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Kojima gives us another tease for upcoming game

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Kojima tweeted on Dec 1st the image you see below, with a text saying "Start a new journey." 

You can view more of the tweets/photos via the article link below.


He also shows that actress Shioli Kutsuna is involved with the project, who was previously in Deadpool 2. 

What do you think his next game will be? Could this be a tease for a new game for Sony? Or is it their new Xbox title?

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Has there been any further news on this lately, it has got me quite curious as to what he is teasing. Could it be something he is slowly teasing up until maybe E3 2023? Would seem about right if he is trying to get the hype up for something new he is releasing at some point. What better way to get people interested than post up out of context teasers for people to start guessing on. 

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