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  1. What's your problem with the LGBTQ+ community? I have a lot of friends who are transgender, and I see their struggle. They're not SJW's demanding you change your life to fit into their tiny little bubble. They just want a little bit of respect and to be left alone to live their lives, the same as everyone else. They're not monsters.
  2. You should get Elsweyr. It's the next in the Elder Scrolls franchise. It's about to drop, and it's already available for preorder.
  3. LOL, that hadn't even crossed my mind. But it would be a good idea to make it just so you can screw with your friends or hit back at your enemies. They just have to beat the Great Mighty Poo first, and repeatedly throughout the game. And when they enter a fight with it, they're unable to exit the game until they have won the fight. They also have infinite lives to keep them in the fight until they win. 😈😈😈😈
  4. Due to my experience in the military I don't have the mental fortitude to handle those kind of games, so I have to pass.
  5. Before long people are going to be hiring electricians to change a lightbulb.
  6. Unfortunately, you’re right. Games are no longer about challenge. They’re about rewards. You get a trophy or new skill for the most inane of accomplishments. If the game makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something when you’ve actually done nothing, it will keep up the sales. This generation is lazy and wants everything without earning it. Sad.
  7. They think they’re slick enough to get away with creating their own dictatorship and being able to rule with an iron fist. Pull that shit with me however, and I’ll shove that iron fist up your ass.
  8. I hit up Redbox a couple days ago. After watching these movies, I wish I hadn't. The Prodigy - 4/10 Godzilla King Of The Monsters - 6.5/10 Pet Sematary (2019 version) - 1/10 The Child Remains - 2/10
  9. The only time they are scripted to be apart is the beginning of disc 2. Laguna is living in Winhill. Kiros has been searching for him and finds him there. they do a patrol of the town and that's pretty much it for the end of that flashback. In literally every other flashback, the 3 of them are always together. So far anyway. But the flashback that has me confused happened at the beginning of disc 3 when Rinoa was unconscious. Ellone accidentally sent Squall and 2 of your choice back while she was asleep to a point when Laguna, Kiros, and Ward were in the Trabia mountains. They were out of money and Laguna managed to land a part in a movie. Kiros and Ward were asked to play the part of the dragon because the original actor was sick. But this time when I got to that point, Ward wasn't in it. It was only Laguna and Kiros. In all the years I've been playing this game, that has never once happened. They were and are always together. So I'm completely lost as hell.
  10. The compatibility I’m seeing is only for Apple products. iPhone’s and iPad’s. But considering the game itself, unless Apple made a hell of a deal with Nintendo, I would expect it to be available on both at some point.
  11. I can see it now: "Coming soon to a store near you: it's SJW Throwdown! The ultimate in forcing your kids to be a worthless piece of shit. From EA Sports."
  12. Ok something that has never happened before is going on and I need to know what the hell is up. I just got onto the 3rd disc. I'm in the flashback where Laguna was in the movie and fighting the dragon. The thing that's throwing me is that Ward is nowhere to be seen, or even being mentioned. It's only Laguna and Kiros. In all the years that I've played this game, this has never once happened before. The 3 of them were always together with the exception of in Winhill. Did I fuck up somewhere, or is there some other explanation? This is confusing as hell. The only other time this game has screwed with my head like this was last year when, for the first time ever, I learned that the damn bite bugs can fly up and fart on you. I know they fart on you because the attack bar on top of the screen that tells you what the attack is when it's not a standard physical attack says "FART".😒
  13. Oh come on, Gangnam Style is awesome. Blasphemy, damn you! Blasphemy! Your penance: 5,000,000 Hail Skyrims! I do have to say however that the redneck in the elevator frightens me.
  14. Conker. All you have to do is play Conker's Bad Fur day for all of 5 minutes and his cynicism and sarcastic nature will show in spades.
  15. I always got a kick out of Cotton Eye Joe. In small doses, anyway. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ This one I can't stand to this day. It didn't matter where you went, or what you did, it was impossible to get away from it.
  16. For some reason, some reason, I’m not surprised. I wonder what that reason is......
  17. Most of the companies want people on the level of PewDiePie or AVGN. Anything less they typically don’t consider worth their time.
  18. Physical copies are on their way out as it is anyway, so before long everyone is gonna be buying digital anyway. So those of us in the Stone Age, will have antiques that the next generation won’t know what the hell they’re looking at. Name me one kid today that knows how to use either a video cassette or audio cassette. How many of you here have never owned or possibly even seen an actual 8-track tape? I had a lot of them. Fuck. I am old.
  19. The closest to an MMO that I’ve ever played is D&D. In that I was always either chaotic neutral or chaotic evil. I also refused to play anything other than an elf. Typically I was either a ranger or thief. Aside from the elven part, all the attributes are actual attributes of myself. When I was a kid and later in the years I was homeless, I was forced to learn how to steal and not get caught in order to have anything to eat. I ended up with the ability to steal your pants while you’re wearing them without getting caught. I’m not saying I’m proud of being a good thief, but when survival is on the line you do what you have to. I didn’t steal for more than 5-6 months when I was homeless before I started dumpster diving. Pizza Hut was a gold mine. But I’m not a ninja turtle, which means I burnt out on pizza quick as fuck.
  20. As everyone here already knows, I absolutely love FF8. I play it all the time. But I came across this cartoon parody on YouTube, and could barely contain my laughter. It's great.
  21. What in your opinion is the best murder you have ever seen in a horror or thriller movie? For me, it's when the Joker killed the guy with the hand buzzer completely frying him in the original Batman (1989). I love that one. For this no slasher flicks are allowed. Those are too easy. Get more creative people.
  22. I had never heard anything from Willow Smith, so I played it. 10 seconds in, my ears were bleeding. I'm assuming she's Will Smith's daughter? If so, I know they say talent skips a generation, but dammit, this is going too far!
  23. That is Darkstone(PS1) exactly. I've done that repeatedly with it.
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