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Gaming on Mac

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7 hours ago, Knight Barida said:

 Assuming the device (Mac) can survive the rigours that comes from gaming, I won't mind carrying it anywhere I go.

Haha I have never seen the gamers buy mac and doing that. it's too much expensive to follow that logic. I think it's like petting an elephant.

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Gaming on Mac can be a bit limited compared to Windows, but there are still many games available on the Mac platform as far as I know. I've never played games on MacBook but that's what I've heard about it from my friends. Windows is the best OS when it comes to gaming. 

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As much as I have used Mac computers in the past, I can't say that I have used them for gaming. Mine was more for work related purposes when I was in a school working and they were the computers they had. 

Gaming I would imagine is possible but not the same as a Windows PC. 

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