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A video game based on the show Black Mirror

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I would love to see a video game based around Black Mirror created. And before anyone says there already is one, that is not based on the Black Mirror show. There is a video game called The Black Mirror, but it's not about the show. 

Anyway, I'm sure some of you saw Black Mirror Bandersnatch, which was kind of like a video game itself, but not in the traditional sense.  

I feel a video game in this world would work really well, especially with how crazy the show could get. What do you guys think?

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3 hours ago, Withywarlock said:

Charlie Brooker's really into video games, so I'm sure if someone pitched the idea of a game to him with Black Mirror branding he'd be able to lend a lot of creative direction to it. I'm sure the thought has crossed his mind, and perhaps Bandersnatch was a 'backdoor pitch' for such a game?

Yeah I heard that too. I especially believe it after Bandersnatch. And who knows, it could have been a pitch for a game, or maybe even a hint that one could be coming. And I could see him providing a lot to a video game world. 

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12 hours ago, skyfire said:

I loved that show, there was recently another show on netflix with similar story type approach. And they too have made an impression I wonder if some of such TV series make games too that would surely add in creepy factor and create new genre. 

It was a great show. Are you referring to another season of Black Mirror, or a show that is similar to Black Mirror? 

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