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  1. Are you a member of any organizations?
  2. Sociopaths can be trusted: to an extent. Unlike psychopaths, we're not pure evil. We may be unfriendly, and somewhat abrasive, but if you leave us alone, we will usually leave you alone. But we tend to take revenge to an extreme that most don't even want to try to imagine. That's where our malice comes in to play. In a nutshell, sociopaths are just not the "people person" type. You don't need to waste your time being afraid of us. Just give us space.
  3. Mario Kart is in production and expected to drop on September 25th. I’m not sure about price, but it’s already listed in the app store.
  4. I would make a fully immersive virtual reality horror game like Silent Hill that encompasses all of your senses. Every last one. Your curiosity, fear, paranoia, and literally everything else. Unfortunately, due to the cost to actually achieve such a thing, it would most likely be so damn expensive that no one could afford it unless they shit quarters.
  5. Dumb question time. Are you saying they’re getting the rights to old games like Batman on NES type stuff, or am I missing something else entirely?
  6. Do this after you get Tonberry so you have the haggle and sell-high abilities, or you won’t make as much. But you can do it any time after getting Carbuncle. Buy yourself 100 tents, and 100 cottages. The cottages will cost a total of 135k, and the tents will cost 75k for a total of 210k. Next use the Recov Med-RF ability and turn them into Mega-Potions. Then go sell them. They will sell for 562,500 gil which gets you a profit of 352,500 gil. It’s a hell of a lot faster than waiting on your salary if you need money. And it’s not hard to max out. Also Mesmerize Blades can be used. The item transfer rate is 4-1 tents, 2-1 cottages, and 2-1 Mesmerize Blades.
  7. I had a Disturbed song on my Myspace page. The song was Hell. It wasn't officially released until they released The Lost Children. That album was the songs they recorded that just never made it on their previous albums.
  8. Escorting the milk cart out of Romani Ranch in Majoras Mask. That was always such a pain in the ass, especially after having to shoot the fucking aliens all god damn night, just to keep them from abducting the damn kid. To hell with this! You aliens can have her! I don't need that damn milk right now! Screw the song and horse too! I'll do something else!
  9. When is the actual launch date?
  10. You would probably have to find one of those 250 block memory cards, format it to a completely blank memory card not arranged by blocks. then download games to it digitally and load from there. Other than that, I have no idea how you could do it.
  11. You would love it here then. there's a shitload of deer farms around here. People raise 5-6 bucks, and around 30 does on average. They let them breed every year, to keep their numbers up, and sell off the fawns when they're big enough. Some people want the meat, others want to try to keep it as a pet, and probably 100 other reasons. It's expensive as hell to raise them, and as a result it's expensive to buy one. But they're there. There's even a few elk and moose farms. It's crazy lucrative.
  12. !) Mind your own damn business. 2) Don't force our beliefs on anyone. 3) Animal abuse is punishable by death.
  13. What is one TV show you can’t stand and why?
  14. What is the worst thing that has ever happened to you at the “hands” of a nonhuman animal?
  15. If all earth creatures were fully domesticated, what would you want as a pet and why?
  16. Do you know the difference between Satanism and devil worship?
  17. I grew up in an abusive house as well, but my family took it probably further than most. My father beat me daily just for fun, and my uncle even tried to kill me when I was 2. So for people that grow up that way, we don't know how to encourage good behavior. The way I have always shown affection is through violence, because it's all I saw growing up. If I like you, I'll hit you. Not a beat-your-ass kind of hit. Just a "thump" kind of hit. I honestly don't know any other way to show any kind of affection. I guess that's why so many of my relationships have crashed and burned.
  18. None whatsoever. I'm a misanthrope. Empathy is one thing I have never had. Nor will I ever have it.
  19. I’m mostly curious to see what’s going to replace Facebook and Twitter. Anyone remember Myspace? Remember how huge it was? Now think about this: When was the last time you heard anyone mention it?
  20. If you're referring to stand up comedy, then for the most part, you're right. Comedians have to have their acts watered down so much, they almost have to scrub all their original material and stick to telling knock knock jokes. Make one racial comment, regardless of if it's about your own race, and you need to be jailed for life. It doesn't stop there. Take music for example. Rap is getting it too. Black rappers have used the word "nigger" since rap as we know it today came about. The snowflakes and SJW's are going ballistic on that as well. Look at NWA. Guess what the first word in their name is. Then you have Three 6 Mafia, 2Pac, Dre, Tech N9ne, Snoop, and so many more. There's even a few white rappers that use it. Freedom of speech is gone if they get their way. Freedom of expression is already gone. I had a Need To Impeach sign in my front yard. Last night some cock sucking piece of shit mother fucker stole it. Individuality is illegal now. It has always been frowned upon, but now it's flat out illegal. Thank you very much Adolf Trump.
  21. I picked up the first 3 Devil May Cry games today. I'm looking forward to trying them out. I just had a few questions about them. is this the type of series that you need to play them in order to really get what's all going on? Also which one does everyone say is the best of the first 4 entries? Why do you say it's the best? Is there anything specific I should know before I dive in head first? I'm sure I'll like them, as I really like DMC4. I can't say I'm particularly good at DMC4, but that doesn't stop me from liking it. If there's any other info I should have to really get me ready to take on the entire quadrilogy, let me know.
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