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The Scalpers Strike Again With Super Mario 3D All Stars

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6 hours ago, The Blackangel said:

I can go to Walmart right now and get this for like $40. They have it in stock at all 3 Walmart's here in town.

That's pretty neat actually but it mostly impacts people who aren't able to visit Walmart like people in 3rd world countries without a Walmart. Then again, they may be able to get a relative to purchase it for them and ship it to them for much cheaper.

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I kinda thought that Nintendo was going to pull a fast one and be like “We were, but now we aren’t” to get back at scalpers, but I guess not. Essentially just wait for these games to be released as individual downloads, if they don’t do it I’m not interested anyway because I never wanted to buy these games bundled together to begin with.

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