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  1. i like a dlc to add to a game but also give a different take on it. like fallout 3 dlcs are really good in that way they take you to different locations and feature different gameplay styles. they change ur perspective on the main game.
  2. dude good call i hate those things. they are so cumbersome. i feel like i'm in slow motion when i try to use it.
  3. Maybe that's what @Jerlene meant. trading in ps4 for the next xbox?
  4. too bad they didn't think to let you disable it in the options.
  5. popups? what sort of popups
  6. energy weapons in fallout 3. i just dont see the point of them. they seem weak compared to the other guns.
  7. multiplayer games in general. i get their appeal but i just dont get into them i guess
  8. like @kingpotato says some of them can be kinda boring. depends on the game.
  9. Fallout 3. cool story, amazing map to explore, so much to do.
  10. Me to devs everywhere: "Stop making multiplayer, co-op games all the time, i am a loner with no friends!"
  11. haha weird. hard to picture how that works. can't imagine gaming without graphics.
  12. what are some small/indie game studios that produce really awesome games?
  13. when you play multiplayer games like mmos what is your main focus? Do you like to kill other players, gather resources, craft, grind? How do you spend most of your time?
  14. usually I am totally into gaming but sometimes I go through these phases where nothing interests me. I want to play but I just don’t. and my mind wandesr constantly even when I am playing. The longest that happened was like a year. Has anyone else had these burnout phases and what do you do about them.
  15. I back up my save files to an external drive, but there are some save files that you can’t back up that way and I think I need to use cloud storage for it. does anyone use cloud storage for their game save data? Is it worth it?
  16. good call bro. good for learning to manage time and resources too.
  17. I saw some ad the other day where some woman moved out on her boyfriend because he was playing too many video games, and he didn’t see her go because he was using VR. ad was supposed to be funny, but I thought it was pretty dumb. Do people really still see gamers this way as out of touch of with reality? I thought stereotypes like that were gone.
  18. lol I don't think that the server was created by "most people"
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