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  1. I got ours from Walmart.com, and if I remember right it was like $130. It was really cheap.
  2. The Blackangel


    Does anyone else remember the Sega Nomad? Did you have one? @Rain Dew has one and she has always loved it. The only issue is that it eats batteries like Homer Simpson eats donuts, and the power pack doesn't last very long either. It is neat however to be able to take your favorite Sega Genesis games on the go, if you want them instead of a Game Gear. Lots of Sega games weren't on Game Gear. It was truly ahead of its time.
  3. As of right now, I have no interest in a VR headset. That's why I left it at controller. Once again, you state the obvious. We all know the option of VR is there. We all know it's not going anywhere. But what you're leaving out, is that to play VR YOU HAVE TO USE THE VR CONTROLLERS. You can't play VR without them. So if I can't lift a Nintendo or PS controller what fucking good is a VR headset? And if it is to that point, do you really think I would be able to get up and move around to play a VR game? You continually refuse to put any kind of thought into your posts. I'm sick of it and I'm not the only one. We're a hairs breath away from deleting your posts because they're never of any substance. You continually state the obvious and leave it at that. I've held my tongue long enough. Change your posting habits or don't post until you learn how.
  4. It's a good chair. We have the same one, just in blue instead of red. You're going to enjoy it a lot. Ours has a retractable foot rest though, and if I'm seeing the pictures right, yours doesn't seem to have one.
  5. I still don't get what you're talking about. My childhood was just a normal childhood. No different than anyone else's. I'm missing something here. Is there something you're not telling me?
  6. I have a pocket as well. Actually I have every edition of Game Boy that they made. These days I tend to play on my GBASP as opposed to any of the others. It's more compact and it's rechargeable instead of having to use batteries. So it's just a hell of a lot more convenient. Also it is backlit where the others aren't.
  7. I know someone here is Jamaican. I just don't remember who. My apologies for the screw up.
  8. I'm 40 and have been gaming for as long as I can remember, with only one break for reasons that I won't get into. But as for the future, I don't see myself stopping until/unless I become unable to hold a controller. If I can no longer pick up and hold a controller, that's when I will no longer be a gamer.
  9. Where exactly did you get that date? The Game Boy was released April 21st 1989. That's 7 years prior to your date.
  10. Dollar Tree and Dollar General tend to sell their stuff at or around $1. Dollar Tree sticks to that much more than Dollar General. But at those two stores you can get stuff a lot cheaper than you can get it at places like Walmart or Target. I enjoy shopping at them simply because their stuff sells for so much less. You aren't going to find a pack of 10 pens for $1 anywhere else. And if 7 of them don't work for shit, you really haven't lost much of anything because 3 still do their job. Also if I remember right, @kingpotato is Jamaican.
  11. Disowned. I cut them out damn near 10 years ago, and haven't spoken to anyone since. Actually I don't even know where to find the anymore. They don't know where or how to find me either. Which keeps things going smoothly. I'm happy they're gone, as I want nothing to do with anyone that I have a chromosomal link to.
  12. There are some permanent settlements, but the scientists that go there usually don't stay more than 6 months. They collect their research for whatever it is they're wanting or needing, and then they return to wherever it is that their lab/office is to work up their research until a possible return is required. I'm a winter baby, and my body can't handle heat that gets much more than 70° (21.1° C) or I pass out. Despite that, Antarctica is too damn cold for me. Fuck the penguins, I'm staying home.
  13. Don't follow. You survived, as did everyone else here. What makes me special?
  14. Speaking as a southerner (as most consider me) there's more than just redneck accents, dirt roads, and good food. The culture is pretty laid back for the most part, unless you're different. People sit out on their porch all the time typically drinking lemonade and yuking it up with some friends or family. Others get out and play ball on a dirt court/field. Sure, there's a lot of old time racism. A lot of people don't know who won the civil war. Or don't acknowledge it. But it's mostly simple people, living simple lives. At least where I come from it is.
  15. It was just a normal childhood. Nothing out of the ordinary.
  16. Does anyone else play their games with the sound either turned all the way down or the TV just flat out muted? I do. I play all my games silenced. The only exception would be RDR2. But everything else I play silently. I've played that way so long, that turning on the sound actually distracts me now and causes me to screw up and usually die. NES, SNES, N64, PS1, Atari 2600, Game Boy, and everything else. They're always silent. I'm probably the only one here who plays that way. The thought occurred to me as I was waiting for the floor under the clock to open in Castlevania SOTN to ask if anyone else plays their games silenced.
  17. I bought two games that together totaled over $300. I've also bought bundles that were in the $400 range, but they included consoles, so that isn't considered in answering this question. I just felt like mentioning it.
  18. Every PlayStation (except the PS4) had backwards compatibility. The PS2 could play PS1 games. The PS3, at launch, could play PS2 and PS1 games. But the PS2 games were causing the console to overheat, so they rereleased it with backwards compatibility for only PS1 games. The PS5 plays PS4 games. So backwards compatibility is not an issue with PlayStation.
  19. There's also a lot of people who were never given a chance in life. We were put down and kept down. No one wanted us around, and everyone passed us over. They gave no consideration for us. We were kept in a locked closet, and rarely allowed out. We were held back at every opportunity. Constant abuse from birth (physical, verbal, emotional, mental, all of the above in my case), keeps a person down. I wasn't given any kind of opportunity. I was the worlds whipping child. The only thing that has changed since then is my age. Video games, have offered me a release from the world, but not really helped the depression. It returns as soon as I return.
  20. I need to look more into this, as we have a Series S. Thank you for bringing this to everyone's attention. I had no idea. Do you have any links to anything that goes more in depth about it, so that we have a good place to start looking?
  21. When you're used to prices that hover around $2 and suddenly it doubles, or triples, that's when we start complaining. As for the movies, I think you are getting into the muscle cars due to one simple shitty franchise: Fast and the Furious. As for the trucks, it's probably just seeing them in random TV shows. We take an ordinary pickup, put it on a 6" lift kit, stick some super swampers one it, and tear up the road. But you see that kind of thing more among rednecks than anyone. And you Brits are still calling us yankees? Come on, it's been 250 years. Get over it.😁
  22. Unfortunately, I have to agree with you on that. There is a high probability that they will end things with RDR2. The only direction they could possibly go is a prequel to RDR2 showing how the gang formed. Or try to go on with Jack. But considering that he would have been a wild west outlaw in the 1910's to 1920's, that just couldn't work. But if they go the route with a prequel, the series would end with it. They kinda shot themselves in the foot with the series. There's virtually nowhere to go with it except a prequel t the prequel. And after that, there's nowhere at all to go, unless it's a spin off focusing on one specific character. Maybe focus on Tilly and her life. Or possibly Reverend Swanson. But I don't think spinoffs like that would sell.
  23. Thanks for the heads up. I don't own anything that involves a VR headset currently, nor do I plan to. But if that changes in the future, It's good to know what the effects could be.
  24. I've been playing games on my phone for a long time. But they're not your typical "video game" that would come to most peoples minds. I play things like Sudoku, Word Cookies, Cross Logic, Word Search, Art Blitz, and CodyCross. I do have a few actual games that are video games from the past. Q*Bert, Asteroids, and a Galaga-like space shooter. I also have an American Dad game.
  25. I recently was able to get one for $600, and it came with 3 games. It was a hell of a deal, and I jumped on it immediately. One game is the launch copy of Spiderman, and it's unopened. Neither me nor @Rain Dew are into superhero games, so we're leaving it sealed, and waiting to see if it goes up in value at all. If it does, then we may hang onto it in case we ever need cash for something. Like emergency money. You never know. But in terms of console vs PC, I personally have always preferred console. Granted there are some games that are PC exclusives that I absolutely love. AOE2 and Diablo II come to mind immediately. But there are also a lot of console exclusives that I love. The Legend Of Zelda is one of the main ones.
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