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  1. what else do you suggest to watch on YT Premium? i haven't found anything cool on there other than Cobra Kai. i tried watching Origin but it didnt grab me.
  2. Minesweep isn't bad u're right. but Solitaire is kinda boring after a while.
  3. ther are lots of funny quotes in RDR especially at the gambling tables
  4. what other windows games do u like if any?
  5. how do you do mindfulness and how does that help with burnout
  6. nothing on YT Red except Cobra Kai lol.
  7. if it gets too hot it is time to stop gaming for a while and wait until the weather cools down a bit maybe. if u can only do so much u can at least take care of your console even if that means taking a break
  8. dunno last game i even bought. have a huge stack waiting for me. prob shouldn't buy more for now!
  9. i guess a good follow up question is how you come back from gaming burnout
  10. you summed it up man. especially the subscription thing. too many already.
  11. u should just go on with other tasks. eventually you'll prolly do it by accident lol.
  12. Hahah good one just thought of another one i sometimes do. when i finish a task i announce "work complete" like the peons did in the original Warcraft game
  13. there better be no paywall that would be ridiculous
  14. lol church folks gotta move with the times just like everybody else
  15. i always think its funny fallout is my escape. the apocalypse is better than real life, lol.
  16. whatever pops into my brain first that is my name. just wanna get to the game!
  17. "Sometimes I feel the primal part of me ... PULLING ME AWAY!"
  18. somewhere not skyrim lol srsly tho probably hammerfell
  19. i doubt it i mean i have played a ton of fallout 3 but that game is huge i doubt that i will ever see all of it but i def try.
  20. in our house no games were banned but my parents didn't like us to play games that had microtransactions. makes sense really tho.
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