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  1. A remastered RDR1 would be great. If it could have graphics equal to, or superior to RDR2, I would love to get to playing it again.
  2. I would prefer Twilight Princess come to Switch. I can't stand Wind Waker simply because of the graphics they went with. It made me want to throw up. AND I STILL WANT TO KNOW WHEN THE FUCK LINK GOT A GODDAMN SISTER.
  3. This picture is so way off. May the 4th is a reference to Star Wars, and Spock is a character from Star Trek. Whoever made that meme is a jackass.
  4. Morality is unique to every person. What I consider good, you may consider evil. What I consider evil, you may consider good. So I would prefer my child learn multiple languages. As long as they had common sense, their sense of morality wouldn't be skewed far off. A parent can lead and guide, but they can't and shouldn't dictate. That goes for religion as well. Let the kid decide what they believe, and if they find a religion that is in line with their honest beliefs, let them join it. As long as it isn't Scientology.
  5. I would be interested in a 21 Jumpstreet game. I loved the show when I was a kid, and still do. Thankfully it was released on DVD. Being an obsessive fan of Johnny Depp helps.
  6. Do you know much about the Gods, or just the basics? Aside from also being Satanic, I'm also Hellenistic. I can help you out if you want. Also when talking about Them the G in "Gods" is capitalized.
  7. Rockstar's entire focus right now is most definitely on GTA6. They do have different departments, some of which may be tossing around the idea of an RDR3 game. But they're still concentrating on GTA6. GTAV was released on September 17, 2013. That's just shy of 9 years ago. RDR was released on May 18, 2010 which was 12 years ago. RDR2 was released on October 26, 2018 which is just shy of 4 years ago. So they put a lot of time between releases in a series, which gives them time to weed out as many bugs and glitches as they can. Also they tend to not give any release dates until they're 98%-99% finished with the game, and all that's left is the polish. So since GTA was 9 years ago, and RDR was 4 years ago, their focus will be GTA6 for the foreseeable future. After that's released they may move to another RDR game. But until they make any kind of announcement, this is all purely speculation on our part.
  8. "People will get used to NFT's" No - they won't. Idiots will go all in to own something that doesn't even exist. Did you know that you can buy acreage on the moon and on Mars? How are you going to enforce that it's your land? Is the deed just a meaningless piece of paper? I found it when I was looking up how to get a star named after someone. If that's what we're doing, then I'll start selling deeds that you only get to look at as a digital image. I'll be raking in the money while ripping people off at the same time. All hail NFT's!
  9. I see you guys talking about soccer players, and teams and I'm sitting here like:
  10. It just means that only 8 people would have cast a vote. With 17,336 members, anything can happen. I've cast my vote, but that doesn't mean everyone will cast a vote. Nor does it mean anyone is obligated to vote. At the time of writing this 10 people have voted. If every registered member was to come in and vote, this would be one hell of a race and a lot of fun to watch!
  11. Seriously? You think people should just give in to any dictator who wants their land and people without a fight? Putin, without provocation, invaded and attacked Ukraine because he's a greedy terroristic bastard. He thinks he owns all of Asia and eastern Europe. If people just gave in to dictators, half the would would belong to North Korea. The other half would be under Nazi rule. Most of the countries and cultures wouldn't even exist. America would still be the British colonies. Just look at what America has done to the Native Americans, Chinese in the 19th century, and the Japanese in 1942. And we DEFINITELY can't forget what America did to the Black community. All because the government was led by a dictator.
  12. Yeah, but since I can script my own items and install whatever qualities I want on them, I feel that makes up for it.
  13. It's nice to see a YouTube host lose it once in a while. It shows that they're professional, but still human. I agree with Cenk. The sad part is that I didn't see this coming. Roe v Wade was not something I ever thought of being overturned. That was blindness on my part. Considering that the right wing is doing absolutely everything they can to destroy what remains of America, Roe v Wade should have been an obvious one. The LGBTQ+ community has no rights anymore. We have the privilege of air. We're allowed to breathe. But if the right wing gets its way, the only water we will be allowed will come from Flint Michigan, and the only food we will be allowed will be the scraps from their tables. Assuming we even get food of that high a quality. I envision "Fag Food" on store shelves. That would be the only thing the LGBTQ+ community would be allowed to eat. Red Letter days are coming. A woman who seeks an abortion will be burned at the stake, even if the pregnancy will kill her. Yet something that none of the right wingers will admit to, is that they're desperate to dictate what a woman can do with her body and demand that she carries a pregnancy to term. But after the child is born, they no longer give a shit about it. Fetus = life to fight for Infant = who gives a shit They need their fucking heads either examined or removed.
  14. Playing harder, instead of playing smarter. Like in some games using a weapon that's immensely overpowered for the task. Say you're hunting. Instead of using a 30-06, you use a fucking cannon. Sure that will kill the animal. But you didn't need the damn thing. And vice versa. Again you should use a 30-06, but instead you figure that your .45 side arm is enough power and that if you ride up close enough it will do the trick. It can if you're lucky as hell, but most likely all you will do is wound the animal and lose track of it as it runs off. That is something I see commonly among n00bs.
  15. In game, I don't name my weapons. IRL I name them. Most of the games I play don't really give you a huge array of weaponry, so it seems kinda pointless to name them to me.
  16. I pick up a game or two when I have the money. But not all that often. Considering that I have well over 1000 games, I'm never short. I am however burnt out on the vast majority of them, so that presents a problem a lot of the time.
  17. And that movie would be.....................? If you're going to make a comment like this, then give the title. That way others can also check out the movie you're talking about. We're not mind readers. Posting in this way is a waste of time. Offer up all of the information, or don't post. I hate having to tell you this, as I believe you have been told several times to finish your posts before you click submit. Half of the information doesn't cut it. You liked it, critics hated it. Ok. We have that established. What fucking movie was it? We are lacking that. If this was a video game we were talking about here and I said "There is one game I really like but I don't think anyone else here would like it because of what it is." Would that seem like a well thought out reply? Would you be able to gauge whether you would like the game or not without knowing what game it is? TL/DR - Finish your god damn posts people.
  18. The only thing I can suggest is to get a VPN. Other than that, it seems that you're screwed. What country are you from?
  19. I would say the All-Star game, but it's an abomination every year. A high score in hockey is 5. In the All-Star game they're scoring more into the 20+ range. It's like they don't even care to play. I don't even watch it anymore because it just makes me sick. So with that out of the way, I give it to the cup. When the playoffs are over, and it's down to 2 teams battling it out for the Stanley Cup, that to me is the best competition. The top 3 teams to have won the cup are the Montreal Canadiens with 24, the Toronto Maple Leafs with 13, and my boys the Detroit Red Wings with 11.
  20. Pavel Datsyuk by far for me. The things he could do on the ice were mind blowing. There's a reason he was called "The Magician" because his moves had to have been aided by magic. I've seen him skate by the net, into 2 defensive players, jump from the ice, and shoot the puck behind himself and score. No other hockey player can do that kind of thing. I'm just glad he spent his career playing for my team. Unfortunately he retired a few years ago and went back home to Russia. He plays professionally there now. I just wish we could get him back here.
  21. I didn't count emulators for a reason. They were arguing about the platform it was released on. I also said to drop the discussion of Red Dead Redemption and get back on topic. I suggest you do just that.
  22. I assume so since they are on Switch. But in all honesty, I couldn't tell you. Because I honestly don't know.
  23. I could never figure out the scoring system on Scrabble. My math skills aren't the best anyway, but that damn thing just confused the shit out of me.
  24. No it's not. It's something different.
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