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  1. Hmmm... Content-wise I've spent a lot of money for the expansions of Guild Wars 2. In terms of in-game payments though I must have spent the most on Black Desert. Not that much for an mmo player but 40 euro are still a lot for me 😛 I got three pets and a cool outfit though so it was worth it, although I stopped playing after a few weeks
  2. I usually get donuts and a Red Bull just to survive the night. What snacks do you prefer taking with you at a gaming night and why?
  3. If you loved the game and want more... There's a tabletop game in the works!! The project is still on Kickstarter but the production has started and it costs to little to not go for it!
  4. A true indie lover can see that this bundle is a must buy. Even for just Bastion which is one of the best indie games ever created ❤️ https://www.fanatical.com/en/bundle/very-positive-bundle
  5. Picked it up cause it looks like a great game. It is pretty new too so it's worth the price. https://www.fanatical.com/en/game/pillars-of-eternity-ii-deadfire
  6. I've picked up Zelda BOTW again to finish the DLC. This game is a gem and is by far my favorite one for the year. I'm also no Zelda fan so that's one more reason to love it for what it is ❤️
  7. I like roaming around searching for crabs. Dragons too. Those things are magnificent 😄 Killing a chicken is also a huge fun activity for me hahahaah
  8. A few days ago I bought the dlc for Zelda BOTW and I can say I'm a bit dissapointed. Both DLC look half done. Don't get me wrong I haven't finished the story to know for sure but... a Nintendo Switch shirt with 0 defence as a result? Come on Ninty, you can do better than that!
  9. For me it was yesterday. I decided to log into Dark Souls 3 and see if I can play the expansions without my PC crashing. What I got instead was a guy that bolted on me with light speed and one shoted me with a one handed sword. Least I say is that I'm a sissy tank that has tons of hp since I can't dodge effectively 😄
  10. Cheaters must be so annoying in CS! I remember my friends nagging about it every day about it
  11. I usually play an hour or two in the afternoon before I start working my night shift. I do enjoy the ocassional mobile game before sleep though 😛
  12. I own a Nintendo Gameboy Color, a DSi and a PS3. Also, none of those were originally mine, since my parents never allowed it xD I'm thinking about starting a collection though if I ever get the money needed for it
  13. Sadly I neer played the arcades but me and my sis have grown up to Mame 32. I feel too bad for kids who are playing Fortnite at that age now. We had such amazing childhoods!
  14. @Alyxx I can totally relate! Losing your significant other is a huge fear. It shows that you're a genuine person too though 😛
  15. This one is one of the very few games that scare me. Mostly because it has to do with sea and I have a huge fear of sea depth. Yeah, I'm terrified of Sea of Thieves too 😄
  16. This must be the best way I saw a guild promoting a game. I knew Allods but never get to play it. I might try it 😄 thanks for the insight!
  17. Here's my nintendo collection! Shrt but much much loved ❤️
  18. Me and my sister have just completed all seasons of Ghost Adventures plus all the related shows like Aftershocks, Paranormal Challenge etc. Do you have any similar ones that are not too sketchy and fake?
  19. I use the same thing to my friends. I tell them about a game I bought or I've seen and want to buy and compulse them that they need it too. We at least have a few days of fun together 😄
  20. Cyberpunk 2077, Metro Exodus, Death Stranding, Beyond Good and Evil and Super Smash Bros. I also heard that there might be a new Nier in works. I'm definitely looking forward to that too!
  21. For some weird reason, I like to play retro games in Christmas. Anything related to old retro fighting games and platformers remind me of family time by the fireplace. Can't wait for the time to come 😄
  22. Childhood game ❤️ Have you played it? If not it's a must play for retro lovers https://www.fanatical.com/en/game/metal-slug-3
  23. I got soma from Twitch Prime and it must be one of the best horror games I've played. A must play for everyone
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