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  1. Buying a scooter Sunday. I pawned my guitars and one of my rifles today to get the last of the $ together that I need.
  2. Megaton Hammer (Zelda OoT) Lionheart (FF8) Crissaegrim (Castlevania SOTN) Spread Gun (Contra) Fire Flower (SMB) Blue Shell (Mario Kart) Fierce Deity’s Mask (Zelda MM)
  3. Taboo The Sixth Sense. Weird ass game to begin with, and a remake would be interesting as hell.
  4. Downthrust in Zelda 2 is one of the best abilities in any game. Upthrust isn’t bad, but downthrust is the superior one.
  5. The last one I played was WWF on NES. So it’s been a while since I’ve played a wrestling game.
  6. I wouldn’t call it colorful. Bleak would be more appropriate. When you’re homeless and doing all the drugs you can get your hands on, there’s not a lot of color.
  7. I have a big Sony CRT TV that I’ve been trying to sell, but no one is buying. The TV is just too big for me. I need to find a smaller one.
  8. All I know about the early 2000’s is I lived in an abandoned warehouse with a colony of rats, and I was doing drugs. Virtually everything.
  9. I’ve never played Skyrim. You could call blasphemy on that. Then as penance you would ask me virtually anything or make me say “Hail Skyrim” 50 times. Whatever you want. Or if I said there was a game I hated, you could call blasphemy on that. Whatever you want.
  10. No way, no how. I have a real Sega, and I have no interest in an imitation Sega. Getting one of those is like choosing a sex toy over sex.
  11. Triple Triad is always fun. I play it all the time when I’m on FF8. But a game you might get into that I enjoyed the hell out of when I was younger was Magic The Gathering. It’s a really immersive game and there’s some players out there that are hard core. If you pick up a starter deck, most will play you to help you learn. Depending on your opponents deck, things can get sadistic. An infect deck will wipe your ass out of the game quick. The national championship is fun to watch. Those players can build a deck that would make non players shake. It gets crazy. Don’t get me wrong, most usually everyone’s really friendly. Granted there’s always an asshole or two. But that’s the chance you take in everything.
  12. I’m not sure the actual count. I got FF8 Remastered a couple days ago, but a while back I picked up a disc at Walmart that was Atari classics. I honestly don’t remember how many games were on it so I couldn’t begin to tell you how many I have.
  13. in this game you call blasphemy on someone for something they said or did in relation to gaming. If they haven't played a certain game, or weren't a fan of a certain game/system, or anything else as long as it's something to do with gaming. Then you give them something to do as penance. It doesn't have to be X amount of hail whatever. It can be anything. Think something like asking questions in the member interviews section. And they don't have the choice of not doing or answering it. But nothing crazy. No 5 million hail Skyrim. If you go that route keep it under 50. So lets get it started!
  14. I constantly forget about this. I have little to almost no short term memory, so I never remember to check the YouTube channel. Even though I spend hours on YouTube every day.
  15. I already live in Columbia. That’s no joke. My home town is Columbia MO.
  16. I got into studying swords for a short bit in the early years of Castlevania SOTN. There are so damn many swords in the game that I didn’t know which ones were real and which ones were strictly game fiction. The only one I knew anything about going into the game was the Damascus sword. I’ve loved Damascus steel all my life, and loved seeing that sword in the game.
  17. Obtaining Wall and obtaining Roof in Blaster Master. Those two abilities allow you to drive Sophia up the walls and upside down on the roofs of any level you are in.
  18. I have family that is Mexican, and I wished them a happy Independence Day. ¡Feliz día de la independencia! ¡Viva México!
  19. Game developers must hate people like me then.
  20. I always google screenshots. I can usually tell from that if it's the type of game I would enjoy or not.
  21. I was an 80's kid. Everything back then was big hair and guys with more makeup than me. But it's proven that music attained perfection in 1986. It's a scientific fact.
  22. I don't know if I've ever actually seen Rick & Morty, so I don't know what the joke is there.
  23. I had a feeling you were going to go with that. I mean how many people wouldn’t?
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