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Do you believe it when they say everything happens for a reason?

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Personally, yes I do and it's been proven over and over again that even in the worst of situations, there's always some kind of hidden lesson. As the saying goes "it's not how much you experience as what you do with what you learnt from said experience that counts." Please share your thoughts down below.

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I think everything is random. There are a lot of weird coincidences but a person is not so special in any way that forces of energy in the world keep you in mind when something happens. I think there is bad luck and good luck. All that is though is random events that seems to be always unfortunate for some and fortunate for others. With the world wide population, there are going to be a wide variety of luck and fate. If the population were only 10 people and everything bad happens to one person and everything good happens to another, then religion is born. World population thousands of years ago were smaller communities. So rumors spread more when a person has some sort of luck or karma. Giving in to a higher force doing these things is an easy way to make sense of it. It is humanity’s weakness to give everything up to a higher force that controls absolutely everything. People want to feel special. People feel targeted by fates. But in the larger world, humans are ants. Does a dog, lizard, ant, or bird think that things just happen for a reason? The thing about having a higher consciousness is that we try to make sense of everything and so we give up in rationality and assume things happen because it is part of a design. The only design there is, is DNA and cell structures that work together to form tissue, then organs, then systems, and a brain that regulates it all, with senses to perceive the world, and memory to learn and progress. Our spirit is no more that synapses in the brain and cellular electrical membranes. Our soul is the product of it working together making consciousness.

Things do happen for a reason though, because sciences drives it all to happen. Physics, chemistry, biology, all intermingle in the universe making things happen, but for no reason at all except plain old randomness following the universal laws. But who knows. I’m human so I am prone to weakness and give up my rationality to higher purposes. I want to believe I am so special that the universe made me spill my tea. And that weakness though keeps people in check. If they believe there is a force controlling their life, they try to do good so bad karma won’t hunt them. Humans are not special. We are parasites in the macroscopic form we know of, yet still microscopic to the greater universe. And with that, I think I am agnostic because I can’t simply throw out the possibility of a higher force. There are things in this world we can’t understand such as if ghosts exist or if people really have been possessed.

There are a lot of energies out there floating around that we can’t see like, UV, radiation, emf, radio, satellite, infrared, etc. So who knows what energy a satellite picked up and sent it to Earth where someone talks on their phone with it right by their ears. We are all like walking antennas now. And meteors that hit Earth, possible alien life, viruses, prions, and everything in between.

If everything happens for a reason, then why do bad things happen way too often. We have free will right? Doesn’t free will overpower fate? If things happen for a reason, does it let all the bad things happen first then intervene? If those things happen for a reason to teach us, then why does history repeat itself? Why not just get to the good and skip the bad, since humans always fail to learn from mistakes. That would be a good purpose to have if forces controlled everything. Or maybe there are two opposing forces. One trying to make good things happen and the other trying to make bad happen. Do things happen for a reason coming from opposing forces? Is humanity’s free will stuck between a war of opposing energies? Are we just conduits? Are we all possessed?

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When you word in such a way as "Everything happens for a reason" to me it implies fate.  The idea of karma, that what "goes around comes around", that negative things will happen to you if do things will happen if you do right.  Sometimes it does of course but I don't believe that's really how the world works.


Every action or inaction leads to one or more consequences which lead to further actions and so on, you can't always predict these chain of events.  If you want describe these actions as a "reason" then the statement is true but if I'm going to agree or disagree with them then they need to be specific about what they mean.

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In response to the interpretations you guys are giving, I think the 5th tenet of TST applies especially well here.

"Beliefs should conform to one's best scientific understanding of the world. One should take care never to distort scientific facts to fit one's beliefs."


If there is a "reason" things happen, it's most plausibly because something caused it. The gas giant plants in our own solar system gain and lose moons all the time because they crash into one another and obliterate each other. They're minor moons that are relatively insignificant to the point that they don't even have names, but instead more of a serial number.

If you are working on a house and step on a nail that is pointed vertically up, do you hurt your foot? Unless it passes between your toes, then the answer is yes.


There is no real big mystery to why. The only mystery is how.

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Yes I believe this very well. It's true that everything happens for a reason and we recognize only some of them.

When I was in my primary school my class teacher narrated a story for was.The story brings positivity to me in my tough times and makes me to stand still and wait for the best rather than worrying. A very small story, it may seem silly too but the moral is true

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