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  1. i've never heard anything all that positive about Star Trek Online sadly I love Starcraft. the game, the universe, the characters, all of it.
  2. unless i cant redownload it when i need to. but i didn't know that steam has an OFFLINE MODE. that's cool.
  3. i heard that the game isn't bad but just doesn't stand out compared to other Sony exclusives
  4. not quite the same but sometimes I use weak weapons in games just so I can say I managed to beat a level or a player using them
  5. I do. I want what I own to always be accessible to me, whether or not I have an internet connection.
  6. can you make a physical disc copy from your hard drive tho?
  7. does starcraft count as a space game?
  8. oh yeah i'm sure it's annoying to almost everyone. i still love it tho i don't know why lol.
  9. that's all i've used to this point. what about you?
  10. you see this with everything these days whether chairs, keyboards, mice, joysticks, gamepads, whatever. i agree with you a lot of these products are just made to look pretty and "badass," and to me that seems gimmicky. but to each his own i guess. i'd rather save my $$$$ for more games.
  11. sniping from way across the map when possible
  12. I should've mentioned Tetris. not sure its my favorite but it sure is memorable.
  13. it's cool that you can still appreciate elements of the games even though they didn't hold your interest long enough to get into them.
  14. @UleTheVee Thanks, bro! you're really missing out on Fallout. but wait. you mean you've played them, but they just didn't hold your interest? or you haven't played them long enough to know? @StaceyPowers The plot of NV is really disconnected compared to Fallout 3's plot. the legion's messed up of course but it's like Fallout 3's story is more forward thinking. like, you aren't just trying to stop bad things from happening. you're trying to create a better future for the Wasteland.
  15. oh man. maybe that's why we can't find the ending. maybe it just goes on scaling up in difficulty forever.
  16. hahah srsly that's crazy! Now I want to know so bad if anyone here has beaten it.
  17. dude that is so weird. sometimes i forget it's really THAT old.
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