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  1. Arcane Legends. I spent so much time playing it.
  2. If there's porn ads or something of the like, hell no. Uninstalling right away. But I don't mind ads if it's a free game because someone has to pay development costs and there might not be in-app purchases.
  3. Never have but I have seen one of my friends play it up in person.
  4. Rock or anything that's catchy that I like. But yea, I'm that type of gamer. There are some games that I play (certain multiplayer games where other people use voice chat) where I do not listen to my own music though.
  5. I wouldn't call myself a content creator because I've only ever did like 2 videos and it's not really a hobby of mine. I just did it to show off how good I was at Call of Duty to a specific group of people lol.
  6. Darth Maul


    I have around three. Two cheap ones and the one that came with my computer. The one that I got with my computer has several keys that do not work anymore, so I normally connect a cheap USB keyboard when I'm using it these days.
  7. I bought my current computer but it's getting outdated, so the next time I'm shopping, I'll just buy the parts and build it up myself.
  8. If a friend recommends a game to me, I'll check out some gameplay or screenshots to see if it's right for me. I might even ask them to explain what you have to do in the game and how the combat system (if any) is like.
  9. RPGs hands down. I love Call of Duty (FPS) but you just can't beat a good RPG like Pokemon or Final Fantasy.
  10. +1 for Just Dance. It gets discounts now and again too so that's something you can also look out for.
  11. Ditto to this. One of my friends loves it and recommended I download it so I might one day.
  12. Definitely multiplayer. There are some games like Call of Duty where I just play multiplayer and ignore single player xD
  13. That shiny new Animal Crossing game. It's not out yet hence why I don't have it lol.
  14. They did tell us that we have a grace period after our Switch Online subscription ends. I think it's 6-12 months but someone please correct me if I'm wrong. I don't mind that timeframe and there's no point in having data backed up on their servers if we'll never renew online again. Anyway, I've seen good and bad comments about the service since Nintendo launched it. I'm not sure why people complain because they made it clear to everyone before they purchased a Switch.. that our "online experience" was more of a free trial that got delayed (hence why we even had it for so long). With the delay in mind, I didn't mind because more online multiplayer games were available.
  15. Might be the 3DS for me because of Pokemon, Animal Crossing etc. The Switch will eventually take its place when Pokemon 2019 and Animal Crossing are released.
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