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  1. 17 hours ago, kingpotato said:

    If you can get a new one that is retro-compatible then its worth it to get a new system and get rid of the old one (if you have the money to spare to do such a thing). Thats why I got my modded Wii, as much as I'd like to get a NES or SNES getting one on good conditions these days can be rare, along with a good cartridge. Sure back then consoles and games where made to stand the test of time, but the modded was a better option for me personally & financially. At least this is my opinion, I'm sure other will prefer getting the original system.

    Actually the NES and SNES systems are really plentiful. Easy as pie to find and not expensive, nor are the games. I have bought several bundles on CL and never spent more than $150. All have come with at least 15 games, many with other system setups, and sometimes even a TV. Inexpensive as hell. At the moment I have 5 NES systems that I've picked up on CL in bundles, and 3 SNES systems that I got the same way. I never spent more than $150 and they always came with close to 20 games and sometimes even a TV. One bundle was several systems. 3 PS2's, Atari 2600, NES, and a Sears Home Gaming System(complete in box I might add). Also it had over 70 games, most of which were Atari games. All of it works and I play the hell out of it.

    I currently have an exorbitant amount of surplus systems. I buy for either the games, or the system, or all of it. I end up with even more, and I resell a lot of it to make a profit.


    9 hours ago, LadyDay said:

    Sorry to post three times in a row, I can't figure out how to edit a post.

    It depends a lot, both on the prison and the prisoner. Nowhere near all prisoners have jobs, there aren't enough to go around, and in maximum security prisons they have very little time outside the cell. They don't get to roam around. They do get to take classes if they want to, so they do have some occupied time. In the SHU (cruel and unusual punishment in my humble opinion) in the prison my friend is in they get ten minutes to shower three times per week and one hour of "yard time" in a cage three times per week. In the normal population they get a bit more, but still very little. In other words, they spend a lot of daytime in the cell. 


    Alright, I'll stop posting now. Sorry for rambling on.


    When I was inside, we all had a job. We had a few hours in the yard, about 40 minutes at chow, and the majority of the day at the job they assigned us, and a lot of time in our cells. Virtually anything that wasn't "bought" at the prison was contraband, and got you sent to the hole for a minimum of 3 days. And it doesn't matter who you are or what you're in for, you're gonna go to the hole at least once. It's like hockey players. They're gonna spend time in the penalty box, there's no way around it. It's a pretty full day.

  3. I'm a dog person. My baby is a white pitbull. Her name is Lady, and she's my heart and soul. I actually have 4 dogs. The other 3 are chihuahuas. I also have 2 birds. One is a pineapple conure, the other is a blue throated macaw. Then there's an animal that holds more of a place in my heart than any other creature(long story). Rats. I have 4 of those little fuzzballs. I'll flat out say that I couldn't live without my babies. They're the greatest source of joy in this world. I value their health and well being above my own.

    So who is yours?

  4. As an American I can't say it affects me all that much. But there is one thing that worries me. Politics is often hot headed, petty, and just wrong. So I'm worried there may end up being some sort of military conflict when Brexit takes full effect. I knw there's some asshole in Europe that is pissed at the British for the very idea and wants a war. He/she may be a barfly that spends his/her days drunk off his/her ass. Or a president of the country. But when the bullets start to fly, the world will take notice. I'm just wondering how many countries would get involved in that as well. The US is a definite.

  5. There's something I absolutely don't get. Why do people always feel they have to upgrade and drop the previous system? I remember when the SNES came out I wanted one desperately. So I saved up every penny I came across for over a year to buy myself one. I got it home and played the hell out of it. But I still played my NES just as much. I was a freshman in HS when the N64 came out, and a kid in my class was selling off all his SNES stuff to get an N64. Suddenly he didn't like SNES because it "was too primitive". People seem to disown the previous system when the new one comes out. That's when you get classic gamers. Why? Because everyone either disowned or forgot about the previous systems. If you buy the new generation of systems, to keep up with your favorite games, that's different. I have a couple PS4 games. But I still have my Atari 2600. I still have my NES, SNES, and N64. I'm in the market for a Colecovision that works. I have the Coleco Classic, but I can't bring myself to play it, because that classic rerelease shit makes me sick. And no I didn't buy it. It was a gift.

    So if it's a status thing, then that's just sad. If you're keeping up with your favorite games, ok.  But why the hell did you for get the existence of the first Xbox, or the PS1, or the NES just because a new one came out?

  6. I think it takes away from the game to use a guide from start to finish all the time. But if there's a puzzle you just absolutely can't figure out, an item you're missing but don't know where to look, or a collection of items(think gold skulltulas in Zelda OoT) that is eluding you, then guides are fine. If you know a game well, but there's something you keep forgetting that you need or want, as I seem to do in massive quantities, then using a guide to remind you is fine as well. But studying it word for word, page for page, just to get through it, defeats the purpose of playing the game in my opinion.

    Like with the guide for FF8. They give suggestions for everything, but especially bosses. Their suggestions never worked for me. Take the second round against Edea. They suggested Gf's and spells. Nope, I get my ass handed to me. For me it's auras and physical attacks. That's the style that works for me throughout the game. Physical attacks. Everyone plays different, but if you let a guide dictate your game play style, then you're not playing. You're following orders, and the game isn't boot camp (you know what I mean).

  7. My vision is horrid. I'm so near sighted that if I don't have my glasses I have to be within 3' of anything for it to be clear. Any further away from that, and it's a complete blur. As for contacts, I can't do it. having something in my eye, drives me insane, and I end up rubbing my eye constantly to get it out. I know you're not supposed to do that, but I can't help it. Also I think glasses are cute.

    But one problem I do have is I'm extremely photosensitive. The majority of time I have to wear sunglasses inside my house. And when I'm out I have to wear my prescription sunglasses, as well as a second pair that fits over them, just to be able to see.

  8. I collect all sorts of spells in FF8. All the way up until disc 3 I'm constantly drawing. The spells I junction make my characters virtually invincible, so the game is easier on me. Some of the spells would shock some people that I have a full hundred if they didn't know where to look for them. Spells like Ultima, Aura, Full-Life, Holy, Triple, Meteor, and Flare junction extremely well. If you junction enough Ultimas and Full-Lifes  to your elemental defense, all elemental attacks will actually heal you instead of harm you. Meteor is the best spell in the game to junction to your HP. It easily boosts you to the full 9999. Some of these spells you can get from refining items, but they take a long time, and you have to have the right GF's with the right abilities. If you don't then all you can do is draw.

    There's some trade secrets to the game, but it's worth it. Also there are 16 GF's in the game, but most people can't find a lot of them without a players guide. Who here doesn't know where to get Doomtrain, Tonberry, Bahamut, Eden and Diablos?

  9. It gets boring and monotonous as hell inside. Enough to drive you damn near insane. But that doesn't mean you should have the luxuries of the outside. Books and TV's are fairly common, but you can go to the hole for even having a cassette tape or the wrong comb. And I can guarantee that a video game system would be contraband.

  10. Ok dumbass question time. What's the actual difference between Linux and DOS? I haven't messed with that kind of stuff since windows 98 was the hot new thing, and never with Linux. I don't know anything about it, yet I see people talking about it all over the forum.

  11. I was there. The Corps is not a safe or healthy place for anyone. If someone wants to serve their country then fine, but for your own physical and mental health, go with any other service. Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard, whatever. But never the Marines. It's not worth it.

    Also a little known fact. The Marines act tough but they're actually cowards. In a war situation they let the Army go in to fight and put their lives on the line, while the Corps hides, then the Marines take all the credit for it and claim it was them fighting. Also their education system is pathetic. Egos are thru the roof, and intolerance is even further. The Marines ruins lives on a daily basis. If you care about your well being, you will never consider the USMC as a viable option.

  12. Prisoners are a lot busier than most people think. Between their jobs, like working in the plate shop or the wood shop, time in the yard, chow, and the little bit of leisure time they get, their day is fairly full. The only time boredom gets nuts is when they're in their cell. They have to return to their cells several times daily for a count, but they're still pretty busy.

  13. On ‎3‎/‎18‎/‎2019 at 11:27 PM, DylanC said:

    Call Of Duty: WW2

    I don't get the appeal of those kind of games. Personally I couldn't play one if I wanted to. I had a horrendous experience in the Marines, and anymore I flip out on anything military. My psyche just can't handle it.

  14. Depending on the game it could take me a couple hours or a couple weeks. If you were to give a specific title, something that's been played by almost every gamer everywhere, like a Zelda or Mario game, then I could give you a better answer.

  15. 23 hours ago, kingpotato said:

    Guys with all do respect you dont know nothing about prison, its a whole different world. 

    I know a lot more than you think. I'm not trying to get bitchy, but trust me. I'm a little more educated than I should be.

  16. Nope. Number 2 was my lie. Yours is hard. 3 sounds like it would be completely made up, basically because virtually everyone has been there at least once. I've taken a bullet myself, but that's not really the most common thing. I'm not a wino but I can hit the hard stuff pretty hard. A 5th of whiskey isn't hard for me to down solo. But I'm going to guess your lie is number 3.


    1) The one video game I have hated more than any other is Tetris
    2) The one video game I love more than any other is Street Fighter 2010.
    3) The one video game that bores me the most is Mario Paint.

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