ community have a target on our backs. We’re in the fourth reich. And we’re only a couple years away from a full on civil war. People have been getting gunned down by these terrorists for several years now. They opened the flood gates. And they’re going to cry and whine about their right to own guns while simultaneously not giving half a shit about the ones murdered by their fellow cultists. They get pissy when called out for exactly what they are. Fascist Nazis. I’m willing to bet that the only way we can get our country back is through rivers of blood. They happily take guns to elementary schools and kill kids, all while they know that the cops are too chickenshit to go in to take the shooter down and save some kids. Probably because they think it will screw up their hair. They deserve nothing better that complete and total enmity. They have made that clearer than air. If you feel anything else, you are just as deluded as they are.
  19. @Shagger and @Crazycrab I really want to hear what you say about number 3.
  20. This one was really interesting to watch. It was showing things that I had no idea about.
  21. These people need to be addressed as soon as humanly possible. It's hard for people to leave a cult, as they're so brainwashed they have lost the ability to think for themselves. Often times, it takes the death of their cult leader for them to see the light. Jim Jones, David Koresh, Marshall Applewhite, L. Ron Hubbard, Shoko Asahara, Charles Manson, the list is virtually endless. The saddest part, is that most of us don't even know where to begin or even how to help them come to their senses. Which only compounds the situation.
  22. I’d be in prison by now. I would have killed every damn one of them. Nonhumans mean everything to me. I hate people. They can all suffer and I won’t give a shit. But if it calls for it, I’ll give my own life to protect an animal.
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