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  1. Damn, you're getting games and titles that I have never even heard of. But some that just by the cover art I really want to check out, assuming I can find them somewhere other than eBay. And don't worry about the pics. I assume you're using your phone? Phones aren't exactly known for always taking professional quality pics. Hell 98% of the pics I've posted look like shit that not even the best code breakers in history could figure out. So it's all good.
  2. What is a Nintendo 360? Do you mean an N64? I'm 40. Quitcherbitchin. 😁
  3. Also this is more of a general discussion than a game, so I'm going to move it to the General Chat section.
  4. This started when I was 14. It happens on June 20th every single year. And it's the one and only time I dream every year. The other 364 days of the year I don't dream at all. The dream starts out with me looking down a street that turns to my right. Judging by the clothing and building design, it looks like everything is somewhere around the 1700's. After a few seconds, I see a young boy come running around the corner. Through the rest of the dream I'm looking through his eyes. I look over my shoulder and 3 men on horseback in red coats come riding up after me. I start running harder and duck into a cemetery and hide behind one of the tombstones. I'm sitting there catching my breath and listening to them call back and forth to each other trying to find me. Then one rides up and sees me. He yells to his friends that he found me. He dismounts his horse, steps in front of me, draws his pistol, cocks it... And then I wake up. I've tried staying up to avoid the dream, but at 2:30AM I go unconscious and fall asleep for exactly 1 hour. I can't avoid the dream no matter how much I try. I hate it. It always freaks me out. I've tried a million different things to make me stop having the dream but nothing works.
  5. Discord isn't bad, but a better alternative (in my opinion anyway) is to go with Slack. It's more user friendly, and a lot more customizable.
  6. Try telling that to people such as Paris Hilton and the Kardashians.
  7. Red Dead Redemption II I can't seem to play anything else. I'm always on it. It's just about the only game I play. Hell I have it in 3 damn rooms of my house. PS4's in two of the rooms, and a PS5 in the other. This addiction is starting to get a bit scary if you ask me.
  8. I collect everything I can. Not because I'm a completionist. I don't see myself that way. But because I don't like leaving loose ends. For example in RDR2, I want to have found every item, no matter how obscure the damn thing is or how inappropriate it is for a western. Such as the fertility statue. This goes for plants and animals too. If I'm playing a game that has collectibles or a compendium, I want to fill it. Some animals I don't get complete. For example, I study and track rats. But I won't kill them. Nevertheless, they're still listed in my compendium. That's good enough for me. To be a completionist, I would have to kill them. NOT GONNA FUCKING HAPPEN.
  9. Where is this third hand growing from? Is it growing from the side, the chest, the back, etc? Also would it have left hand mobility or right hand mobility? These are things I need to know before I can say anything about how gaming could be.
  10. Like @Shagger and @Crazycrab I have to bow out of this as well. My feelings on NFT's are well known as also, so I couldn't support a game that promotes them and have any hope of self respect after, since I would be violating my own personal principles. To those here who are either indifferent or support NFT's, I wish you the best of luck. But I just can't support this whole craze.
  11. Yes. Try games from earlier eras like the NES era. Some of those games were next to impossible, and no guide existed. Nintendo Power was no help. You were left on your own. Blaster Master was one of the games that many players couldn't finish because they couldn't find their way around in Area 2, or if they made it through Area 2, they couldn't figure out Area 3. And almost all of them couldn't find Area 4. The reason for that is because the entrance to Area 4 was hidden all the way back in Area 1. The entrance to Area 7 was hidden in Area 2. It was worse than just finding the boss in each Area. It was finding the entrance to them. It's on the line between cruel and hard, at best. So a lot of gamers absolutely hated the game, simply due to its difficulty. It's ranked up there with Battletoads, if not higher in difficulty. The fact that it's a relatively unknown game is what keeps it off YouTube lists. Then you have ROM-hacks, but those don't really count as they're fan made games. The hardest game I've ever played in my life is Zelda: Goddess Of Wisdom.
  12. You have seen me annoyed, not angry. Trust me, angry is much worse. In all honesty, the only person at this forum who has seen me angry is @Rain Dew. 😉
  13. All too often, my depression hits and all I can do is lay in bed and cry. I feel like dying. I start to go for one of my jars of cyanide, or potassium chloride, and just guzzling it. Those who don’t suffer from depression have no idea just how hard the struggle to resist CTB is. To just let go. I wake up staring Death in the face every morning. And you know what? He ain’t half bad.
  14. Yeah but when you are a violent person, just yelling and cussing doesn't help. That's why over the years I have probably owned at least 30 SNES consoles. Not to mention dozens of copies of some of my games. NES and N64 are no different. I have gone through dozens of them as well. And I felt satisfied afterwards. Sure I had to buy another one to replace the one that I destroyed, but I felt better after destroying the fucking thing. I'm not saying anyone should work out their rage the way I do. A shotgun and a game cartridge does make me feel better, but it's not the same way for everyone. A lot of you will say I'm going too far. And rightly so. But like I said, I'm an extremely violent person. I have an explosive temper that has no fuse to speak of. Because of those two reasons, I'm actually quite dangerous to be around. I'm not trying to brag about that, as it's not something to brag about. It's just how I'm wired, and one of the main reasons for several of the medications I'm on.
  15. Depression isn't "on the increase" per se. It may seem that way, but it's an underlying issue that is often diagnosed later in life. Often too late as many who suffer from it take their own life. I know I have tried more times than I care to admit in more ways than I can count. Depression is a curse that many suffer from. It's not just being sad. It's a chemical imbalance in the brain, and also affected by our general outlook on life. I'm on several medications for it (among other things) and they're slowly starting to lose effectiveness. I see my psychiatrist next week (today is 5-6-2022 for reference) so I'm hoping she can do something. Antipsychotics and antidepressants have an effect, but you can build up a tolerance after a long enough time.
  16. What console was the first one you ever owned? My first one was a Colecovision. I played the hell out of it, but when the NES hit the western market, I was more or less done with it. Now I wish I had one. My favorite game on it was Ladybug. It's a bit of a Pac-Man knockoff. But I loved it. So what was the first console you ever owned?
  17. It's due to all the things that have to be programmed into an open world game to make it a decent game. In linear games, there's less to have to worry about. Just a background with a little bit of this and that. Some more elaborate than others. But if you were to compare SMB3 to RDR2, the reason should be obvious.
  18. Try The Dark Pictures Anthology series. Man Of Medan is a really good one. They're RPG's and every single little detail of what you do affects the entire story of the game. Even if you walk up stairs or make your bed. It's available for up to like 6 players if I remember right, but you pick the characters you want to control, and the game tells you when it's someones turn. So I highly recommend it.
  19. If we're talking games of the current generation, my answer should be obvious. RDR2. But when I was a kid, despite absolutely loving video games, I wasn't usually very good at them. I think at the time, RDR2 would have been WAY too complicated for me. But I still love it. And it would be interesting to see 7 year old me try to play a game like that.
  20. When I was younger I would get violent. One time a game pissed me off so much that I threw it out the window, grabbed my shotgun, and put several shells into it in the yard. Other times I would just grab a baseball bat or throw is across the room and stomp on it. I've even snapped a few controllers in half. These days I just shut the game off and either play a different game, usually one that I have mastered, or do something else entirely. I've matured a lot since my younger days, but I still have an explosive and violent temper. @Rain Dew has seen my temper a few times. She's seen me go into a black out rage. I've told her that when that type of thing happens, that she should grab a gun and hide. And that If I come at her while I'm blacked out, that I want her to open fire and shoot me. If needs be, shoot to kill. As long as she is safe, that's all that matters to me.
  21. Wile weird as hell, and could have easily been a stand alone game that was in no way related to the Zelda series, Majora's Mask was a lot of fun. I had to use a damn guide just to figure out what the hell I was supposed to be doing. Luckily, I got the Fierce Deity mask, so Majora was a major pushover. But at the time the game came out, I pretty much sucked at a lot of my favorite games, so I think it's understandable that I would use a guide. Hell, I still use a guide to get through the water temple in Ocarina Of Time. that temple is so damn confusing that I just can't get it without one. I've probably played OoT 100 times at least. And I still get lost and confused int he water temple. So I just say screw it. When I get there, I grab my guide.
  22. It didn't fly over my head. I got it. It was just a bad joke. I hate those kind of jokes because it makes the person who came up with it look stupid, and stupidity is something I absolutely will not tolerate. To clarify, ignorance is fine. It just means you're not educated on something. Stupidity on the other hand is inexcusable and unacceptable, and as I said, something I absolutely will not tolerate.
  23. An absence of creatures that would trigger my trypophobia so that I could actually play at least one game in the damn series.
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