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  1. I've bought from both Temu and Wish, and I've never had a problem with anything that I have gotten from either one. I'm not familiar with aliexpress, so I can't comment on either of them. But Temu and Wish are both credible to me. I got a pair of boots that I had been searching for for more than a year off Wish. So I'll vouch for both sites.
  2. The cables that came with the classic systems work just fine. I have mine hooked up to an HDTV, and have no issues.
  3. Heavily prefer alone. I've had roommates in the past, and hated it. No privacy, no personal space, and having to listen to everyone watching TV or talking when you're trying to sleep. So if given the option, I wouldn't hesitate to go it alone.
  4. My first paid job was at a flower farm. Moving the plants around and unloading them from trucks. I was 14 and it paid $50 per week. It wasn't a W2 kind of job. That one came when I was 16 and I got a job at Pizza Hut.
  5. Mine is sourdough. I love it. It's the best for cold sandwiches. Bologna and cheese is one of my personal favorites. It also makes AWESOME toast. I can just sit back and eat a bag of it plain. It's just the best in my opinion. So what's yours?
  6. "Organized Religion is like Organized Crime; it preys on peoples' weakness, generates huge profits for its operators, and is almost impossible to eradicate." -Mike Hermann
  7. Nintendo went above and beyond with the Switch, so I definitely agree that it should be the standard. A handheld PS system would have to allow everything. They would have to have the PS store available on it for DDL's. They would have to have contracts with things like streaming services. The Switch originally had contracts with YouTube, Netflix, and HULU. Their contract with Netflix expired, but they still have the other two. So if Sony wants to compete with that, they're going to have to offer streaming services on their handheld as well. They will have to include all their Sony exclusives, like God Of War as well. Every game they can find to compete from major developers to indie games. It all has to be available on there. Switch has tens of thousands of games in their arsenal. The majority of them being in the store. Pop a high capacity microSD card in there and you can go wild. I have a 512g in mine right now, and 130 DDL's plus almost 30 carts. So if Sony can't match something like that, they would be better off leaving a handheld in the realm of "maybe".
  8. Currently, I have an iPhone 12 pro. I should have gotten the max due to how big my hands are, but for some reason didn't.
  9. Something I have tried that tastes amazing, is something most people would never suspect. Seaweed It's somewhat like spinach, but if you can find some, I highly recommend buying it. Especially if you're a spinach person.
  10. Mainstream music is pure shit all around. There are occasionally a mainstream band that is actually good, but ever since the 80's ended those bands are few and far between. I have to admit that my all time favorite band is a bit mainstream. My favorite is Disturbed, with Linkin Park damn near tied with them. Everything else in my collection is underground.
  11. I've played BOTW a bit, but I'm not a fan. Yet. I'm trying to give it as much of a chance as I can. The graphics are a little bit cartooney for my taste, especially after the beauty of Twilight Princess. My biggest gripe with is is that rupees are extremely rare. With FF, I highly recommend FF8. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but I love it and wholeheartedly thing others will. It's a bit boring in what would be the first disc era, but after you fight Edea in Deling City, the game really picks up. I've always considered disc 1 more of a training and learning phase for the rest of the game. If you want, I can give you a lot of pointers. I know how to virtually make my characters invincible just by junctioning magic. I can also help you find every GF, and some rare items.
  12. If you want to permanently make the horse yours, all you have to do is put your saddle on it after you break it. That instantly puts you at level 1 bonding with the horse, which makes it as much yours as any horse you would get at the stables. When I go for an Arabian, as soon as I break the horse, I put my saddle on it. That way if it does throw me due to a predator I don't lose it forever, I can just call it, and it will come running back to me. At the moment, I have 3 horses. The white Arabian, the red chestnut Arabian, and the perlino Andalusian. In case you're wondering what the hell perlino is, here's a pic of a perlino Andalusian.
  13. I've done that. It actually tastes really good. But would you believe me that I put hot sauce on hot sauce? For example, I love buffalo wings. But I always put hot sauce on them. I've put hot sauce on things like cake and cereal. I add hot sauce to my salsa. To put it simply, if you ain't sweatin', you ain't eatin'.
  14. I really wish some of my friends were into RDR2. I would love to sit back and watch them play and give them pointers wherever I can. I occasionally do that with @Rain Dew but not too often.
  15. Also, you can't really compare the two, due to their setting. RDR2 is set in 1899, while GTA5 is set in present day. So for the simple reason of the technology available to the characters, there's not a fair way to compare them. We may as well compare Zelda to Metroid, or NFS to FIFA.
  16. Mine is the original Switch, and although I have the option of docking it, I just keep it handheld. The games I mostly play are FF8, Link's Awakening, Layers Of Fear, and AVGN I & II. I have 130 DDL's an 20-something carts, so I have no shortage on that system. But either way, It's an awesome setup. You could mention games like Link's Awakening to them if they're into fantasy games like that. I think they would really enjoy it. But be warned, it's a hell of a lot harder to steal from the town shop in the Switch version than it is on the Game Boy.
  17. Daddy's Perfect Little Girl 8/10 It was good, but easy to anticipate for the most part.
  18. I wish. I would love to get a pic with Pavel Datsyuk, but that's never going to happen. Especially since he retired from hockey here in the US and went back home to Russia. He's playing professionally there, but damn I wish we could get him back in the US and with his team and mine. The Detroit Red Wings.
  19. For me it's pepperoni, occasional hot sausage, and a lot of crushed red chili peppers. I put either salsa, hot sauce, crushed red chili's, or some other kind of spicy element on literally everything I eat with the exception of ice cream. But I do put ice cream in the microwave for roughly 20-30 seconds just to soften it up a bit. I've done that since I was a kid. But back then it was to mix chocolate syrup in vanilla ice cream to try to turn it chocolate.
  20. These days, I've pretty much switched from silver to copper. The reason is amount versus cost. A month ago I bought a 10 pound bar of copper for the same price that 2 troy ounces of silver would cost. Before that I had bought a 5 pound bar for just a little over what one troy ounce of silver costed. Since it's still a semi-precious metal and I can build it up faster, I'm sticking with that for now.
  21. Religion as a whole, is unnecessary. It creates nothing but problems that are almost exclusively born from ignorance and bigotry. One religion hating another for some whackjob reason creates nothing good. Believe whatever the hell you want, but religion is more of a problem than anything. If it was possible to eliminate religion, but keep faith/belief in something other than some meaningless title (Muslim, Jew, Hindu, xtian etc.) then the world would be a much better place.
  22. If I'm listening to music or something by myself, I tend to stick with my Raycons. They have the best sound quality of anything you could buy. Now if I'm recording on my computer or in a game (like I'm doing for our channel right now) then I go with a traditional wired headset and mic.
  23. As of this moment, no. The idea has been floated, but I'm a Citizen snob so it most likely won't be happening any time soon.
  24. Where do you get the idea that you can't save your mount? You can keep 3 horses in the stables, and have a fourth one out to ride. You also can carry horse reviver in case your horse gets hurt severely so that you can save its life. You can also tame wild horses extremely easily. So I'm missing where you're getting the idea that you can't save your mount. The only fights I've ever been bucked off in is with wild animals like cougars and wolves. Never with assholes that want to shoot at me. In my opinion, the controls are extremely user friendly. You just need to get used to them. Once you do, they become second nature and you can do it in less than a second without thinking. I'm not trying to pick a fight, I'm just posting one fact, one experience, and one opinion.🙂
  25. This issue has been pissing me off for years. I’m working on Herbalist 9, and trying to get the orchids in the list of plants picked. But there are 2 so far that the game is refusing to let spawn. I don’t know what the hell this bullshit is and I’m starting to lose my shit over it. Does anyone have any ideas what the hell is going on?
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