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  1. The first two movies are cool. But they did an unofficial third movie around 2006, and it was terrible. It wasn't even linked to Stephen King's work at all. He probably detests the film. The only good story in it is about a radio that helps a security guard turn his life around. The rest are dumb beyond compare. There's one tale where a professor introduces a bride to be to his male students, and these guys think she's a robot because of how she acts. It's absolutely stupid. You will laugh at how bad these nothing actors truly are. People say the second film isn't that good, but I liked it. You have this wooden figure on a porch that comes alive to avenge an elderly couple who are murdered by robbers. Then you have these weed smokers swimming to a raft on a lake in the middle of nowhere, where this sludge like thing is laying in wait to devour them. There's an amusing part where the guy left with the last girl tries to fondle her boobs while she is asleep, instead of figuring out a way to escape. I prefer the first film. My favourite story is the one about the Bigfoot looking thing lurking in the crate, that has big teeth. It's probably the scariest story too, with a black comedy feel about it. Or the one with the army of cockroaches tormenting the evil business tycoon. Uh! Older horror movies were way better than the cookie cutter crap they constantly mass produce nowadays. Right? 🙂
  2. Can you get Nathan's cake? 😄 Fans of the original movie know that part.
  3. Ah. That's actually the one that tastes like hazelnuts. 🙂
  4. They all taste funny. Probably from having too much sugar and palm oil. The little 'chocolate block' one in the green wrapper leaves an odd burning sensation in your mouth. I'm not even sure what the hell it's supposed to be. It tastes nothing like milk chocolate, unless we're talking about that really rank, cheap stuff. They did away with the little box of Smarties a long time ago. Even the Cadbury Roses are terrible now, too. They are too sweet and sickly. In fact, most of our childhood favourites don't taste the same anymore. Mars. Rolos. Bounty. It's all awful now for some reason. Cheaper ingredients? Meh. Whatever it is, it's crap. https://www.mylondon.news/whats-on/food-drink-news/quality-street-fans-shocked-chocolates-25159146.amp?fr=operanews
  5. If Konami were to sell their IPs, who'd be ideal?
  6. I'd imagine a compiled list of every individual bit of speculation would amount to a very large gathering of hearsay.
  7. I say we should hang on a little longer. The Game Awards is happening in 3 months. At least give this tweet the benefit of the doubt until then. 2022 is winding down. So after the year is up, there will be no reason to care, or a reason to celebrate.
  8. It wouldn't be made by Team Silent either, which is a big deal because they made the first four, and best games. They've all moved on. I don't think they've had any involvement with Konami in years by this point. In the case of Akira, they're just paying him to supposedly do the soundtrack. But he left Konami over 10 years ago, I think. Around the time Homecoming was released. The heavy metal band Korn did the music for the last one, Downpour. I don't know about Capcom, but they have their good and bad moments just like any other company. Although I do miss Shinji Mikami. Because admittedly, the games haven't been the same without his input.
  9. "Uniana" in Korea has been publishing games for Konami for years... Their recent free to play soccer game got rated as well by the same publisher. So I do think it's a genuine certification. So far, no-one on YouTube has really been iffy about this, and saying it's all BS.
  10. If that gaming rating is in fact genuine, that must mean something to do with the series will be revealed relatively soon. Provided it's not a hoax. And I don't think it is, though. But I do believe in Dusk Golem. Let's see if the world ends up owing the man a huge apology by the time this is over.
  11. The director of the first movie is ready to film the third movie. He said that it's part of a big revival. Locations are being scouted. Serbia? So I take it he meant a game. I'm not sure why he would say that if he didn't know something.
  12. I remember that zombie game, but it wasn't even remotely reminiscent of Metal Gear. Even Resident Evil had some pretty spectacularly dumb ideas in the last installment. Like that dude with the big hammer who turns into a Transformer type machine. Or the tall vampire lady. And the fat merchant flogging you enough guns to rival John Matrix. Looking back on RE games from before, they were a different kettle of fish. SH had mostly unrelated storylines. One bad apple didn't spoil the whole bunch. An Osmunds reference there.
  13. I remember you saying that... Because it was only last week. However, this is his rumours. Guys like Dusk Golem have yet to be debunked, or whatever the term is. Dusk has often been correct in prior years about other horror games like Resident Evil Village, and while he made out he quit being a leaker in the past, he continued to sporadically post updates. So it's hard to say if it's true, but I don't see why Dusk would be telling porkies. Konami did post a tweet once saying they were not closing the doors on the series just yet, for what it's worth. But yep. They certainly don't make that many triple A games anymore.
  14. I used to be a big Tekken fan in the beginning of my tenure as a PlayStation gamer, and that was in 1998. However, horror games were my primary focus for years thereafter. I still remember seeing figures in a shop that I think got turned into a pub called The Red Lion, which also no longer operates. But why was the Panda one so tiny? LOL. It was fun unlocking the characters that were hidden away as bonuses. Like, you know? Gon the dinosaur, etc. There was also Gon picture comics. So therefore, Gon was actually used under license. There were other fighters too, like the drunk scientist. The guy could barely stand up. Maybe I will try the 8th entry.
  15. We were gullible fools. 🤑 But yeah. This is so sad!
  16. I miss The Evil Within and Silent Hill just as much. They are two series that are very similar. But the former series has not had a new entry since 2017. So we have to grieve and move on forward. People believe that Bethesda's GhostWire: Tokyo was supposed to be the third entry. But it is not linked.
  17. I'll give it one last chance at the Game Awards. But it's boring seeing these so-called leakers saying the same things. It's as if one rumour ends, only for another one to fall into place. It's to the point where I can still remember being excited for last year's Tokyo Game Show for the same reason, only to feel it was a colossal waste of time. God, time really does fly. That really doesn't even feel like it was a whole year ago. But indeed, it was.
  18. Let's be honest. Nobody here was really expecting to see Silent Hill today. Were they? 😄 I mean, if it's not during the watershed time schedule, you know it's not likely to feature anywhere on the show. But then there's that side of you that just watched the entire damn torturous thing anyway.
  19. This morning, Konami showed off a new Suikoden game. They have more games lined up for this afternoon at Tokyo Game Show. But because of their policy on showing violent games, I seriously doubt Silent Hill will be making an appearance later on. If anything like that were to be shown off at any event, it would likely be at the big one, which is the Game Awards.
  20. I think they are focusing on the money side of things, but I think they also want to do these games how they originally envisioned them. SH2 is the game that introduced Pyramid Head, and he has become a gimmick. He was only supposed to be in the game to taunt James Sunderland. This is why the creator said on Twitter that he now regrets designing Pyramid Head. That's saying something. With Capcom's RE4, it's kind of disappointing how they aren't remaking CV (as in, Code: Veronica). Because CV is the 'genuine' RE4. But they know CV wouldn't make a profit. But they remade 2 and 3, only to skip CV. So that's just wrong. I feel like with remakes, they do this because it's more effort to create something new. The original SH2 and RE4 are the magnum opus of each franchise. Although personally, I think RE4 kind of ruined the RE series by making it less about survival horror and more about action.
  21. It's probably because the second game is the pinnacle of the series, like how RE fans say RE4 is the best one. It has Pyramid Head and is the game that was generally the most well received. Plus, you don't have to have played the first game, as the plot is unrelated. Companies know that if they remake a game that has all the necessary bells and whistles, it's going to sell like freshly steamed cakes.
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