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  1. 3 words: What. The. Fuck.
  2. The games I play where you level, it's automatic (FF8, Castlevania SOTN, etc.). You don't have a choice really. The closest I can think of would be Zelda 2. I save my points so I can level up several things at once. I stick with the mini battles (which takes a million years but still) because there's a decent amount of points to gain somewhat quickly, and there's no shortage of them.
  3. It all depends on the game. Most of the games I play are either an above aerial view, or a side scroller which doesn't offer much in the way of stealth options. However in the few games I can think of that I play that have the player option, I tend to go with a bit of stealth. I try to be as stealthy as I can in GoW and in Dante's Inferno. I recently started playing Darksiders for the first time, and I'm still learning the mechanics of that, but I go with stealth when I can. Unless there are humans around. Then I go nuts and slaughter them.
  4. I just turned 38 a little over a week ago. Yippee. ^Note the sarcasm.
  5. F-Zero. That is one awesome racing game. I like doing the time trials the best over grand prix racing, but either way, SNES hit a masterpiece with that one.
  6. Curious why I wasn't tagged in this.
  7. Why do emulators? You can get an actual 2600 for less than $50 with a ton of games easy.
  8. I wouldn't put a whole lot of faith in this. How many pics have we already seen of leaked designs? 20? All of them different. Until it hits shelves, I honestly don't think anyone who doesn't work for Sony will know. Unless they're releasing 20 different PS5's.
  9. Is there anyone else here that feels the early days of some series' are better than the current era? I'm talking the really big well known series' of games. Sonic, SMB, Zelda, CoD, GTA, etc. Personally I feel that way on several games. Not just because I'm a classic gamer, but because I think the best entries the companies released were in the early days of that series. To me the best Zelda game released is the original one. But that one aside its a tie between Links Awakening (GameBoy) and Ocarina (N64). With SMB I will always say Mario 2. Just because it's so wildly different and offers so many different challenges that Mario never faced again. I never truly was able to decipher a difference between any of the first 3 Sonic games that was enough to set them apart, so I can't comment on that one. My favorite Mega Man will always be MM3. The one thing about that game that I'll never understand is why so often when you attack with TopSpin it drains all your attack power with that one attack. My favorite GoW is Chains Of Olympus. It was initially released on the PSP, and is the game that made me a GoW fan.
  10. Zelda OoT. Thinking of playing Darksiders next. I'm kinda getting into it.
  11. I nominate the following: @StaceyPowers @killamch89 @kingpotato
  12. Aside from my god damn eyes burning all day, and soul crushing boredom, I think I'll quote George Carlin: "I'm just fuckin' dandy"
  13. I'll leave you to solve the last one and add this one on top of it.... Old Man: Can you really rejuvenate my body and make me young again? Scientist: Certainly. Our company has developed this machine that will take your cells and use them to generate a young, healthy body. Then, your memories will be extracted and transplanted into your new body. Old Man: I see; Very good. The old man lay down on the bed and was covered with a sheet. A few hours passed. Old Man: This is taking a long time; When will the procedure begin? Scientist: Sorry to keep you waiting. Young Man: Thank you. The procedure went so well; By the way, what are you going to do with this old body? Scientist: It will be disposed of here. The scientist wheeled the bed into the incineration facility. Old Man: Oh. The person before me seems to have had a successful rejuvenation. Anyway, finally it's my turn. Young Man: Thank you.
  14. You know me. Classic gaming stuff. Cartridges, controllers, looney accessories, anything to do with classic games.
  15. What is the one single item, that you could hold in your hand, that you have always wanted to own but don't have yet?
  16. Are there any bands you absolutely hate? Why?
  17. Why in the hell he would want to come back to 2020.
  18. Kratos or Cratos is the divine personification of strength in Greek mythology. He is the son of Pallas and Styx; he and his siblings Nike ("Victory"), Bia ("Force"), and Zelus ("Zeal") are all essentially personifications. Kratos is first mentioned alongside his siblings in Hesiod's Theogony.
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