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  1. That thing is absolutely hideous. Under no circumstance will it ever enter my house. I think I'm gonna throw up.
  2. I have one of them somewhere around here. If I remember right it's Arkham Asylum. I've never even played it once, mainly because I never remember that I have it and also because I'm not much into superhero games. The only reason I can think of that I have it is because it had to be in a bundle that I bought at some point. I do enjoy Batman on NES, but other than that one, those type of games just never held any appeal for me. I've tried several from both Marvel and DC. They just bore me to death.
  3. If you’re going strictly for portability, I think the Lite is the better choice. But if you need the ability to go back and forth between portable and and TV console, then you need to get the normal Switch. I have the Switch Lite, and I love it.
  4. I play Hatred. Blood, senseless murder, and gore. Men, women, and children are all on the chopping block to be brutally slayed as sadistically as I want. And if a game doesn't cut it, I get on the dark web and watch snuff films.
  5. I was sitting here watching YouTube videos and got to thinking. We've all hard the urban legends about video games. Things like Ben Drowned, Polybius, Lavender Town, etc. But it got me curious to danger in games. I'm not looking for things like gaming for 51 hours straight. I'm looking for games that are actually dangerous to even play. Not games that affect a medical disorder like flashing lights and colors then having an epileptic seizure. Games that are just downright dangerous to even load. This may be an unanswerable question, or there might be some that are hazardous. I personally can't think of any off the top of my head, but thought that maybe someone else knows of something that could be what I'm looking for. I've heard that one of the games I play (Taboo The Sixth Sense) is supposed to be dangerous, but I've had no negative repercussions from playing it.
  6. We cant ignore Contra Rogue Corps. That was an absolute abomination. There was also MKM: Sub-Zero. While it's one of my favorites, FF8 didn't really do the Final Fantasy franchise any favors. But I think most people count FF9 and/or FF13 as the absolute worst that have come out. But there are also some spinoffs that, while they haven't ended a franchise, have damaged it. Things like Zelda Majoras Mask as well as some of the Game Boy titles. Oracle series, Minish Cap, etc. Great games all, but in the beginning, not so much. Players are often times wary of games that aren't directly related to the main story of a franchise, unless that franchise is known for changing it up with every edition, such as Final Fantasy. The first true sequel in the Final Fantasy series was FF X2. That's a long time from the first one that was on NES.
  7. I've returned only a couple games. It's not often that it's because there was a technical issue, but because I got it home and hated it. Simple as that.
  8. Diablo and Diablo II were great games, while Diablo III was a rancid piece of festering dog vomit. So I'm not putting much faith in this one. It does look like it has possible potential that it could be an ok MMORPG, but I'm not holding my breath on that one.
  9. Too many to list. For example, you guys know already that I have advanced muscular dystrophy. Well, I usually bring a 2 liter bottle of soda with me into my home office so I don't have to go back and forth between it and the kitchen. One day I had just come into my office and realized I had forgotten something. I set the bottle, that I hadn't even opened on my desk and went back to the kitchen. When I came back to the computer room, the bottle was sitting in the middle of the floor, completely empty. I just stared at it for a moment, not sure what to do. I left the room and grabbed an anxiety pill and gun. I went back to the office, and the bottle was now sitting on my desk, full, and unopened. Another time, I was in bed trying to sleep one night. My girl was beside me already asleep. No I don't have children, she's my bestie. She was staying with me for a few nights, because I had told her that some weird shit was going on in my house, but she didn't believe me. We always go to sleep with the TV playing. I was laying there watching TV and something I couldn't see started wrapping its hands around my throat strangling me. I couldn't breathe, or make a sound. Nothing could come out. I started thrashing around in bed trying to fight off whatever the hell it was that had me. My thrashing woke my friend up and she went into panic mode. She didn't know what to do so she jumped up and ran for the light switch. Just before she got to the switch the thing let go of my throat and raked what felt like razor blades across my chest from just below my left collar bone to the bottom of my ribs on my right side. When we looked there were hand marks all the way around my neck and I was bleeding from the claw marks. We slept with the light on the next few nights. To this day the scars still burn, and I'm scared to go to sleep a lot of the time. I moved into a small farmhouse several years ago. The owners had a small antique refrigerator in the basement. I was down there with the landlord one day, and set my glasses down on top of the fridge. I had some of those clip on sunglasses on my glasses. You know the ones that usually break 20 minutes after buying them. They were all I could afford. Well I went to do something and forgot to put them back on. I went back to the fridge and they had vanished. The landlord hadn't taken them. Actually he said he hadn't even seen them. And I believed him because he hadn't been anywhere near that fridge the whole time we were down there. We both searched the entire basement for them and never found anything. They were just gone from existence. I was pissed because it meant I had to pay for a new pair of glasses. Fast forward about 3 years. I was in the basement doing laundry and walked by that fridge. Sitting on top of it were the clip on sunglasses. My glasses weren't there but the sunglasses were. I never went into that basement again and started going to a laundromat. There's a lot more. Shadow people won't leave me alone, voices caught on EVP, pics and videos, meetings face to face wit entities. Hell take this pic for example. This is one that was taken by my besties mother.
  10. What kind of bread do you prefer and why? Wheat, white, sourdough, etc. etc.
  11. Sitting on my fat ass doing a hell of a lot of nothing.
  12. Is there any animal species that you absolutely hate? Why?
  13. If the only game you were ever going to be able to play for the rest of your life was either Asteroids or Donkey Kong (not DKC) which would you pick and why?
  14. Who are you liking on the campaign trail?
  15. The old games were more unique. Today it’s all about sequels whereas back then it was all about taking chances with original ideas.
  16. Lets just say several people would live their last day in unimaginable pain and terror.
  17. I'm currently playing FF8 on my Switch at the moment. It still blows my mind that they can fit a remastered version of a game that originally took 4 discs, plus another game that took 3 discs (FF7) onto such a tiny little cartridge. 7 discs of information on a cartridge the size of my thumbnail. DAMN.
  18. I've noticed that too. If a white person makes a joke about a black/Hispanic/Asian/ Arabic or whatever person, then here comes the pitchforks and torches. But If any race/ethnicity makes jokes about white people, then that's perfectly OK. It doesn't make any sense to me. Why are we banned from making jokes, but no one else is? I guess white people are the evil of society. Who's next?
  19. What is your thought about racial/racist standup? Now by this I need to add a bit of context before you decide. What I'm asking is you see a comedian who is your own ethnicity. Chris Rock for black people, Gabriel Iglesias for Hispanic People, George Carlin for white people, etc. etc. When that person makes racist jokes towards their own race or uses racial slurs about their own race, do you laugh, whether you're the same race or not? Now flip it a bit. Do you laugh when that comedian makes racial/racist jokes about another race? Does it bother you in any way? The reason I'm asking is because the reason in their case is different. They're on stage trying to make people laugh. It's their job. They're not some random asshole running around calling people whatever slur is assigned to whatever race it is that they encounter on the street. Take this George Calin clip as an example: What do you think?
  20. I used to use fighting games to destress, but that doesn't cut it for me anymore. Now I use games like Hatred to destress. I need the gore and complete disregard for human life. I play that while listening to bands like 6FU, Dimmu Borgir, Deicide, Marduk, Cradle Of Filth, Arch Enemy, Broken Hope, DevilDriver, Kreator, and Suicide Silence just to name a few. After that, I'm good.
  21. I have 2 Master Swords. One is high quality, the other; not so much. But still they're really nice to have. Also I have the exact same tattoo that Zell has in FF8. The only difference is I have it on my the right side of my face instead of the left. I got it as a sign of my lifelong love of gaming. every tattoo I have has meaning. I don't get something just because it's the "in thing" or because it's "cool". If I did that, I would have a shitty asshat, an arm band, and a fucking bar code for Jack Daniels on the back of my hand. NO. THANK. YOU. For those who forgot Zell's tattoo here's a pic of it.
  22. The games I miss most, I'll have to list by system. NES--- Astynax Blaster Master Legacy Of The Wizard Legend Of Zelda Taboo The Sixth Sense Zelda 2 The Adventure Of Link SNES--- Blackthorne F-Zero Legend Of The Mystical Ninja Zelda A Link To The Past N64--- 1080 Snowboarding Banjo Kazooie Zelda OoT I know that's a lot of games, but I love the old stuff so much, that I couldn't just pick one. Also my Sega Genesis library is so small I decided not to include it. With Game Boy I haven't touched it but once since I got my Switch so that's why I left it out. The reason I haven't touched it is because the only game I really played on it was Links Awakening. PS games I left out because most of them I've never played, and I would have listed 99% of my Atari games so that's why I left it out.
  23. It would take one simple thing to get me to play online. A minimum of one million USD, PER HOUR. If that psychotic sum doesn't show people how much I hate online gaming, nothing will. But if some jackass is willing to pay it, then all I will ever play is online games.
  24. Where do I begin? I have hundreds of games that span about 11 systems, and there are a lot that I've never gotten around to playing that I've had for years. The biggest reason is because I buy bundles so often, and keep a few games out of it that look good, and resell the rest. Seeing as how I have so many games, I get severe anxiety when I try to start any game I have never played before. I don't know why. For example, I've only played a handful of my PS3 games, and I have 50 titles on PS3. I can probably count the amount of games on there that I've played on one hand. So if it wasn't for the anxiety I would have played several hundred games over the last year.
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