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Money aside, which mobile phone would you choose?

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Mobile phones can be quite expensive now and being able to have the latest phone that you choose is not always easy for many.

In a situation where money is not an issue and you had the chance to purchase a phone of your choice, what phone would you choose and what would be the reason for that choice?

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I would stick with the iPhone. I've had nothing but success with them doing everything I need and want them to do. Whereas with android, the damn things never worked right once, they weren't customizable, they barely ever worked, and when they did they made me long for the days of my old Nokia Tracfone.

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I've been after one with HDMI output so I can plug in a dock and use it like an Android TV box, but I think a lot of low cost phones only have a casting (smartview) option. You usually have to go look up about the make you have, since they don't really tell you if it is HDMI capable to begin with.

Because I use mobile data, I don't have a modem for connecting to proper WiFi. I use my hotspot to get online. But I found Google Chromecast to be too fiddly, as it sometimes fails to find my device.

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