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  1. I started with either the Atari 2600 or Colecovision. It's been so damn long that I honestly don't remember which one I played on first.
  2. Probably never gonna be possible but this would be cool to see. Also, I play the shit out of this game on my Switch.
  3. Is anyone else watching the playoffs? It's been a pretty good run so far. If you want my opinion, I see Boston taking home another Stanley Cup. That is unless Vancouver takes over Edmonton. Then I can't say who the victor will be. But it's gonna be a hell of a competition, that's for sure!
  4. We're going to pick up the macaw this weekend. I'm thinking of getting a Rottweiler along with my pitbulls. I have the pits. I just need to come up with the money for the rott puppy. Here's the 2 pitbulls we have.
  5. English was my best subject. I loved the course curriculum. My worst was probably math. I still remember when I was in 6th grade my literal math score was 2% out of 100%. That's a hell of an F on your report card. Fractions were killing me. Also the teacher would give us sheets with the simplest math on it. Things like 3x8 and there would be like 50 of those. I always failed because I would get mixed up and start adding or subtracting. She mixed it up with some being multiplication, others addition, and some were subtraction. Four or five problems in I would get mixed up and start doing the wrong thing. Science wasn't bad for me. Biology sucked, but general science wasn't bad. Then again, in high school I tended to sleep through class. Until I dropped out, that is.
  6. Covid is one. I've had pneumonia several times. I don't know if it counts, but I've had food poisoning too. Like most kids I had chicken pox when I was young.
  7. Sudden unexplained disconnect and lack of interest in their partner. Usually means the person is cheating. If they're cheating, then how much you may have loved them is irrelevant. Get out. Your partner isn't worthy of you if they're cheating on you.
  8. A log cabin. Only 4 walls, a roof, and a fireplace. No electricity. No plumbing. It doesn't even need a floor. I want a table, a chair, a bed, and a nightstand beside the bed. The silence and stillness is absolute heaven. I could live happily there for the rest of my life. Maybe someday I'll get my cabin.
  9. If we're talking precious and semiprecious gem stones, I really like my birthstone which is garnet. I love the deep blood red that many specimens have. Now if we're talking in general, my absolute favorite stone is hematite. It can look like perfect steel if polished right, and can be magnetically charged, which I have never seen done with any other stone. I have several hematite stones around here. Somewhere I have a raw hematite. For those wondering, that means it's not polished or worked on in any way.
  10. More like a 2000+ pound animal. No rodeo bulls weigh anything less.
  11. A girl I worked with at Pizza Hut (20+ years ago) fell madly in love with me. I was good friends with the manager and her husband, and this girl would call their house to see if I was there. If I was there, she was in her car racing to their place. I could have made a move any time I wanted. While she was cute as hell, I just never made that move on her.
  12. Secret? No. Proudly obsessed with me? Yes.
  13. Time doesn't heal wounds. But it makes it easier to deal with the pain. I'm mainly referring to a loss of a loved one, be it pet or human. But if you break your arm, the same thing applies.
  14. A little bit of stress can make things more interesting. But too much of it can cause a myriad of health problems, both mental and physical. So no stress at all I see as a bad thing. But too much of it can be dangerous. So if we can lose 90% of our stress, but keep the last little bit, I think we would be damn close to a utopia.
  15. Mind your own fucking business and leave people the hell alone. I'm looking at YOU Karen!
  16. I'm on the fence. I love my showers, but sometimes sitting back in the water is bliss. If we're talking about getting clean, it's shower all the way. You're not washing yourself into the same water that you already made dirty. But I can easily relax under either one.
  17. It's an executable offense. At least it should be.
  18. Not so much with rodeo bulls. They're used to it and know what they're there to do. It's the cowboys that are stressed when a bull is charging.
  19. I looked away during the TLOU part, as I didn't know if there were going to be any triggering images in it. But the RDR2 part made me start bawling all over again.
  20. I played Lion King one time when I was a kid, but was so unimpressed with it that I never bothered to play it again. Earthworm Jim 2 was an easy game for me. The only problems I had was the damn Puppy Love stages. It's been a while, but there are like 4 different Puppy Love stages spread out through the game.
  21. While I'm not the biggest on first person, this game does look very promising. I'll need to see more about it before I could make a decision, but I'm liking what I'm seeing so far.
  22. I have to disagree with you on this one @Shagger. I think the fault here is entirely on lazy parents that use TV and video games as babysitters. If these parents had any interest in their children's lives, this wouldn't be a problem. The ESRB exists for a reason. To tell people what games are and are not appropriate for the differing age demographics. You don't buy a game with an M rating for a fucking 5 year old. So if these jackoffs had half a brain cell, they would see that the fault is entirely on their heads. If you have a child, then you need to be an adult and raise the child. That or give the child up for adoption so it can be raised by parents who actually do parent the child.
  23. I would stick with the iPhone. I've had nothing but success with them doing everything I need and want them to do. Whereas with android, the damn things never worked right once, they weren't customizable, they barely ever worked, and when they did they made me long for the days of my old Nokia Tracfone.
  24. This is an extremely easy one. A rat. They are flat out sacred to me. I can't fathom the mere idea of doing them wrong.
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