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Rain Dew

What video game YouTubers do you watch?

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I don't tend to watch a lot of YouTube but when I do, there are a few YouTubers that I do enjoy watching, they are the following

Daz Black (Daz Games)

I am always on the look out for more to watch though. 

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I'll throw a shout-out to Marcel Vos... I love his RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 content!

His crowning achievement surely must be his "Universe Coaster", which takes longer than the age of the Universe to complete:


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I often watched youtubers that were trolling in Call of Duty. It entertained me. 

These 3 were my often watched channels: KOSDFF tK, Ms HeartAttack, YoutubableHD. They all pretty much quit Youtube and mainly stream these days, but I don't follow schedules well so I kind of quit getting to watch some of these Youtubers! I miss the days where these videos would get posted frequently. 


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I watch mainly Poketubers but I also enjoy watching Jacob R, Modern Vintage Gamer, and I occasionally will watch Spawn Wave as well. The Poketubers I watch are Scott's Thoughts, MahDryBread (though he does play games other than Pokemon), and Jrose11. I typically don't watch let's players since they're a bit too over the top for me. Most mainstream gaming channels don't play games I'm interested in either.

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