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1 hour ago, StaceyPowers said:

What is your preferred breakfast?


My mouth is very close to the ground so barnicles, worms, clams, leafs, grass...  whatever is lying around down there.  I used to eat single cell protozoa but grew out of that, you know like you don't seem to like chocolate as much as when you were a kid.

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1 hour ago, StaceyPowers said:

Bitch owes you answers! What are you gonna do about it?


I wanted to look for her but they told me I was wasting my time.  "It's trying to find one Crab in an entire Ocean" they said.  It's when I replied "That's just a figure of speech" they started calling me crazy.


38 minutes ago, Shagger said:

Is Jerry Springer still a thing?


I wouldn't know, I get pretty piss poor reception down here and I'm not sure if it's up to date.  Did Ross and Rachel break up this year?

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