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Gamecube classic?

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Would you like to see a "Gamecube Classic" style mini console be put out by Nintendo? I would. The Gamecube had some great games that were never re-released on any other platform, so they are impossible to play outside of original hardware or using an emulator on your PC such as Dolphin. 

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I would love to see a GameCube Classic style mini console released. I know with Sega they released a mini version of their console, didn't they also do it with the Super Nintendo if I remember rightly. I know if they were to release a mini style console it would definitely have a lot of interest, as you say there are a lot of games that have been lost to the GameCube due to the fact that they were never re-released on any other platform. This would give them the opportunity to re-release these games with a mini console and who doesn't like going back to older games and console for nostalgia purposes? 

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