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  1. I know. I have a big PS2 though, that I've had for about 20 years with no major problem.
  2. I don't feel like I crash that often. I did crash today in GT6 driving the '76 Ferrari 512 BB, but I don't feel like that car has very secure handling.
  3. What was the most fun you've ever had playing Twisted Metal 4? For me it was playing as Sweettooth.
  4. I might give GT7 a shot in a few years if I ever get a PS5.
  5. Well, there's the rallies themselves, Training Days, Manufacturers Tryouts, Manufacturers Challenges, Historic Rallies, Extreme condition events, test areas and those are just off the top of my head.
  6. Do they still have Jay Leno's Olds Toronado? I love that thing.
  7. Yeah. I've completed GT6 years ago. I already had a '62 Buick, but I sold it when I sold a lot of other cars off because I was craving '60's Le Mans race cars. This was around the time Ford Vs. Ferrari came out in theaters.
  8. Yes. These are events in WRC 8.
  9. I'll get to it. I'm also good at Manufacturer Tryouts and Training Days.
  10. Thanks Justin. I'm at level 50 experience and I've finished in the top ten at least once.
  11. I know that in GT 6 the '62 Buick Special costs $725,000. I forget what it costs in say GT4, but I believe it's around $75,000.
  12. World Rally Championship 8 for the Nintendo Switch. It's the series that Colin McCrae used to race in. Rally runs through forests and snow etc. I love the game even though I'm not that good at it.
  13. I forget, I've been really into WRC 8 lately.
  14. No, I sold it and bought another special edition Corvette. I could have just restored body rigidity, but I was feeling paranoid that day.
  15. No. My console for this early 2020's era of gaming is the Switch. I might be getting a new job soon and I don't want to be too wrapped up in gaming.
  16. Is making yeast on me a European expression? I don't hear it much here in Virginia.
  17. My last game played was WRC 8.
  18. GT6 has some degree of damage. I could have gotten it fixed, but I was paranoid.
  19. I'm becoming a pretty big Nintendo fan. I could easily see myself buying a second Switch in four or five years. As for Sony vs. Microsoft, I'm not actually sure who is greater right now.
  20. And it's remarkably inexpensive for what it is. I sold and replaced my first one when I thought I had damaged it too badly.
  21. I'm still living with my parents rather that work four jobs. I have Aspergers and am 38 years old. I'm basically a real life Bobby Boucier, but my dad thankfully stayed with the family.
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