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  1. My parents are using technology very often, and they have a good opinion about it. Being at their age, of course, they don't consider playing them. It's not because they hate games, it's just they feel like they're too old for that. I've been trying to change their minds, but nothing.
  2. I remember one time posting on Facebook, a hate opinion about Pokemon GO. My classmates were so mad. But... that's my opinion, you know? The game can be fun, but if you take it too seriously, there are bad consequences.
  3. They might make a new one, but the difference will not be that big.
  4. At the moment, I don't collect anything, but when I was a kid I use to have these. My kindergarten was obsessed with this... good old times :)
  5. You might not believe it, but I have these in my country, right at my school kiosk. Yeah... my school...
  6. NFS 2015. I almost finished a hard race, and some jack-ass police, bumped into me and I lost.
  7. NFS Most Wanted 2012. I started playing it on 2016, but I don't regret it, cuz I already have a lot of moments with it.
  8. Water with sugar and lemons. I was pretending to work at a bar, and do different mixes.
  9. Despite my age, I still feel like a child.
  10. Did my homework. A little bit tired, but ready for a new day.
  11. Back when I was into PS2 games, I was doing Gran Turismo 4 tournaments with my close friends. The prizes were candy, games... even MONEY!
  12. The new season of American Vandal. The subject is very dumb, but I like how the case is managed.
  13. Mine was simple. A few guests, we were all very happy and discussing about each other's lives.
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