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The Blackangel

Got an X

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We got the Series X today. @Rain Dew has been wanting one like crazy, and we found a preowned one at GameStop. Iy was a hell of a deal too. The only issue I really have with it is the weight. THAT DAMN THING WEIGHS A FREAKING TON! I’ve never seen a console weigh so much. I thought the PS5 was heavy, but it’s nothing compared to the X. It looks like a concrete block and weighs about the same.

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That is super awesome that you have been able to pick one up! I have yet to pick one up myself but that is more in regard to the fact I haven't had the funds to purchase one yet rather than just not finding them in stock. I did wonder whether the Series X was heavy or light in weight as it does seem to carry a lot for how compact the console does look. I don't think I would be too worried myself about the weight as long as the console played how I needed it to and played to the extent it should with the quality of games. I right now have the Xbox One X and that one is a little on the heavier side compared to the Xbox One S that was released which I know is down to it having more in the console. 

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