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  1. Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins
  2. I like the idea of the robot apocalypse. Actually, I'd love to see robots following me and pretend that I'm their boss... like Daft Punk!
  3. AndreiMirfi


    I'm not an average user of VPNs, but when I need them, I stick with ProtonVPN. It's free and has a *really* good service!
  4. Just discovered that I typed "officialy" instead of "officially". Silly me.
  5. Yep, the title is right. I'm done.... EXAMS ARE GONE! Woohoo! So glad to be here again.
  6. Sorry for the late answer, but I got some free time. Can't wait for school to end.
  7. I started playing different sorts of sport games. Such as NBA 2k21, and I always think of playing it.
  8. When I was young, I was choosing winter because my birthday is on January, but now I stick with summer. I have a lot of fun on summer breaks.
  9. My room and my attic. When I don't feel like playing games, I get my laptop and chill on my attic.
  10. After I end my classes for the day, on the first 2 hours I'm very lazy, and I just stay on my phone. Then, I start my homework, and discover that I will end them again at 9 or 10pm which is disappointing for me. FUN FACT: I end school on June 22nd!! :DD
  11. For me, the gems are actually useful! I'm trying to have a high level on Steam, and gems help me get trading cards for game badges.
  12. Maybe a "delete account" button. I don't want to leave, geez! But, maybe, there are some people that just don't want to keep their accounts on this site.
  13. They're always predicting something... they scare me.
  14. 1. Try to stay calm. (When I have a lot in my mind, I feel like I'm exploding and I just leave.) 2. Always think about the consequences before doing something quite unpleasant.) 3. Believe in myself. 4. Know how to make my time between games and school work.
  15. I used to play this with my friends back in 2019. This is still popular to these days and still receives updates. Feel like trying it again.
  16. I think that the game builds out an Esports team. These days, the trending games are replacing very fast, and people get bored very fast.
  17. Everyone will hate me.... .. Teemo from League of Legends.
  18. I'm always doing this, because I talk with my friends on Discord, and the game just blows the conversation.
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