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  1. Did my homework. A little bit tired, but ready for a new day.
  2. Back when I was into PS2 games, I was doing Gran Turismo 4 tournaments with my close friends. The prizes were candy, games... even MONEY!
  3. The new season of American Vandal. The subject is very dumb, but I like how the case is managed.
  4. Mine was simple. A few guests, we were all very happy and discussing about each other's lives.
  5. Because I like the game and it feels like I'm in it, and the things are real.
  6. PC. I feel like getting an Xbox One too, but I'm still thinking about that.
  7. NFS Most Wanted 2012 (still playing) The Crew (still playing) Watch Dogs 2 NFS Rivals Far Cry 3 These games are inspiring me, and they play a big role in my life. I'm currently into Racing & Indie.
  8. Mostly, yes. I always wanted to try new stuff and see how the gaming industry is evolving.
  9. I'm finally done with my homework, and feel like trying a new game.
  10. At the moment, I'm a little bit sad but then, I get used to it. Happens at movies & series too.
  11. Scary Movie 5 It's not that "horror", but for me, it's the best horror movie.
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