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  1. If video gaming didn't exist, what would you do in your spare time instead?
  2. If you could have a chinchilla or a hedgehog, which one would you pick and why?
  3. What was the grossest, most stomach churning thing you've ever eaten?
  4. What famous haunted/cursed object scares you the most?
  5. Those that use consoles, do you lay the system down flat or stand them up on end? Personally I stand it up. It saves space and makes more room for other things. Also with more space exposed, it is able to release heat better and avoid overheating easier.
  6. Is this available through Steam, or is it an Xbox exclusive?
  7. Do you have a typical mouse, or do you use a stationary mouse? Also I have FF8 on my PC and I just plugged a PS4 controller into it. Run it through a USB port and you’re good to go.
  8. If all aspects of real life take a backseat to gaming, then yeah. It’s too much.
  9. I’m curious what everyone says in comparison between the two. I have yet to get into either, but I’m curious how they stack up. I’m talking about features and storyline, as well as opinions.
  10. I always loved FH in FF8. It’s a minor town that doesn’t have much involvement with the game, but I always thought it was beautiful and that I would love living there.
  11. Something weird happened to me in FF8 this year that I had never once seen before. A fucking Bite Bug farted on me. I know it farted because that’s what it said at the top of the screen. 😐😑😐
  12. It’s not a video game, but I went through several different hands until I found the right combination that worked for me in Magic: The Gathering. Also it took several years for me to find a play style that really worked for me on FF8. I relied way too heavily on GF’s in the beginning. It’s physical attacks that do the trick for me.
  13. Pepsiman!!!! I don’t have a clue on what was the best game. I’m just naming the worst one that came to mind to be a bitch.😁😁😁
  14. The sad thing is that even with metal detectors and security roaming the grounds and hallways, these kids are still able to get guns in. The “security” is obviously either broken or just not used. Most likely the latter. Pathetic.
  15. Got my code for This War of Mine: Final Cut! I've never been the biggest fan of post apocalyptic games, but this one seems different and looks really good.
  16. You’re splitting hairs on this one. If you’re going to classify Earthworm Jim and Boogerman just as 2D, then virtually every single game on NES, SNES, and Sega Genesis are the same thing. That’s a broad spectrum, not a genre.
  17. I got the idea for this thread from the thread @StaceyPowers made about games out of your comfort zone. What are some games everyone enjoys that really don't have a genre to be put in? I'll list the ones I can think of by system. NES-- A Boy And His Blob Bubble Bobble Q*Bert (originally on Atari) Taboo The Sixth Sense SNES-- Earthworm Jim 2 Super Putty Boogerman N64-- Conker's Bad Fur Day I'm looking for games that don't have any connection to any franchise. So things like Mario Paint and ROM-hacks are out.
  18. I was thinking of saying fighting games, but since I have so many, I didn't think that was the best answer. For me at least.
  19. I’ve never been a fan of games that were made off of movies and TV shows, but there have been a couple I enjoyed. Beavis & Butthead on SNES was a good one. I also like Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers on NES. South Park 64 wasn’t bad, even though I’ve never been able beat it. I’m sure there’s a couple others but I’m half asleep right now, and those are the ones that I’ve played the most and that stick out in my mind.
  20. To be truly honest with you, the idea had never really occurred to me. I have had the idea to write a medieval style story, kind of a Zelda type thing, but not something based off a game directly. But I’m definitely going to give it some thought now that you bring it up. BTW, it’s all good. I understand completely. Reply whenever you’re able.
  21. I would love a game like that. One where I’m still a nobody, but mu decisions can ultimately have an impact on the world, for good or bad, depending on the ways I choose to go. That would be a great game.
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