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  1. The ability to put stickers on pizza boxes with my mind. That's the dumbest one I can think of.
  2. I have heard some asinine and absolutely STUPID things come from the right wing, but this one beats them all. She is so damn stupid, and with this attempt, I think I have lost at least 10 IQ points just from hearing about it.
  3. It's why a lot of people left the states, and sought asylum in other countries. Adolf has gone out of his way to destroy everything this country once stood for. He wants to be a dictator for life. His base and the senators/representatives that he has in his pocket are doing his bidding by blocking every legal case against him that they can. They were going to form a human moat around Mar-A-Lago to keep investigators out. All the while, Adolf is either sitting there sucking his thumb, or posting on his poor mans Twitter. He calls for violence, he calls for disorder, and he calls for money. It's all "me me me" with him. He is more than willing to burn his own children if he can make a dollar or get back into power. That much is a proven fact. He admires people like Putin and Kim Jong Un. I think the same is said for the Chinese President, but I'm unsure of that, and don't know who their president is right now. But they're a communist country, so there's no telling. Here however, we've literally become a fascist country, due to the god damn right wingers. Fascism definition: "A political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition." We can never get back to what we once were. The damage the republiKKKlans have done is too massive. The United States is now a distant memory. There is no such thing as "united" anymore. Not in America at least. The right wing has made sure of that. To put it simply: we're fucked.
  4. What's your favorite classic game?
  5. I love these two videos. They really got RDR2 down pat.
  6. FF8 I wouldn't. If you love the original FF7, you're going to want to opt out on it. At least that's what @Rain Dew tells me. She's a FF7 nut and says the remake is vomit inducing.
  7. I know this is a long list, but it's mostly games I simply couldn't live without. Any and all snowboarding games Any God Of War Any Dark Pictures Anthology Any Mario Kart Any Castlevania Zelda (NES-N64) Contra SMB2 Q*Bert Conker's Bad Fur Day Layers Of Fear: Legacy Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice FF8 Dante's Inferno Tell Me Why Berzerk Galaga Galaxian Dig Dug Pitfall Donkey Kong (NOT DKC) Frogger RDR2 Joust Mario Bros. Space Invaders Asteroids
  8. I can't say I remember the show, but I do have to agree with you on one thing: The 80's truly were the best decade ever.
  9. He was even calling for another terrorist attack. He's still whining and crying about losing the election, but this is actually frightening.
  10. I highly doubt he's going to be arrested. They've been investigating him for the last 7 years, have mountains of evidence against him, and have done nothing. I will be overjoyed to see him in orange, but nothing is going to happen. Also the moment he truly thinks he's in any possible danger of being arrested, he'll just jump on his private jet and head to Russia. We'll never see him again, which is just fine with the majority of this country. The only danger about that, is that I guarantee he has scans of all the classified documents he stole. He would most likely have them on a thumb drive or SSD card. Not to mention the fact that he's most likely already turned them all over to Russia, China, and North Korea. Not to mention that he's complicit in the deaths that happened on January 6th. He called for a terrorist attack, and people died as a result. He'll never face justice. Whether that's with bars and concrete, or a rope and a tree branch is irrelevant. It's just not going to happen.
  11. The impact Covid had went a couple ways from what I saw. The chip shortage plus the virus itself made a sever drag in the release of the newest systems, which in turn had a spike in scalping. On the other hand, people who were quarantined and had to stay home all day were buying games left and right through DDL's. From the reports I read, there was a MASSIVE increase in digital video game sales. The shareholders in these games were dancing like idiots due to the record sales. Some games truly were record sales the franchise had never before seen. So on their end, the profits were obscene. On our end, some of us were fairly limited as to what games we held interest in.
  12. I'm interested. I'm not the most health educated person, but I can possibly offer another point of view from being in a wheelchair.
  13. We have Sub-Zero covered, and if I remember right, they were initially planning to do one for each of the original characters. But they screwed up MKM Sub-Zero so bad, that the idea was scrapped after they saw how bad the reviews were. Even AVGN did a review. And in this instance, his rage was totally appropriate. If they were to fix their screw ups, and tone down the difficulty a good deal, then I would personally love to see them continue the series. I would especially like to see the Outworlders, Scorpion, and Kano get their games made. They made one of the worst games on the N64. It was screwed before it hit the shelves. So my vote is YES, I would like to see them revive the series. Just as long as they learn where they fucked up from the Sub-Zero entry.
  14. Mostly I go by system. When I'm sorting them, I try to keep most of the same general genre together. In my list, I list them alphabetically. That list is 13 pages long, so I have to keep them like that.
  15. I think what they were trying to do was make a horror themed RPG. There's a lot of elements that point that direction, (too many for me) but either way the game still looks good to the point that I plan on picking it up as well.
  16. Can't really say any spark a lot of interest for me, but some do look good. So far.
  17. I absolutely LOVE horror games. This one looks like it's right up my alley! Depending on cost and whether or not I can spare the money, I'm definitely going to be picking this one up. Thanks for the post! I had no knowledge of this game's existence.
  18. I don't look forward to any holidays anymore. None of them mean anything to me, and the major ones, I typically don't have anyone to celebrate them with anyway. @Rain Dew is at her parents house for the holiday, and I'm here at home. So aside from the fur/feather babies, I'm alone.
  19. Give me a BLT, no may, and I'm a happy girl. Hell give me bacon, and I'll kiss your toes. When it comes to fruit, if you rolled a bunch of blueberries in mud and offered it to me, I would still eat them. I LOVE BLUE BERRIES!!!!
  20. As an author, I can say that books should not be free. I wouldn't want either of the books I have currently written to be going for free. I started writing my first one when I was a teenager. I'm 41 now. The other one took me a couple years to write as well. I've also written several short stories. I put a lot of time and energy into those books and stories. If I was to publish them, I would definitely want to make money off them. Assuming they sold well enough. As for the medium, I'm fine going either way. Digital is typically where people are going these days. Me personally, I prefer a physical copy of the book. It's just easier to me. Yeah 10 books on my table takes up more space than those same 10 books being on an iPad. But it's in the same boat as games. I prefer physical discs to DDL's. Either is fine, to me. It comes down to personal preference between the author and reader. You reach a broader audience going both ways, as most people have a preference going one way over the other. If the physical medium went the way of the Dodo, publishers it would turn the publishing world upside down. Some would see it as the best thing since sliced bread since they would no longer have to pay for the printing, and could just sell with less cost to them. However, they would also have the risk of people simply not buying because they don't own/use/like tablets. Sure, purely digital could save the publisher money, but a lot readers would also stop buying books because they just didn't like the option being taken away from them. Also, what are you going to do to continue reading if something happens to your tablet or it dies and you can't get right to a power source? You don't have to plug in to charge that paperback.
  21. Tennessee passed a child marriage law last year that children in the single digits can get married. It's basically a pro-pedophilia law. If someone marries a 4 year old, they will just abuse the kid until they age out, divorce them, and then find another 4 year old. The worst things in human thought are becoming legal. Anyone with a care about their lives should just leave. I've already applied for a job in Finland. If it comes through, I'm fucking gone.
  22. They aren't considering the fact that if we were to actually invade Mexico, everyone would turn against us and assist Mexico. All of our allies would aid Mexico in some way. Using their own military against us, or sending aid to Mexico in some fashion. Us invading Mexico would be no different than Germany invading Poland. An unjust invasion draws enemies from all over. Canada would probably be one of the first to take us on. So both our borders are fighting us. We would be done for. Pure and simple. But we can't forget our European allies. They wouldn't be standing by us for our nazi reasoning to attack Mexico.
  23. What I was getting at was two people of the same ethnicity using the terms toward each other in jest. Like I said I usually get a kick out of it if a white person calls me a cracker. And I don’t bat an eye about black people calling each other nigger. By this day and age it’s their word to use however they want. I have neither the right nor the privilege to call them that, even if they tell me it’s okay. And that has happened. I still didn’t call him that. “Jackass”, yes I called him that. Using a racial slur against someone of a different race has never, and will never be acceptable.
  24. Ok is it just me, or are rupees in BOTW extremely rare? Everything I kill drops something, but almost never any rupees. Am I not killing the right things? Am I not going into the right areas? What the hell is the issue? I would buy armor and whatnot, but since I can't get money, I can't buy jack shit.
  25. Depending on the sandwich, ketchup is always a good choice. But cereal with OJ sounds good to me. I'd do either.
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