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  1. I hadn’t thought about it before, but they may take a shot at it. I hope like hell they don’t. These fucking flashback things make me fucking puke. Whatever asshole it was that came up with this disgraceful idea needs to be shot.
  2. I’ve definitely been buying more games than normal. I’ve bought so many DDL’s that I haven’t even gotten around to playing them all yet. That’s really out of character for me. But at least I have a good selection saved up. And I have just over $100 on my Nintendo eShop account, so I can buy any game that catches my eye. Hopefully I don’t buy anymore games until I play some that I already have.
  3. I do neither. I don’t know how to stream anything, and I never got any real entertainment out of watching streams.
  4. I’ll always prefer physical copies. That doesn’t mean I don’t have a lot of digital games. Almost all of them are from the Nintendo eShop. But if given the option, I’ll always go with the physical game.
  5. Yeah, I fixed it more than 4 months ago.
  6. I doubt there will ever be a GTA6. GTA5 is still killing it, and R* is still raking it in from that and other games like RDR2. So until I read it on the official Rockstar website www.rockstar.com, I’m not going to consider any “news” about it being in production or a release date to be anything more than some fools hopeful wishing at best.
  7. What the hell is wrong with you people?😉 It’s Red Wings all the way!
  8. Correction to my post - I don’t know why, but my mind always goes to Picabo Street when I think of female snowboarders. Picabo is actually a skier, not a snowboarder. There was a girl that I wanted to be as far as snowboarding goes, but I can’t think of her name at the moment.
  9. 26 miles is easy. A mile is 5,280 feet. A foot is 12 inches, a yard is 36 inches and a meter is 39 inches. 26 x 5,280 = 137,280 It’s the same formula to find inches. I guess when it’s what you’re raised on it makes more sense to you. But I still think the US should stop living in the past, ditch the caraway seeds, and start using the metric system.
  10. For the most part I’m not really into sports games. The only exception is snowboarding games. But that’s because I was a pro-am snowboarder when I was younger. If I had gotten 3 or 4 more years of experience, I would have had a shot at going pro. Unfortunately fate didn’t agree with that option. I dreamed of being the next Picabo Street, but just didn’t get the chance. 😢
  11. Not for everyone. Like I said, I’ve daydreamed about owning a few rares, but as for dreaming, it only happens once a year for me.
  12. We all know China is a communist nation. But what people refuse to acknowledge and/ir admit is that the US is a fascist nation. Go look into fascism. There’s no denying it. The one and only reason Adolf attacked TikTok was because he wasn’t profiting from it. There was absolutely no other motive or factors involved.
  13. I have the original NES. Top loading cartridge systems are better for the life of the cart, but also more expensive. The unnecessary setup of pushing the cart down in the NES was stressful on the whole thing. If you’re looking to actually get an NES, then spend the money and get a top loader if nostalgia isn’t a factor. For someone like me however, nostalgia is an ENORMOUS part of it. That’s why I don’t own a top loader.
  14. Adolf just wants to fuck up as much shit as he can in his last 3 months. He is trying to make it as hard as he can for when Biden moves into the white house, and he gets the boot this November. It's not surprising.
  15. SNES was an NES on steroids, true enough. But personally I love the look of 8 bit graphics over anything else in gaming. I know, I’m weird.
  16. You made good points @johnlink. But if you go back to the original Game Boy, and count through every Nintendo hand held up to the Switch, they have only consistently gotten more powerful and better. I could easily be completely wrong, but until I know differently, I still think Nintendo is going to focus more on the portable market. The PSP and PS Vita never did all that well, and Xbox never released any kind of handheld, so they would essentially have a monopoly on the market. For the time being anyway.
  17. I bought a laptop. All I have at the moment is the receipt, as the store didn’t have any in stock. But it will be here Tuesday. So when it gets here I’ll post some pics of it and the specs.
  18. How is it greed to own and play on different platforms? By your words that means we’re all required to play on only one platform and nothing else or we’re being greedy, threw away thousands (which is bullshit BTW) and would never have time to play them. Since you have the authority to dictate all of this, tell me what system I’m allowed to play so I can throw all of my others in the trash.
  19. Money is no issue for this question. What is the absolute best gaming laptop available?
  20. Skyrim for Switch is on sale at the moment for $29.99 USD in the Nintendo eShop. Normal price is $59.99 USD. Sale ends 8-10-2020
  21. I have 4 options. Blaster Master (NES), Zelda (NES), Zelda OoT (N64), and FF8 (preferably Switch). I would throw a snowboarding game in there, but there are too many awesome ones to choose from and I just wouldn't be able to land on one. But if I had to pick only one game for the rest of my life, it would most likely be FF8. That's one game I almost never get tired of playing. I'd want it on Switch so I could play anywhere.
  22. I'm going to have to go with iPhone. It's a lot more user friendly than android. And from what I've experienced the game choices are better too.
  23. I've built several, but that was during Win98. The parts you would need to build one are no longer made, so it would be just as expensive, if not more so, to build a current gaming PC. I still have an old PC that I use to play games like AOE2 and Diablo 2 on, but you're never going to find the parts to build one.
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