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  1. He still doesn't have enough reason to do it. Unless he had intelligence that was 100% trustworthy that told him Ukraine was planning an attack on Russia, then he had no reason whatsoever to pull this. But Russian intelligence is typically not trustworthy. Like the rest of the citizens of Russia, they're afraid of Putin. So they probably just tell him what he wants to hear. In a regime like that, you really don't have many options. Unless you want to die a torturous death.
  2. I've played both systems pretty much equally. it's just that I have had the SNES hooked up for a while. I've played the games I have on it so much, that I'm starting to burn out on them.
  3. I don’t know if I even need to bother reading the article. The headline said enough. It’s currently 6:45PM on Saturday, April 23rd 2022. The fact that such an action has taken place, I’m going to bed and just hoping I have a nightmare about monsters eating my toes. To hell with “nightmare”. That would be a sweet sweet dream compared to all the bullshit that’s going on anymore. At this point I guarantee you 100% that there is some asshole out there who wants a tax on oxygen. So he’s at home trying to figure out how to get the earth’s air so toxic that people have to buy oxygen tanks in order to breathe. Ever seen Total Recall? The 1990 one with Arnold Schwarzenegger in particular. The people of Mars keep having to pay higher and higher prices for air, because the greedy asshole in power keeps jacking the price up. That’s gonna be us. And soon.
  4. That’s what I do with my stories. One of my novels is on its 8th draft, and the other is on its 7th. And I been working on them for YEARS. I’m not even considering the possibility of publishing, until I myself can’t find anything left in the story needing editing. I may be 99 years old and on my deathbed before a review is posted. Grandkids (possibly even great-grandchildren) will be playing a PS22 and call the PS5 archaic. So until I decide it’s ready, no one but me (and possibly @Rain Dew) will see or read anything I write.
  5. Just think before you post. If you’ve been warned about a certain posting habit, especially if it’s more than once, then you should rethink even posting you comment. It’s not any more fun for us to have to send out warnings about this kind of thing, than it is for anyone to receive them. We have other responsibilities that should take precedent over sending repeated warnings. So just take a couple minutes to think. Use your head, and you should be just fine. That’s all we really ask of everyone.
  6. I’m working on a few reviews of a few games, but it’s going slow. It keeps feeling like I’m writing a walkthrough or walkthrough/review hybrid. So it’s going to probably be a while before I get anything ready enough to be posted.
  7. As to the possibility of a RDR3, I've heard it hinted at as being another prequel, but this time ending in Blackwater. Or just being mainly based around how Arthur, Hosea, and Dutch got together and their life as the gang built up. Typically stuff before Blackwater. I can't say for sure any of it, but game stores like Gamestop have been talking about it. Well, around here they have at least.
  8. In this case, links are usually needed. It's not spam to link where you heard the news. That said, they would be fucking stupid to do this. Gamers would get so sick of seeing these ads, that they would just stop buying new games. Everyone would become a "classic" gamer as they would be playing the games that came out early on the systems that didn't have these ads, and start playing story modes instead of online. Their revenue would plummet, and they would be forced to ditch the ads. I don't see this as doing anything but harm. But if they want to hurt themselves, then let them be idiots. Maybe they'll learn from it. Doubtful, but maybe.
  9. I'm right here. I typically don't go much past N64, with an exception or 2. I've been playing my SNES the most as of late. I'm thinking of hooking up either my NES or N64 soon but haven't decided. I may go with Sega Genesis, or Atari 2600. I just can't make up my damn mind. ☹️
  10. It's probably been 2 years since I got on my Xbox, but I use my PC every day. Not necessarily for gaming, but I'm always on it. I'm also not the biggest PC gamer. Just a personal preference, despite it seeming that the majority of gamers here preferring PC over console. But this got to running through my head and I had to ask. Another thing I'm curious about, is the discs. Can I pop an Xbox disc into my PC and play it on there? I have an external Blu-ray RW, so I don't see any issues with the disc format between DVD, Blu-ray, CD, or any other format.
  11. I'm a whiskey chick mainly. I drink Evan Williams, white label. White label is 100 proof, which is why I go for it. But with beer, I've found 2 that I like. Michelob Ultra, and Dos Equis. The one beer that I absolutely hate, seems to be one of the most popular the world over. Heineken. I absolutely can't stand it. I used to drink But Light, but it just didn't really work for me until I found those 2 above. Michelob Ultra is like drinking liquid silk. It goes down so smooth, and the flavor is top notch. Dos Equis has a great flavor and goes down well as also.
  12. I was able to do that during the Win98 era. But I don't have that ability anymore. No longer can I fix a computer. Hell I can't even get my printer to get back to wireless.
  13. I plan on giving it more time and more tries. It's in the same boat as RDR2 in my opinion. If I didn't give it a long in depth shot, i would be a hypocrite as I've preached to others about doing just that. I feel that I've given Skyrim a lot of chances, and that it's just not for me. But I'm still willing to give it another go as well. Get further in the game, and see how much (if at all) I like it. So I have a few AAA games that I'm going to start giving more shots. I just need to start all over from the beginning, as I have no clue where I was. And I'm not playing them on Switch. I'm playing them on Xbox One and PS4. That way I have a TV so that I can see the game better and really get a feel for it.
  14. It's a bitch. English Bulldog. Real pain in the ass.
  15. I want to point out first that I'm a gun owner. I have several. .22 mag double barel .25 semi-automatic .38 special revolver .380 semi-automatic 2 - .9mm one double barrel .40 semi-automatic .45 semi-automatic .357 mag revolver AR-15 And several hunting rifles. That out of the way, I agree the 2nd amendment needs to be updated. What was relevant 250 years ago, isn't relevant today. Things change. You have to keep up with the change. No why do I own these guns? I have owned guns all my life. I got my first one when I was 5, which was a .22 that had belonged to my grandfather. I was taught how to use a gun, to respect, and to treat ALL guns as if they were loaded. It doesn't matter if you know it's not loaded, you still treat it as if it is. I have 2 main reasons for owning all these guns. For home protection. I have lived in some heavy crime areas, and don't take chances anymore. I've also had some things happen here at my house where I live now. I don't fuck around. Target shooting. I enjoy getting some targets, and popping off a few rounds at them. I do the same thing with a slingshot, which BTW is also a laser sighted slingshot. I took a hunters safety course when I was 13 and was the only one in the class who passed it with a perfect score. A couple years ago, I took the CCW class, and passed it with a perfect score as well. Which means I'm licensed to carry a concealed firearm. I carry the .380 in my purse, and the .357 on my hip. I know how to use the weapons, but won't unless I have no other choice. The .357 being a revolver, I have no choice but to have it fire ready. The .380 however, while the clip is full, there is no round in the chamber. Unless I'm about to fire it, there never will be a round in the chamber. I keep my weapons clean, and I keep them ready. But above all else, I keep them safe.
  16. I have Witcher 3 on Switch, and it's pretty smooth on the system. I've encountered no glitches in it, but I haven't played it a whole lot, because it's just not getting its hooks into me. @Rain Dew's dog chewed up my Switch so I'm going to have to start playing it on Xbox until I get a new Switch. Good thing I have it on more than one console.
  17. I’ve given up trying to search for a way to understand even the tiniest bit of this shit. When MATH is teaching CRT, then I’m fucking out. No more. I completely give up. Mental illness has always been an issue that needed more attention, but these lunatics are making a mockery of it. I have a few psychological issues, but I’m perfect compared to these psychopaths. If they could see that they have gone too far and seek professional help, that would be a great start. We need an army of deprogrammers that help former cult members get past that mentality and become a part of everyday society. But I don’t see that happening.
  18. Different experiences, different perspectives. It’s all good.
  19. I don’t give a shit about the whole fanboy thing either. It’s useless posturing in my opinion. If you have a preference, that’s fine. If you don’t have a preference, that’s fine. I honestly never understood the whole ride or die thing with platform choices. Play what you like and let others do the same. It’s that damn easy.
  20. I've stolen horses in RDR Online, and I've had horses stolen from me in RDR Online. It's not impossible, it's actually quite easy. You walk up to the horse, climb on, and ride away. You're missing the problem with PK's. And you're playing somewhere that makes me wonder if you've explored much. If you get out and really look, you will find them everywhere.
  21. I don't trust cryptocurrency in the least. I prefer something tangible, which is why I invest in silver. I buy at least one Troy ounce every month. Assuming I can afford spot.
  22. Here's an oldie, but a goodie: I was walking through the cemetery one day when a specific tombstone caught my attention. When I went up to it and read the name on the grave my blood ran cold. It was mine.
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