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How much do you pay for your internet?

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Gamers, How much do you pay for your internet and what are the connection speeds? I live in a rented apartment and all bills are included, including WiFi. Generally speaking, the upload speed is 30MBP and the download is 60-80 depending on how many users are using it. Some forum members maybe looking a better broadband deal, if you know of a good deal, please share it to help others who are spending more than they need too. 



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My internet charges are a bit expensive. I pay around 100$ per 6 months slot. We have 11 month contract in apartment. So we tend to buy usually 10 months worth of internet and get the connection removed on 11th month. So that kind of keeps me from spending too much. I have also started to use the mobile phones data with the hotspot. So it can be pretty good to use the internet cheaply with phone data but can't use it much as it's expensive too. 

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