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  1. This was years ago and it was a Samsung Galaxy Ace. I believe that had support for a micro SD but I just had a really crappy one so there still wasn't enough space on either my phone storage or the micro SD. And since I was younger, I didn't really want to "waste" any money on something like a micro SD when I could spend it on games and toys 😄
  2. I can't seem to find anything on Google about a PlayStation Mini. Whenever I search that term on Google, all I'm getting results for is the PlayStation Classic. Some sites are using the term mini in those products as well - "PlayStation Classic Mini" but it's essentially the same product. Could you share the link you were checking out?
  3. Do you mean the PlayStation Classic? If so, then I think that it was a massive mistake by them. When they came up with the idea to release this, I'm 100% sure they just wanted to create some extra revenue for the company and didn't care about the nostalgia for us. There were so many mistakes with it and it's nothing like the SNES Mini. The SNES Mini is still highly demanded, whereas the PlayStation Classic has just seen its price slashed to try and increase some sales. Not surprising at all really.
  4. This is why I got a memory card for my phone. I believe I have around 64GB on it. It helps that I have quite a bit of storage on my Galaxy S8 as well so memory is never something that I have to worry about. I did encounter the same issues as you though with my previous phones. I remember having to choose either having my favourite songs or getting a new game on my first Samsung phone 😂
  5. Who doesn't want free games? The EPIC Store/Game launcher launched recently and what makes it great is that they have promised a great game for free every 2 weeks. And the biggest plus is that you can keep that game forever without having to pay for it ever. And they've kicked off with a great selection of games. Super Meat Boy will be available for free until the 10th of January. Get it here: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/
  6. It takes a while at the start. But after a while, you will get used to the buttons and you won't have any problem playing different games. For example, when Fortnite first came out, I was struggling with the building aspect of the game because of the fact that it was hard to remember all the different controls for it. A few months later and I'm extremely great with the controls and I don't even need to look at the buttons to see which ones I need to press.
  7. The thing is, what kind of games can be run quite well on a budget gaming laptop or desktop? If you want to get into gaming on PC, I think people would want to be able to play a lot of games freely. I doubt games like Grand Theft Auto V could run well on a budget desktop. Plus, you also have to consider the exclusives. You will be missing out on games like Red Dead Redemption or God of War by not getting a games console.
  8. I'm not sure if it was this one or Overcooked 2 but there was a promotion for the PS4 version on Amazon and the PlayStation Store. I did check it out but held off because I just wasn't sure whether it would be interesting enough in the long term. The one aspect that interested me was co-op because I'm sure it would be great fun to play with the family. Is it just different cooking challenges that you have to complete?
  9. I guess it was good for collectors but for us casual gamers, it's pretty useless. It's the same as the normal consoles but comes with a slightly cooler design. I would much rather just save my money and get the next generation console which I'm sure isn't far off. I'm sure they will be valuable at some point in the future though although not sure how many non-collectors are willing to part with their money and wait that long to get their return on the investment.
  10. I used to when I was smaller. I would usually go on YouTube and search for gaming tips for games that I knew that I was getting for Christmas. I usually only did this for first-person shooters really like Call of Duty because most other games were straightforward and didn't require that much "tips & tricks". I don't really search for gamer tutorials anymore though. I wouldn't say I'm a professional or the best but I'm pretty good with shooters now so I don't really need any tips. I know most of them and for me, most of these videos just tell you the obvious that most people know already an
  11. I mean, you bought it already so it's probably not the best time to be doing a comparison 😂. It depends on what you want really. WIth PC, you get a lot more freedom and there is obviously a much larger choice of games as well for you. But the Xbox or even the PS4 is much easier to manage. The chances of there being a problem are low and you know that you can just buy a game and it will work with your console. Plus, it's a lot cheaper.
  12. I don't have any problem with violence in games. It's not real life and similarly to movies, it doesn't cause any problems with people that play and watch them. The only time I have ever been uncomfortable with a game was the torture mission in Grand Theft Auto V. And even that, it was only the bit where you had to pull the guys tooth out with a wrench. I don't like things happening to teeth so that's the only reason I was uncomfortable 🤣 . I didn't really have a problem with what happened in the other parts of the mission.
  13. Slightly different to Sony Rewards, PS Plus Rewards gives freebies to PlayStation Plus users. I'm not sure if this is a brand new feature or if they have been available for other countries for a while. However, they have two great offers available at the moment. The best offer being free NOW TV Sports pass for 7 days that will expire in 12 months. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if this is available for other countries but it is definitely available for PlayStation Plus users in the UK Get your rewards here - https://www.playstation.com/en-gb/explore/playstation-plus/ps-plus-rewards/
  14. Exactly. Not only does it take a while to fully explore the large maps, but it takes a long time to actually complete the whole game as well. Games like Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2 also have a huge amount of achievements that aren't always easy to get. For example, I'm trying to get 100% for Red Dead Redemption 2 and it involves a lot of difficult challenges that are extremely time consuming as well. So, yeah, you need a lot of time so it's always better to buy it and keep it.
  15. Let's see. It's brave of them to come out and say this especially after seeing how well Red Dead Redemption 2 has done. I guess if you have been working on a game for years, then obviously you will have faith in it and think that it will be the best. The one thing that bugs me is that it is a first person only game. The last first person only game that I played (that wasn't a first person shooter like COD or Battlefield), I just got headaches and it affected how much I liked the game. So I'll have to wait and see how this game does before I get it.
  16. I would love this game and I would love to play it. Alas, I game on the PlayStation 4 so this deal is for the Xbox One owners here who love the game. The game is currently available for just £22.85 from ShopTo/ShopTo eBay which is a 54% discount from the usual £49.99. I believe this is also the best deal currently available for the game. The game is also delivered for free so no extra charges and will be dispatched the next day. Enjoy 🙂 Link: https://www.shopto.net/video-games/xbox-one/XB1FO41-forza-horizon-4
  17. It's funny because I'm pretty good with computers and technology. But I have no idea about any of the parts that actually help make a computer work. So I could never build or customise a PC for gaming because I would actually have no idea what I would be doing lol 😄 . It would be nice to learn though because I do want to eventually get into PC gaming because there are some great games that aren't available for console yet that I want to try out.
  18. I always buy. I have never actually gone out and rented a video game because, for me, I want to own that game for a long time. I've never even given a thought to renting a game because it's just not for me. The type of games that I play, mostly open world games or online games, there's no point in just renting it out for a short period of time. My type of games are fun to play whenever and they never get boring so it's good to own them and be able to play anytime.
  19. True. I still think that at this point, people will still pre-order games especially from their favourite developers. For example, I will always pre-order a Rockstar game. But maybe in a few years, it will be different. Developers are slowly becoming worse, Rockstar included in that. The push for micro-transactions are awful. But what's worse for me is that some developers think that putting out an unfinished game is perfectly fine. Fallout 76 is a good example of this, I'm sure people won't be pre-ordering that franchise as much anymore.
  20. Sorry for posting this late, but I'm sure some of you may be able to take advantage of it before it ends. This particular offer ends at around 8 pm TODAY. The offer gives you 15% off everything at eBay which includes games from all sellers (new or used). For example, you can get the latest FIFA for just £24.52 by using the 15% off code which makes it cheaper than any other physical or online retailer. Code: POWPOW15
  21. It's crazy, isn't it? It's like developers don't know what their customers want. Who would have thought that a game that actually works where the developers listen would do so well? And the only things they sell? Skins that offer no competitive advantage. The next few games that come out in the coming years will be interesting. I'm sure developers will start to copy the model that has been set by Epic Games. They would be stupid not to try it at least.
  22. I love to use Amazon for pre-orders now as well so it's annoying that they did this. Although, I'm not sure we were ever eligible for this in the first place (UK Amazon customers). I remember talking to the chat support about this and they did say they removed it. I guess they know that people will pre-order from them no matter what so to save some money, they probably decided to remove it.
  23. I could literally copy and paste your post because I think the exact same. It's the one reason that I stopped playing Grand Theft Auto V. I loved the online part of the game when it first came out because it was fun, even with the grinding, it wasn't too bad. But now, everything is so expensive and what can we actually grind towards? Stupid futuristic things that have obviously been created with little kids in mind that want to fly cars and shoot missiles out of their flying bikes. The feel and mood of GTA 4 is what I miss.
  24. The game has a whole (Red Dead Redemption 2 of course) is great. But yeah, as you said, it's still in Beta so I cannot wait to try out and enjoy the polished version. There still needs to be a lot of new content added to the game because the world does feel a bit boring and empty after a while. The lack of missions and free roam events is prominent but I guess we forget that GTA Online launched like this so I'm sure Rockstar will keep adding new content.
  25. Disappointed but not surprised at all really. The free games that come with PlayStation Plus have been disappointing for a long time. The last time there was a good game was Rocket League. And guess what? It was available the month before I got my PlayStation 4 so the only good game that they had, I missed out on :(. The fact that they increased the price by over £10 as well is so disappointing yet they offer nothing extra to us.
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