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Fan Made Re-Make of The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall is now on Steam and GOG, and it's FREE!

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That's right. TESII: Daggerfall re-imagined in Unity engine is now available completely free on PC from GOG.

To get the game on GOG, click here. GOG link


It is possible to claim the game on Steam as well, but is a bit more of a hassle. You need to claim the original game on Steam (Find it here. It is also free.) then download the updated version from the Daggerfall Workshop Website then install it like it were a mod. Check the site for full details.

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Daggerfall Unity's been around for donkey's years but I'm glad it's getting attention and getting 'officially' recognised on storefronts. I'm glad you've reminded me of it though: not only am I going to get it, but I might pick up some titles from GOG's Summer Sale while it lasts.

Even (or perhaps especially) without the Unity mod, Daggerfall is from what I gather a rather interesting CRPG. More unusual than most for its time, and it's a toss-up between Doom with John Romero's mutilated, pixelated corpse being hidden away somewhere and Fallout's references to Elton John.

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Nice, I'll take a free game anyday, and one I've never played. I never played the older Elder Scrolls games, so maybe this is my chance to check it out. I believe I played the base game years back, but I could be confusing it for another game. 

Thanks for sharing though, this is cool! 

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