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Poorly describe your favorite game

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A game where a bunch of bald, naked men and women find themselves on a strange island, then the first thing they do and pick up rocks and try to kill each other.

then even after they are killed, they find themselves waking up, alive on the same damned island, so to end their misery they start cutting down trees, to make more sophisticated tools 🛠, to end each others misery, but no.

it has no end, so they invent more weapons, crossbows, guns, bombs, maybe if they kill each other enough times, their misery will end. maybe they have a thousand lives each, so they try and try, eventually they start building bases, teaming up into groups, finally researching and gathering enough materials to equip heavy armor, shoot AK's at each other, fly helicopters across the islands to wage great wars with each other, and bomb each other's megabases to oblivion...


Finally, 1 mega clan rules the island, and then... their wish is granted. All their work is rewarded, pain and suffering, comforted.

They pass on into the next life, the server is wiped, and a new batch of tortured souls spawn on the islands.


The story of RUST. 🤣





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