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Ya ruined it!

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Bubble Butt (Bubble Bobble)

Reavis  & Bunghole (Beavis & Butthead)

Mario's Taint (Mario Paint)

Mega Man XXX - Mega Finally Gets Proto (Mega Man X)

Super Off Road: The Baja Chalupa (Super Off Road The Baja)

Wizard Of Ooze (Wizard Of Oz)

Dykeatana (Daikatana)

Mortal Kombat Truths: Complete-Zero

Relaxation (Agony)

Can't Remember If I Have It (Amnesia)

Cosmic Star Heroin (Cosmic Star Heroine)

Ding Dong Ditch (Ding Dong XL)

Layers Of Beer (Layers Of Fear)

Remothered: Can't Shit (Remothered: Broken Porcelain)

Crime Instructor (Thief Simulator)

Ass Peed (Assassin's Creed)

The Legend Of Zelda: Breasts From The Pile (Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild)

Octomom Graveler (Octopath Traveler)

Hole Mania (Mole Mania)

Slow Smith (Speedy Gonzales)

Zelda A Link To His Ass (Zelda A Link To The Past)

Jurassic Fart: The Feared Fossil (Jurassic Park)

Raggedy Ann's Secret Boyfriend (Pinocchio)

DarkBone (DarkStone)

Oxymoron (Monopoly)

Devil May Fry Breakfast (Devil May Cry)

Heavenly Whore (Heavenly Sword)

Remember To Pee (Remember Me)

Devolve (Evolve)

The Preacher 3: The Wild Condemnation (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt)

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