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  1. What is your thought about racial/racist standup? Now by this I need to add a bit of context before you decide. What I'm asking is you see a comedian who is your own ethnicity. Chris Rock for black people, Gabriel Iglesias for Hispanic People, George Carlin for white people, etc. etc. When that person makes racist jokes towards their own race or uses racial slurs about their own race, do you laugh, whether you're the same race or not? Now flip it a bit. Do you laugh when that comedian makes racial/racist jokes about another race? Does it bother you in any way? The reason I'm asking is because the reason in their case is different. They're on stage trying to make people laugh. It's their job. They're not some random asshole running around calling people whatever slur is assigned to whatever race it is that they encounter on the street. Take this George Calin clip as an example: What do you think?
  2. I used to use fighting games to destress, but that doesn't cut it for me anymore. Now I use games like Hatred to destress. I need the gore and complete disregard for human life. I play that while listening to bands like 6FU, Dimmu Borgir, Deicide, Marduk, Cradle Of Filth, Arch Enemy, Broken Hope, DevilDriver, Kreator, and Suicide Silence just to name a few. After that, I'm good.
  3. I have 2 Master Swords. One is high quality, the other; not so much. But still they're really nice to have. Also I have the exact same tattoo that Zell has in FF8. The only difference is I have it on my the right side of my face instead of the left. I got it as a sign of my lifelong love of gaming. every tattoo I have has meaning. I don't get something just because it's the "in thing" or because it's "cool". If I did that, I would have a shitty asshat, an arm band, and a fucking bar code for Jack Daniels on the back of my hand. NO. THANK. YOU. For those who forgot Zell's tattoo here's a pic of it.
  4. The games I miss most, I'll have to list by system. NES--- Astynax Blaster Master Legacy Of The Wizard Legend Of Zelda Taboo The Sixth Sense Zelda 2 The Adventure Of Link SNES--- Blackthorne F-Zero Legend Of The Mystical Ninja Zelda A Link To The Past N64--- 1080 Snowboarding Banjo Kazooie Zelda OoT I know that's a lot of games, but I love the old stuff so much, that I couldn't just pick one. Also my Sega Genesis library is so small I decided not to include it. With Game Boy I haven't touched it but once since I got my Switch so that's why I left it out. The reason I haven't touched it is because the only game I really played on it was Links Awakening. PS games I left out because most of them I've never played, and I would have listed 99% of my Atari games so that's why I left it out.
  5. It would take one simple thing to get me to play online. A minimum of one million USD, PER HOUR. If that psychotic sum doesn't show people how much I hate online gaming, nothing will. But if some jackass is willing to pay it, then all I will ever play is online games.
  6. Where do I begin? I have hundreds of games that span about 11 systems, and there are a lot that I've never gotten around to playing that I've had for years. The biggest reason is because I buy bundles so often, and keep a few games out of it that look good, and resell the rest. Seeing as how I have so many games, I get severe anxiety when I try to start any game I have never played before. I don't know why. For example, I've only played a handful of my PS3 games, and I have 50 titles on PS3. I can probably count the amount of games on there that I've played on one hand. So if it wasn't for the anxiety I would have played several hundred games over the last year.
  7. I don't think any can touch the 1989 Batman.
  8. The Blackangel


    Run some old games from the Win95/Win98 era.
  9. The Blackangel


    I don't have a clue how to use this damn thing. The last time I knew what I was doing with something like this was Win98. Can someone explain to me how to use it?
  10. With games that have a difficulty choice, if I've never played the game before, I usually go for the easy setting. That lets get an understanding of the game, learn the story, see how it works, and so on. After I've played it a couple times, then I start choosing the higher difficulty levels when I start new games.
  11. The games I play, I enjoy them because of their flaws and imperfection. Perfect games would be so boring. If there's nothing about a game that you don't like, then why the hell are you playing it? For example, in FF8 I hate Zell's limit break. I've never been able to use it. But you want to know something? He's one of the characters I try to keep in my main party at all times. Squall, Rinoa, and Zell is my team. Then there are things about a game that I absolutely despise like Kaepora Gaebora in Zelda OoT. But you know what? Even with as much as I hate it, I wouldn't take it out. I strongly feel that in order to truly enjoy a game, you have to hate some part of it, while at the same time not want to change that part. So with my games, I wouldn't change a thing. Except maybe reduce the difficulty just a smidge in Zelda: Goddess Of Wisdom.
  12. Soul Calibur 6. I remember playing Soul Calibur 2 in the arcade. I was ranked 6th in the top 100 fighters there. I fought with Kilik and was almost unbeatable. I was damn good at that game. I also had it on the Game Cube. I always liked playing in the practice mode. No life bar, and no time limit. That was what I found the most fun. The only downside was that you had to play the adventure part to unlock extra weapon choices. However, it was a bit of a perk that Link was in the game.
  13. Not really my type of game, but I can't say it doesn't look badass. I'm actually considering picking it up.
  14. The 5200 isn’t worth your time. It’s a scar on gaming and doesn’t even have a library worth looking up. I strongly recommend you stick to the 2600.
  15. This doesn't really affect me, because I don't really play those kind of games. But I think that loot boxes should be limited to adult only games. They should not be a part of child friendly games. Because, like @killamch89 said, children have, without realizing it, ended up costing their parents thousands of dollars because of loot boxes.
  16. That last sentence was supposed to say "If I CAN get one good nights sleep". Not "If I can't". Like I said, no sleep, little brain activity.
  17. Ok, I got started playing AC 3 tonight for the first time. THIS GAME IS AWESOME! I may have hated the first one initially, but this one is amazing. I’m not far into it yet. I’m on the ship to Boston, about to look into a possible mutiny. Don’t spoil it for me. I didn’t go too far because I haven’t been sleeping lately, so my brain can’t process a lot of new information at the moment. If I can’t get one good nights sleep, I’ll be going nuts playing this game. I’m so glad I got it on my Switch.
  18. Am I the only one that always thought that Dragon Ball Z went too far into the goofy category? I was never a fan of anime, but I don't have anything in particular against it. It's just not my cup of tea. And I don't have anything against those that like it. More power to you. But DBZ just always seemed way too goofy to me.
  19. Blue, orange, purple. Find the mystery.
  20. I would highly recommend picking up a PS3. there are a few games on it that I haven't seen released for the current generation. Maybe it's just me and I haven't come across them, but to my knowledge they have so far only been available on the PS3. A few GoW titles like Chains Of Olympus, Ghost Of Sparta, and Ascension. Chains Of Olympus was my first GoW game and I had it on PSP. It's the game that got me into the series. To my knowledge, correct me if I'm wrong, Dantes Inferno was a game that was only released on the PS3. You also have games that you can go a bit back in time on like FFX & X2. Or if you just want a Blu-ray player that doubles as a game console. That's another good reason to pick one up. That's what I use one of mine for. I currently have 4 PS3's.
  21. Orange, purple, blue. Discover the mystery.
  22. I'm not familiar with the game. What is it on? Console or PC? What is it about?
  23. The systems I play are long gone in the "upgrade" category. There's very little that I even touch past the N64/PS1 era. Occasionally I play a PS3 game, but that's rare. I have a total of 9 games on Switch but the only 2 that I really play are Links Awakening and FF8. So again, back in the old days. I'm starting to think I'm about the only person that has even touched a SNES in the last 20 years, let alone played one. I'm also wondering if my copy of F-Zero isn't older than some of the people at this forum. BTW the game still works.
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