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Alto's Adventure

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If you like scrolling platformer games then you will enjoy the alto's adventure game series. In this game all you have to do is let the Alto go on uninterrupted ski adventure. And here you have to do it till specific time to meet the goals. And that should level you up for another level. And this can turn out to be a good adventure game. There is also one more sequel to the game as Alto's Odyssey. So you may want to check those games you like such adventure gaming experience. 

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A beautiful game with smooth animations and simple-yet-challenging game play. Control is simple - single touch - but the game keeps it challenging with various missions and obstacles. The animation and backgrounds are rather stunning, making this game not just fun to play, but also beautiful to watch.

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8 hours ago, skyfire said:

Download from the google play and if you like subway surfers type of games then you would love this game too.

I sure as hell love subway 🚉 surfs games. For the fact that I get to connect with my Facebook friends and compete with them makes it more fun. 

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