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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

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This title came as a bit of an unexpected shock back at the last E3 event - the classic flight simulator is getting a major overhaul and reboot. It is planned to launch on PC first followed by Xbox and is rumoured to be included with the xbox game pass.

I have to say having seen some of the alpha gameplay and trailer footage, the visuals on this game look absolutely stunning and highly realistic, blowing it's closest competition out of the water. It is slated for release sometime later on in 2020.

Is anyone else quite excited to see how this game turns out?

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So I just played MS Flight Simulator 2020. Kind of disappointed, it looks much less impressive in person than on the promo videos.

And the AI generated landscape is what you'd expect, tried loading up my home city, and it looks awful, nothing like in reality. The buildings look nothing like their real world counterparts, not even their heights and styles are correct most of the time. I expected at least the bigger more unieque buildings to be textured with real world oblique  imagery, but sadly no. Everything has the same stock texture on it, so the whole city is a single shade, it all looks bland and lifeless. Roads are not even modelled at all, it's just a lo-res satellite imagery streched on a heightmap.

And the rivers seem to flow over bridges not under them. Ground vehicles are disproportionately oversized compared to reality. I've even seen cars driving under water.  As it stands google earth's 3D view looks much better than anything in this game that is not hand crafted.

And the installer is awfully lazily programmed. The game downloads one file, then uncompresses it on your PC, and only then starts to download the next file. It's slow.

In the end I'm glad I only paid $1 to play it. But I'm sure hardcore simulator fans would find it more interesting. Although the flight model didn't seem like anything special. It doesn't seem all that different than the last game in the franchise I played many years ago. X-Plane seemed much more robust than this 10 years ago.

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Recent reviews on Steam indicate the game has some issues with Microsoft Flight Simulator. The game has been released to mixed reviews from users, talking about lockups, glitches, freezing and lots of issues tied to its launcher.

It isn't very clear at this stage if the game is coming to console despite it apparently getting added to game pass. The fact it also circumvents the 2 hours of playtime and refund policy on Steam is also pretty low.

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