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What do you miss most about older games?

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1 hour ago, Reality vs Adventure said:

I miss the simplicity of controllers. You pop in the game and start playing.

That's part of the reason why I can't stand controllers. In each game the same actions are accessed and implemented differently. In one you sneak with square, in another you throw a grenade with it. Or whatever. I  always get confused during the heat of the battle which button does what. And don't get me started about when you have to press multiple buttons while holding another to get some required action.  My primary cause of death and failure in all console games is getting buttons mixed up. That's why I prefer keyboard+mouse controls, where I can re-map every important action to the keys I'm used to.

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I think the aspect I miss the most, is the idea of getting a game complete and not having to deal with updates and patches. Retro games can't be updated and that's what you got. So if it had glitches or problems, they stayed in. I get tired of the constant updates new games get, some that are massive in size, but retro games didn't have that option, so we got games that devs did the best they could to finish. 

I also miss big manuals included with games, as well as other goodies like stickers and posters. Yeah some games still include those goodies, but it's becoming less and less these days with digital taking over. 

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Low quality, no. Low graphics, yes. You can't really compare the 8bit SMB to RDR2 or Skyrim graphics. They're so far apart in depth and realism, that it's inappropriate IMO to try to compare them. That's just a personal opinion. In all honesty, with a few exceptions, I prefer the 8bit over everything else. I'm a classic girl, and I stick with it. Atari, NES, SNES, N64, are the greatest systems ever made. Sega wasn't bad, but it just doesn't match the others, again, IMO.

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