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  1. To be honest this was the first time I had ever heard any of Iggy Azalea's music. I always thought she was just another pop singer like Britney Spears. Safe to say I was rather surprised. Also (unless I have the wrong person) I never knew that Jake Paul recorded a song. He is the jackass YouTuber that got into serious trouble in the Suicide Forest in Japan, right?
  2. Danielle Bregoli is a disgrace to women. She is the kind of slut that makes us all look bad. Danielle- Ok I assume you want to be taken as a woman. But you're a brainless child. And before you can be taken as any kind of woman, you need to know a few things. 1) Speak English. "Cassh me ousside how bou dah" is not English. Even though the USA doesn't technically have an official language, English is the language the majority of the country has agreed on. Ebonics hasn't been taught since the 1990's. That's more than 20 years. Catch up 2) Unless you're going for a Guinness world record, 4" nails aren't smart. Cut your fucking nails kid. They're not practical, they look stupid, and they're a hinderance. Hinderance means they will make simple things like opening a soda can hard as hell for you. 3) I assume you're trying to come across as a female. You could be a pretty girl if you wanted. But you choose to try to be a rough boy. Unless you're transgender, be a fucking girl. You were born with a vagina (i assume). Be a girl. Being transgender is not a crime, and is perfectly fine. There is nothing wrong with that. 4) The tit job was not a good move. Your breasts weren't even done growing on their own naturally. What the hell were you thinking? You don't need plastic tits. 5) If you want a musical career, you should first have talent. You have none. You think you're rap, but you've been leaving the first actual letter off the name of your personal style of music. That letter would be a C. Real rap is good music. The C-rap you're spewing out is not music. It's pathetic. 6) As a final note, I assume that your problems are because you're an ignorant child that is actually coming across as completely stupid. Back up. Grow up.
  3. I went out to eat and saw It part 2 yesterday. The movie had a few jump scares in it. But there were other elements of it that brought back a lot of bad memories and fucked me up for the rest of the day. If there's anyone that comes from an abusive background, I highly recommend you don't see the movie.
  4. Something people should try, as soon as you find the right cook who can cook and season it right is haggis. I've had haggis tons of times and it gets better and better every time. It's illegal to be served in restaurants here, but at your own kitchen table the government can't stop you. Damn it, now I want haggis. Anyone here a good cook?
  5. Their Szechuan sauce isn't bad. It's different, but it's still not one that I see myself requesting again.
  6. Am I missing something? It seems everyone is talking about NES and Sega games, not old DOS games.
  7. If you were given the option of owning the largest Megalodon tooth ever discovered, or a Velociraptor claw (depiction from Jurassic Park) which would you choose? I'll throw in for this question that neither will cost you a penny, and both are absolutely priceless. 50 tons of gold aren't worth a fraction of what either is worth. Why would you choose one over the other? Something you might find interesting, is that I have a 5" Megalodon tooth, but unfortunately no raptor parts.
  8. You don't like women do you? You seem to be making a lot of misogynistic comments lately.
  9. The reviewer needs to be free from social constructs. They need to be able to review a game without receiving condemnation for reviewing it at all. What that means is, think of games like God Of War. There were a lot of evangelical christians going off the deep end because it was about the ancient Gods. Coincidentally enough, the very Gods and Goddesses that I pay homage to and worship. But since it was a different god than the one of christian mythology, they went ballistic. So a lot of reviewers were too scared to give it their full honest opinion. Granted there were also a lot that didn't give a shit what the radicals thought, but still. And it doesn't stop at religion. There's also racial games. There's anti-group1 and anti-group2 games that reviewers are scared to review. And it's because they are held back by the status quo. Anything that threatens that, no matter how small, is gonna make shit hit the fan and no one is going to have time to duck.
  10. What draws me is the character personalities and storyline. To really get me into a game there has to be at least one character I can relate to really well straight at the beginning. Some would call it "kindred spirits". Then as the story progresses, there has to be some kind of conflict that keeps pulling me in. Be it an inner conflict with the character or something they have to face outwardly. I have to feel like I am the character in question.
  11. ZZT, MDK, Pac-Man, Frogger, Maze Craze, Space Invaders, and a couple other dot matrix games. I can't think of the titles at the moment. I've been out of bed for all of 5 minutes.
  12. I have all mine in plastic tubs that I bought at Walmart. The lids clip on tightly which keeps the humidity under control, and also keeps dust from building up on them. Also since the tubs are clear I can just look through the lid to see what games are in which tub. I do have them sorted out in a specific way for the most part, but I still sometimes have to pop all the tubs open for the system I'm wanting to play to find something that catches my eye at that particular moment. But it's no big thing. They're protected, and easy to look through.
  13. I was out before I even saw this thread. Alyxx had already bid 2k and that was about twice what I even have.
  14. Minecraft Red Dead Redemption Skyrim Mario Odyssey There’s probably several others that I’m forgetting but those are the only ones that are coming to mind at the moment.
  15. I have a PC I bought probably around 18 years ago specifically for playing oldies games. It’s not good for anything else, but it runs them great.
  16. Alyxx is exactly right. SJW’s are a problem a lot of the time, but inclusion of everyone, whether they have a gender or not is a step in the right direction. It’s not just male and female. There’s a lot more to it. And seeing that inclusion in gaming and the rise of female protagonists is what we need more of. For the longest time Samus was the only female protagonist. Every other female in games were the “damsel in distress”. I hated that stereotype then, and I hate it now. A hole is just as strong as a pole.
  17. I don’t do social media with the exception of YouTube and a few pics on instagram. I’m a YouTube addict, and most of the time I completely forget that I even have an instagram. So there’s nothing I can do about retweet’s. But I’m interested in the YouTube videos.
  18. I agree with you 100% on that. Breeding animals for the sole purpose if injecting them with chemicals and diseases to see how other chemicals and diseases react is sick. Use pedophiles and rapists for that.
  19. I was a hunter when I was a kid, and we always ate everything we killed. That was our main reason for hunting. Food. And we hunted almost every game animal available in Missouri. But even then, I didn't like the idea of trophy hunting. It just didn't make sense to me. It still doesn't. I lost interest in hunting years ago, and actually sold my deer rifle and shotgun recently. I think I kinda got ripped off, but if I was stupid enough to let that happen then I deserved it. But even if I wanted to go hunting I couldn't because I'm in a wheelchair now. The closest I go to hunting now is trying to find the right shoes when I have to go out.
  20. So the entire thing is the fault of white people?
  21. I was never into online games to begin with. But Elsweyr still looks pretty good graphically speaking.
  22. I do have to say however, that I would kill for Taylor Hanson's hair.
  23. What's the one game that under no circumstance you would even consider playing? Why? For example you wouldn't even play it to save your own mothers life.<-- THAT'S ONLY EMPHASIS AND NOT TO BE TAKEN LITERALLY.
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