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  1. This is about the Xbox 360 Infected, not the Xbox One although the PS4 has probably surpassed that on sales as well. It's not that much of a surprise really. I do think that gaming has become much more mainstream. Add to that the fact that the PS4 seems like the better option (the base versions anyway) and it's no surprise to see it doing well in terms of sales. There's been a big increase in casual gaming compared to before so that has probably led to a lot of people buying a PS4.
  2. The problem for me with virtual reality is the headaches. I don't know if this is normal or if it's because we went for one of those novelty and cheap-ish headsets that you put your phone in, but I got a headache after using it even if it was only for a few minutes. There's no way that I can use or enjoy virtual reality, which has been ruined for me because of this. I've seen a lot of good games with VR as well especially first-person shooters so it is quite annoying that I may never be able to fully enjoy it.
  3. The last game that I played was a bit of Fortnite Battle Royale. Just played a bit to catch up on the Battle Pass challenges and the daily challenges. It's weird because I love Red Dead Redemption 2 but haven't even played that for a few days now because of the new Fortnite update which has been great and really exciting.
  4. I've never accidentally lost any progress in a story mode for a game. However, there was a similar incident recently that happened with Red Dead Redemption 2. Basically, there was a bug where certain characters would go missing from your camp in Chapter 3 if you failed the first mission of that chapter and restarted at a checkpoint. It wasn't exactly game breaking because you wouldn't miss much except maybe a few random lines of speech. But there was no guarantee that you would see them again so I decided to start the game again so that I could avoid the bug.
  5. I'm not sure there would be any games really other than maybe Fortnite. The fact that it is free makes it such a great game but I honestly would not have minded paying for the game. The problem, of course, would be that, would people still have played it as much and got addicted to it if it were a normal game with a £40-50 price tag. But after playing it for this long, I really wouldn't have minded paying for it. The game is great, fun and the fact the developers listen to us is great.
  6. It's not actually the oldest games but I haven't actually played that many big games on PC. The "oldest" game for me would be Grand Theft Auto Vice City which I actually played on my cousin's computer. This was such a long time ago as well. It was the first time I had played Vice City and it was great fun. I didn't even bother with the missions really, all I did was drive around in the cars because that was so much fun for me when I was younger.
  7. DarthHazard

    GTA 4

    I love Grand Theft Auto 4. And honestly, other than the earlier Grand Theft Auto titles like Vice City, 4 would have to be the best in the series. For me, it was better than 5 because of the story and how serious everything was. I loved Grand Theft Auto 5 but it just went in the wrong direction with Rockstar trying to add non-serious things and things aimed at kids. Plus the GTA 4 online was great to play with a large group of friends.
  8. Racing games are quite tough to be competitive. I would think that things like crashing into other players "by accident" would be quite prevalent so it would quite hard to judge whether people are trying to cheat or not etc. But it would be quite cool especially if people had to use proper driving wheels and pedals rather than just a mouse or controller. Would love to play Forza competitively.
  9. I have two consoles, a Xbox 360 S and a PlayStation 4. I don't really use the Xbox 360 anymore but I did play on it a few months ago to try out Grand Theft Auto 4 again because I love that game. Hopefully, it will be remastered very soon for the PlayStation 4 and when that happens, chances are I will either get rid of or try to sell the Xbox 360 as I won't need it anymore.
  10. I would never do this. I think it's just a bit too risky to gamble on esports. I don't really gamble on anything at the moment anyway so I guess that also contributes slightly to my decision to not gamble on esports but I would be much rather gambling on something like football where there are slightly fewer factors that can influence a result. Plus it's better to try and stay away from things like gambling to ensure that it does not become a habit.
  11. It's tough to say what the best online multiplayer experience was. There are two different categories for me. The first would have to be best with friends and for me, that would have to be Battlefield 4 or Black Ops 3. I just had so much fun playing both those games with friends late into the night. In terms of overall, it's tough to not say Grand Theft Auto Online. And Red Dead Redemption 2 is close to becoming a great multiplayer experience as well. GTA Online before all the microtransactions was so much fun to play and the fact you could buy apartments and cars was just so great.
  12. I used to love this game. I was absolutely addicted to Clash of Clans a few years ago but when my exams came up, I decided that it was time to take a break from the game. And instead of just uninstalling the game, I actually went ahead and sold my account to someone using a forum that was dedicated to selling gaming accounts. I can't remember exactly how much I got but before fees it was around £100-120 I believe. I did the same with Clash Royale but actually went back to it recently. I just can't see myself getting back to Clash of Clans though. It really is too much of a pay-to-win game.
  13. I don't spend large amounts of money but my phones aren't cheap either. I always go for contracts because it's just easier and better because you don't have to worry about anything. And then every 2 years when my contract ends, I get a brand new phone. This time I went for the Galaxy S8 and I'm paying around £29 per month for it. I get a good amount of data and unlimited texts and calls with my contract as well which is great. It's not too expensive and great especially since I'm quite reliant on my phone.
  14. There's quite a few factors for me but the biggest is what the game is actually about. I very rarely go for games that isn't an open world unless it's a first person shooter or a sports game like FIFA. I tend to prefer open world games that give me freedom to do whatever I want like Grand Theft Auto, The Crew and even Red Dead Redemption 2 which I am loving at the moment. I like completing a great story line but it honestly would not be at the top of my list. For example, with the Crew 2, I literally only bought it to drive cars around the massive map. I don't care one bit about the actual rac
  15. I haven't seen a hacker or cheater in a game for years. And that's mainly because I game on the PlayStation 4 which I believe is almost impossible to hack. The last time that I saw a hacker was on the last generation and it was the first Christmas after Grand Theft Auto 5 came out on the Xbox 360 and PS3. It was amazing actually because what the hackers did was give out money to everyone so we all had billions of money. It lasted us so long because a lot of us bought cars with the money and Rockstar didn't bother to remove our cars so we just sold them after our money was removed.
  16. I have two games on my smartphone and honestly, these are the only two I would ever happily play and never get bored of. I would 100% recommend them to anyone that wants to waste some time playing on their phone 😄 - Clash Royale and Airline Commander. I'm sure everyone already knows about Clash Royale. It's a Supercell game where you have two towers and have to use your troops to bring down the other players towers whilst defending yours. Airline Commander is probably a game that isn't for everyone, it's where you fly planes and control situations like where your engines aren't working etc.
  17. I have before and both times were with Supercell games. The first time was with Clash of Clans where I bought some gems with a Google Play gift card that I got as a present for Christmas. And the second time was with Clash Royale, again with a Google Play gift card. But since those times, I have never ever spent money on any mobile in-app purchases or microtransactions in any games really. I just don't like the idea of spending extra money for some virtual items anymore really.
  18. I voted for Red Dead Redemption 2. I don't think any of the other games come close to it for me. It's just so much fun especially when you first play the singleplayer. The story is amazing and I'm very close to finishing it. I don't think any story comes close to how well it was written. The ending of the story was unfortunately ruined for me (my fault really for browsing Reddit :D) and it really does end well. And the online, although it does have a few problems, is great and will be amazing when Rockstar finetunes it.
  19. I don't know why but it's actually Grand Theft Auto. And it's because of the fact that I always play online during this period because of the special events that Rockstar adds to the game. The only one that I really care about though is the addition of snow to the whole map which just makes it look so beautiful and awesome to drive around in. It's also quite fun to play around with friends and throw snowballs at each other.
  20. For me, it has to be the deathmatches and the races (all of them). I'm actually not a fan of the heists, mainly because of the way that they were set up. They are expensive to set up and the way the lives system works is really awful especially if you have to rely on a crew that has random players in it and not your friends who you can communicate with. In terms of races, I love all the types but my favourite type would have to be the stunt races.
  21. I'm usually pretty current with games that I enjoy. If you asked me this a few years ago when I was younger, I would have been slightly behind since I always had to rely on my parents to buy the games for me. But now, whenever a game that I like comes out, I usually get it straight away so I'm always current with the game. I either pre-order the game if it's from a developer I like (Rockstar etc.) or wait a bit for the reviews and gameplay videos before getting it.
  22. I have actually. And both times it's been when I have become frustrated with a game and both times have been with the same game - FIFA. The first time I did it was with FIFA 18 where I got frustrated with the game and sold all the coins that I made on Ultimate Team. I made around £100 from that. I then thought EA had changed and bought FIFA 19 to give it a chance. After a week, hated it so I sold the coins for around £30 and then returned the game to get my money back.
  23. Neither of them are great really. Unfortunately, we have to buy either one of them if we want to play online. Out of the two, I do think that Xbox Live is slightly better because of the fact that the free games offered by it are slightly better. In terms of online, I do think that PlayStation is much better. The fact that there are less kids on PlayStation compared to Xbox makes the online gaming experience better.
  24. It has to be Grand Theft Auto Online for me. When it first came out, I actually stayed at home so that I could play it as soon as possible. It was funny because the servers were are actually mess on that first day. But I loved it after that. It was so much fun for the first few years until the microtransactions ended all the fun. I remember having a 4-5 hour session once with my friends on GTA so it's no surprise that I spent so much hours on the game.
  25. This one's a tough one. But for me, it would have to be either Forza Horizon or Driveclub & Grand Theft Auto. I think the one aspect of Grand Theft Auto that could be improved is the driving and the cars so to get the graphics of a top end racing game and the branded cars would just be amazing. To be fair, we could already do this with mods on PC but as a console player, it would be great to have those things in the game. Plus who wouldn't love to drive a Ferrari in a massive open world and customise it?
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