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  1. They would probably think the same thing I did the first time I saw @Rain Dew playing RDR2. I asked her what movie she was watching.
  2. I know this quote is a year late, but as I was reading the new replies, something stuck out to me. I don't know what the hell "TPM 2.0" means. Is it some kind of software? Is it some kind of hardware? Is it a rabid wombat? Is it a pierced anus? If it's software, what he hell does it do? WTF IS IT????
  3. Same. I'm currently studying for something, and that takes up the majority of my time. But I'll try to get on the board more to help get things going again. The forum is going to hit times when it seems like no one is here, and times when there's a million posts every day. it's the nature of the beast. So, I'm 100% sure it will pick up again sometime soon.
  4. FF8 I'm on what would be disc 2, and just got Garden mobile. At the moment I've been playing Triple Triad to gain cards that I need that refine into the items I need for weapon upgrades. I always take the time to do that. I can get Punishment, Ehrgeiz, and Shooting Star easily by doing this. The reason I don't go for Lionheart is because I want to keep my unique cards, thus refuse to refine Minotaur for the adamantines. Besides, I can easily just to go the beach by Dollet and get them there just as easily.
  5. I want to buy this man a drink. He speaks the brutal truth. Put them on the spot with cold hard facts in as brutal words as you can without resorting to vulgarities.
  6. I have never speed run a game, and have no plans to. It's just not something that interests me at all. I like to take my time with my games. Goofy challenges are fun to watch on YouTube, but speedrunning bores me. For example, I watched a video sometime last year of a guy who played and beat Ocarina Of Time without ever picking up a single rupee. If he did accidentally (sometimes it's just unavoidable), he would restart from his last save point. I don't remember how he got the Deku Shield without having the 40 rupees it cost, but it was intriguing to watch.
  7. The PS3 had backwards compatibility as well. The launch systems could play PS1 and PS2 games. But when running a PS2 game the system tended to overheat, so tehy released a second PS3 which was only backward compatible with PS1 games.
  8. I don't have the slightest clue how to create a video game all on my own. I don't know how to script, nor do I know where the hell I would get the hardware required to produce it. So creating a video game is way out of my feeble abilities.
  9. Hereditary and Smile were great films. Especially Smile. Some movies I would consider disturbing are Human Centipede and Don't F*ck With Cats. Don't F*ck With Cats is more of a documentary about a guy who got his kicks by literally torturing cats. Kittens mostly. I was disturbed by it then, and I'm still sickened whenever it pops up in my mind. DFWC is available on Netflix. But for the best horror movies, I just log into my Shudder account. They have the best and most obscure movies, and are almost exclusively horror, with a bit of thriller thrown in. If you have never heard of it, I highly recommend signing up for it. It only costs $5 per month. So if you're a horror freak like me, give it a shot.
  10. One thing the justice system isn't considering is that he is such a coward, he is likely to jet off to Russia, or some other place outside any kind of extradition agreement the states have. We can't extradite from a good number of countries, and he will settle in one of those. So there's a high probability that he will never face justice due tohim being a chickenshit.
  11. Zelda Links Awakening (Switch)
  12. After seeing this, they're running on fumes.
  13. Cuphead is a BITCH. I've been playing and replaying it, and have never even made it past the first stage. It's a great game, and I absolutely love the graphics, but DAMN IT'S HARD. Just to note, the reason I love the graphics so much is because they're the style of the cartoons I watched as a kid. Those were the REAL cartoons. Not this Teen Titans and Spongebob bullshit.
  14. I face the same issues as Senua, among others, but making a game of this style almost becomes pointless. Those that don't face the same disorders have no idea how to relate to the character. That makes the games harder than they need be all to often. If you aren't schizophrenic, you could never relate to Senua. If you aren't outcast, you could never relate to LiS. So games focusing on any disabilities are on a razors edge between getting it right, and completely failing in the attempt. More often than not, they fail.
  15. By choice, I don't have a social life. In my private life, I try to get off the game systems more often these days. But there have been times when I would go on a gaming binge and for a few weeks, my whole world was just that one game. So it has gotten in the way in the past. @Rain Dew always reminds me to get off the game and spend time with the pets. And her.
  16. Or Pavel Datsyuk being a pilot in Galaga. Who in their right mind would think of golf when talking about John Cena? And vice versa. Granted he could easily kick some serious ass with a golf club in his hand, but he doesn't need the aid of a weapon. What's next? Jenna Jameson releasing a series of tapes supporting abstinence? I mean if she had as many dicks on the outside as she's had on the inside she'd look like a fucking porcupine. So she has to be the poster girl for abstinence. 🙄
  17. It would be the The Legend Of Zelda: Goddess Of Wisdom. It’s a ROM-hack, but it was designed to not be beaten. I truly believe that. I played it for 2 years and only made it into the third temple. I didn’t beat it because in the second room you have to fight an all but invincible Vitreous. The only thing that can harm any part of it is either an arrow or a spin attack. And like I said, the bastard is all but invincible. I haven’t played it in almost two years due to that level of difficulty. I love a challenge, but this one just went too damn far.
  18. An oxymoron written by a treasonous moron.
  19. Yeah, some of these are a total bitch to fight.
  20. There's a few games in my library that I've had for more than a decade and still haven't gotten around to playing them even once. It's sad, but it's also true.
  21. FF7 is THE Final Fantasy game. It's been the biggest hit in the franchise, with the possible exception of FF14. But that one being entirely online, with multiple expansions is kinda like comparing watermelon to hedgehogs. Either way, FF7 is the best selling and most popular Final Fantasy to date. Others have come close, but none have matched it. The funny thing is that they thought they could capitalize on FF7 with FF8 and surpass it. But FF8 was almost a total flop. The junction system is something that really turned people off from the game. People thought it didn't make sense, the story was boring or too sappy for them. Whereas with me, I love everything about the game.
  22. Broken heart. My baby is dying and I'm unable to stop it.😭

    1. Shagger


      I'm so sorry. I know what your animals mean to you.

    2. Reality vs Adventure

      Reality vs Adventure

      Sorry to hear that too. 

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