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22 minutes ago, Shagger said:

Why don't dolls/action figures have nipples?


If they had nipples they would also have genitals.  That would mean they could breed and use those nipples to feed their young on Vaseline-milk.  Before long they would use their power of overpopulation to overthrow humanity.


The League of Crustaceans would have been happy to help but theirs obviously no way you would do it for us so...  Enjoy your ludicrously emmbarasing apocalypse!

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3 minutes ago, kingpotato said:

Best and worst FPS game you have ever played ?


I find playing FPS's a little difficult... for obvious reasons.  I don't really play much online either.


But still, best... it's a close call between Perfect Dark on N64 and DOOM 2016.


The worst FPS and by extension the worst game I have ever played was Resident Evil Survivor: Code Veronica on the PS2.

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