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The Blackangel

The Most Emotional Game In Existence

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I just finished what is one of the best games ever scripted. RDR2 is a roller coaster. You feel everything throughout the entire game. The highs, the lows. You feel the emotional pain of the characters. Arthur in particular, since that’s who you play as. But everyone in the gang as well. They go past characters in a game. They become your flesh and blood. You get so attached to them that you experience what they go through as if you were right there beside them. When something happens, tragic or triumphant, you feel every bit of it. You don’t want to shut the game off, but at the same time you do. This feeling is something my brain doesn’t know how to process. The attachment I feel to all the characters, even the ones I don’t like, is nothing I’ve ever experienced before. Both in game, and real life. I won’t lie, after finishing it, I started crying. Because I feel like I’ve lost something. Someone that I loved. It’s cruel, how emotionally invested you get in this game.

I’ll never be able to play it again. Whether I want to or not.

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The Last of Us games certainly had that effect, as did some of the Metal Gear Solid titles, God of War, Final Fantasy 10, Tales of Berseria and Hellblade. A great single player gaming experience just isn't the same without emotional investment from the player, it's borderline essential.

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David Cage / Quantic Dream games. Especially Beyond Two Souls, but Heavy Rain and Detroit Become Human are also up there. I never felt such dread and worry in any other game. Not even the Last of Us, because there you don't control the situations, you are just along for the ride.

But in Quantic titles your every move can mean something really bad. But if you make the right play there is a chance for a better outcome.

So it runs through my mind a thousand times before doing anything: "Is this a good decision?, am I making the right play here?"
There is nothing more emotionally taxing than knowing you are responsible for the fate of beloved characters.

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