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  1. I have a lot of games on my Switch that are an .io extension to the brand. But ever since my dog destroyed my Switch, I couldn't tell you which ones are, and which ones aren't.
  2. Checkers Monopoly Chutes & Ladders Candyland Sorry
  3. There was a beer brand here in the states a while back that was called Damm Beer. I don't know if it is or was available anywhere else. But I can just imagine it now: "Hey bartender! Gimme a Damm beer." How many people do you think got kicked out of bars over that one? I have a bottle of it somewhere that I bought as a novelty, but can't find it at the moment. I googled it, but couldn't find the one I was looking for.
  4. This one has a lot of good points to make, and I for one really like what he's pointing out here.
  5. It's just a story at the moment. I wouldn't call this one a book. The book that I'm working on will take a lot more time, and I'm not revealing jack shit about it until it's done.😈
  6. I'm working on a medieval type story. I get a lot of inspiration from The Legend Of Zelda. It's given me ideas I never would have thought of.
  7. I'm going to step in. Everyone needs to drop this fight over RDR2. To clarify: As far as consoles go, Red Dead Redemption was released on the PS3 and Xbox 360. Red Dead Redemption 2 was released on the PS4 and Xbox One. RDR2 is also available on PC. RDR1 is not available on PC as far as I can tell. So there you have it. Drop the bullshit. Get back on topic and stay on topic.
  8. Some people don't possess the ability to trust. And it's not a phase. It's a lifelong trait of their personality. Not only do I not possess the ability, but I also don't have the will to trust. Even if I could, I wouldn't. Trust is a fools game. You're setting yourself up to be betrayed and let down. The only ones who are honest, aren't human.
  9. And some of the items are things no one would have ever thought of. For example who here knows where to find the following items: Gold Shield Fluorite Ammolite Fertility Statue Female Fertility Statue Rare Shotgun Rare Rolling Block Rifle Pocket Mirror Pipe Who is looking for these items in RDR2? Who would even think to look for these kinds of items in a western game? Who knows where to obtain any of them? You can't buy any of them anywhere. They're not mentioned anywhere. No one says anything about them. And this list is only a sampling of all the WTF items in the game. If anyone can tell me how the west was won with a fertility statue, I'm all ears.
  10. There's an obscene amount of things to collect in RDR2. If you're trying to fill your compendium completely, you have hundreds, possibly thousands of things to obtain. Weapons, equipment, animals, plants, cigarette cards, gang encounters, fish, and other things. And some of those animals are only available at one point in the game. If you miss them, then you're fucked and will never have the opportunity again. I've never been able to find all of anything except all the horses. One time. I managed to get all the horses in my compendium. I got one complete set of cigarette cards. That's it. I've never finished anything else out. And everyone here knows how big a fan I am of this game.
  11. It's a mini trampoline that's about a meter wide.
  12. I'm still playing PS4 games on it personally, but @Rain Dew is playing a lot of PS5 games, and she absolutely loves it. However, one thing about the controller did stick out to me personally. For years we were all saying the PS4 controller was the most comfortable controller ever made. The PS5 controller straight up beats the PS4 controller in comfort. It goes into your hand perfectly. I don't think it can ever be beaten.
  13. The governor has no legal standing in attacking Disney simply because they don't like his bigoted policies. Any lawsuit that makes it to the courts would, by the letter of the law, have to be thrown out. It's frivolous and has no legal standing. It's suing an opinion. That is not something the courts allow. But then again, this is DeShithead and the heavily red state of Florida we're talking about, so it would make it through the courts somehow. Despite it being an illegal lawsuit.
  14. I was always really partial to Q*Bert and Pitfall. I'm not sure why, but they were always my favorite games on Atari.
  15. I finally got my baby licensed yesterday. I stayed out for several hours just enjoying my time with her. I love that damn car.
  16. Just realized I fucked up in my previous post. It's been 9 years since GTA5 was released, not 12. Not sure where I got the 12 from. Judging from the time of the post says it was made, I must have been half asleep when I made it.
  17. No blue screen. I've had to deal with that in the past, and knew how to take care of that. This was just a black screen with a single line of text in gray. It's been long enough that I don't remember what it said. But one of @Rain Dew's friends helped out. All it took was a reset of Bios, and all was good. Until the next time it crashes.
  18. Due to my personal taste in games, I would obviously prefer to see an RDR3 release. But realistically speaking, it's been 12 years since GTA5 was released and only 4 since RDR2 was released. So they're way overdue for another GTA game. So no matter what your preference is, they're going to give the GTA franchise priority. They have already said that GTA6 is underway. They have made no mention of any work for another RDR game. The series may end with RDR2, or it may take them 12 years to say anything about it. Sometimes a studio will start working on the next in a series on the date of release for a game. Sometimes they choose to go out on top with a series. AAA games are tricky for devs in that sense. GTA5 dropped on September 17, 2013. They could have started working on GTA6 on that day. Rockstar is a big company, so I'm sure they have a team that is always working on the next in a series. All we can realistically do, is wait and see.
  19. Depending on the genre, I can see this being more of a problem for certain gamers than it is for others. For example I can see GTA fans having to deal with things like the aforementioned billboards. But also on the sides of buses, magazines, and any TV's playing in any backgrounds. For those of us who are into fantasy games, I doubt we'll see any ads for the McRib being back. So until they start throwing ads in to interrupt the games (kinda like the way autosave works), I can deal with it. I still think it's a completely moronic idea though.
  20. I honestly have no clue what caused it. But we got it figured out. Something happened in the bios, so I had to go in and restore that to the default settings. That fixed the problem. I just hope this shit doesn't happen again.
  21. That's a hell of a car. Toyota doesn't make mistakes, and everything they put out is pure quality. I'm a Chevrolet girl, but if GM went under, I would definitely be Toyota all the way. I would love to have a Tundra, but unless I find one used for the right price, there's no way I could afford one. Toyota just doesn't quit on you, so unless someone just wants a new one, or some asshole slams into you and totals it, people don't get rid of them. Obviously if you treat it like shit, and don't maintain it, you're going to destroy it. But that's not common with people who appreciate quality.
  22. Yeah, it's a Ford, but I can't tell what kind of vehicle it is other than SUV. I'm leaning towards Explorer or, if they still make it, a Bronco. But I'm thinking it's an Explorer.
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